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Another night of comfort.

I slept on this album last year. Lots of great gems and guest on the cuts. Timeless.

Keep dancing forever. Bae will approve.

Where we've been made us who we are today. The message has always been the same, and that is to provide the very best of the future of Soul, R&B, and Jazz. Respect the craft and we shall proceed to (always) give you what you need. Promise. @universalgrammar.

Because of our need to learn and grow we set our eyes and hearts on subjects that have captured our undivided attention. May it be the heart spellbound, or a mind in constant rapture, our actions are a result of their waltz into allurement. Less we become lost in the vortex of emotions, we must remember to pull back to center and find reason for these feelings to take root in our current predicaments, or we will find ourselves caught up in the enchanentment for too long. Let us be moved by beauty and knowledge, allowing them to become a part of our lives, and not set adrift with the ideas that they are the only life that can be lived/loved. Keep your heads up during the free swim. Much more to see and discern my people. God bless. Amen.


Stay patient. The universe is listening.

When the minds align.

How you unwind from a day full of...