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Happy national siblings day. I love you Becky, Darlene, and DJ.


My best friend my "whole thang" my voice my confidante my everything. Ive got so many names for you. You are proof that solid men/people exist. I LOVE YOUUU id scream it from the roof tops i dont care that ive turned into the girl who only posts about you bc i want to tell everyone how i feel i about you. Especially when youre not next to me or id just tell you fir the 1000th time a day. Thank you for loving me even with the morning crust in the corner if my mouth and when i have the flu when im bitchy bc thats just who i am sometimes when i under cooked that chicken and almost murdered you that one time when i need that extra push and cant kick myself to do it. Youve helped me unlock my best self. I want you around everyday for the rest of my life. Being with you makes me a better individual.

My valentines. I love you, mom and dad. Thank you for everything. I wouldn't know true love without you

Just turned 23 with you. This year has been great.


Missing when my babies were just babies. You know?

Throwback snapchat glamour shots

A memory I've grown fond of.
P.s) can we just skip Sagittarius and get to Capricorn season? Goats are the bestest.


Happy Anniversary, ❀

3:00AM Walmart runs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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