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Daniel Lopez  The type of person that never gets got.

I am so thankful for the students and parents of students that bestowed upon me the title of World’s Okayest Math Teacher 😌🙏🏼 #SoBlessed #OnIt #✌🏼

Millennial status. Lol

Making new friends in #2018.

A definite attempt to be “hip” or “with it” during an age of self-posed pictures and interesting filters.
As 2017 winds down, I hope y’all have blessed opportunities ahead, and that you make the most of them when they are there. ✌🏼
Here’s to a #Relevant2018 🙌🏼

My siblings, nieces, and nephews took some pictures and gave them to my mom for Christmas yesterday 📸🎁 and even though I was sick in bed for pretty much all of Christmas, my niece had the wherewithal to FaceTime me when they gave her the gift. We all knew she’d cry lol
Merry Christmas, mom, from your loving, lovely family. #LoveYou

I’ve never felt more like an adult than getting top-of-the-line fruit as a gift in the mail. 🍎🍐📬👌🏼
Thank you @danielle.crestproperties for the gift, but thank you more for helping me find this home I own and being helpful every step of the way. I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas!

A bunch of people I spent some time with this weekend. 🙌🏼
Congratulations to my best bro Andrew and his new wife #AShortallStory #NewWifeNewLife #Blessings

Ain’t no party like a Chex Mix party because a Chex Mix party has 60% less fat than potato chips.

Whoa. This school year is already heavy. 📸 by @cchsgrizzlies

Every color tells its own story ✨

Trying to increase my web presence.

My dad had back surgery today to help with the pain he's been dealing with for some time now. God is so good for helping him and the doctors through the 4 hours of surgery and I'm praying that his recovery goes as well as the surgery.
My family went through old photos as we waited in the lobby and this is one of the gems that I found. My dad has always been there for me, helping carry me (both physically and metaphorically) to this point in my life and I'm very thankful that God saw fit to give me a dad like him. Feel better, dad, heal up and keep teaching me things.

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