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Danielle🙂  #DSU

AND YOU AINT MY BRO YOU A HOE SO YOU JUST DONT GET IT!! LMAOO Happy Birthday to my Rem, my righthand man, my lil ghettohoodb*tch, my crackheadjunkie, my Wanda/wanwan (y’all wouldn’t understand half the nicknames I have for her) it’s a real nigga holiday. This been my mans since freshman year, but I feel like I’ve known her all my life. You really meet your lifelong friends in college and I’m so glad I met my person 😭❤️❤️ she is me and I️ am her lmaooo😭 anyway TURN UP BABY🎉🎉, I LOVE YOUUUUU❤️ #dubclubshawty #skinnypetitethang #2yearsdownforevatogo #yafavoriteduo #ITOLDREMIGIRLILOVEYOUDASMYBABYWHENIPULLUPSHEPULLUPTOOOOOOOOOOOO

You gotta be nice for what to these n*ggas 🤣

Bish you ain’t gang you lame 😎🤙🏾

ONE TIME FOR THE BIRTHDAY BIH🎉❤️ #dubclubshawty #godblessthemtwentysomethings

ONE TIME FOR THE BIRTHDAY BIHHHH🎉💃🏽Happy Birthday to my bestestfriend in the whole wide world! I love you so much lil lady, I’m so proud of you, Literally watching you grow and blossom into the beautiful young lady that you are today❤️.. can’t wait for tonight 😆 #dubclub #shegettingold #wespendeverybdaytogether

To know us is to love us🙂 #notreallypeopledontlikeus

Waddup sis 😝


Hey daddy👋🏾 I miss you like everyday, some days are harder than others! You passed away when I was so young, but you were my best friend while you were here! The best memories were made with you! From waking you up in the middle of the night crying for strawberry milk. Getting hype when you said “you not the baby, you the big girl”... oh and that time you let me shave your head bald, I was like 5!! Lmaooo cutting your head all up... or when you had that baby snake and you let me hold it but I got scared and dropped it(I think I killed it😭)... Pretending to throw up because you tried to get me to drink that white milk (knowing I only liked strawberry)😭😭 teaching me to ride a bike... you were the best dad ever, and I cherish the memories that we were able to make! Im done being mushy though lol! Continue to watch over my sisters, and Mom, and I!❤️🤞🏾 #my❤️ #missutwin

Baby Easton 😍✨

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