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I miss our morning walk.. #Dbohthebestboy

On my way home now and just thinking what I would do to come home and see you there waiting for me, like you always did... love you bubba ❤️

This morning we said goodbye to our handsome boy, Dboh. It doesn't even feel real. Dboh would probably fight to stay alive forever just so he could to make us happy. But it's not fair to him. I did all that I could to help, but his body had enough and he no longer has to fight.
There aren't that many pictures of Rob, me and Bohster all together, well because there were only a select few he would allow near us. But this picture makes me so happy that you were able to see the world and drive across the United States to Montana with us. This was the happiest 3 weeks of our life, spending it completely with you!
You have change our lives forever and you have taught us the true meaning of love, loyalty, and strength. There will never be another Dboh ever again, and you will never be replaced. You are and will ALWAYS be the best boy!

I love you bubba!! We will miss you every single day. Sleep well best boy.

🏎+🚜= #closeenough ✌🏼

Completely exhausted from today's @thewarhousegym #WHGbasement PUSH DAY workout!! Combination, power builder workout. Started off hitting my bench sets and then followed that up with 3 GIANT sets of chest shoulder and tri's...totally I think like 14 different exercises. #setsonsetsonsets
DLB and 📹 @stephflech Push Day workout ypuTube vid coming at you soon. Then you will see the madness. 👀 Oh and PS, YES new @flagnorfail keyhole tank, sport bra and match legging also coming soon

Omgahhhh it's finally here...Our new PEANUT 🥜 Vegan PRO is NOW AVAILABLE!!! It's like REAL crushed up peanuts sprinkled on each of your taste buds by the peanut fairy 🥜👸🏼! It's heaven in the mouth!
My NEW favorite post workout shake: PB&J
• 8oz of water or almond milk for extra goodness
• 2 scoops peanut vegan PRO
• 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
• 1/4 rolled oats
• ice and blend till smoooooth ‼️AVAILABLE NOW ‼️at www.runeverythinglabs.com (link in bio) @runeverythinglabs

Ummm @killrobbailey I just read your last post...I like the way you think, but Mr.CRX does NOT! I don't want to break up. #relationshipgoals #iloveyoucrx ❤️ Always a fun racing my best frienband (friend/husband). Thanks @slipstreamre for a great end to our weekend.

Waiting while they pick up Mustang guts off the race track... #RIPmustang #hondacrxliveson

@slipstreamre #ECCO

When you offer to share a bite of your cotton candy with bae, and she tries to eat the whole damn thing in one bite... #ladyandthetramp #notsurewhoisthetramp #hatstothebackgang

Fun night yesterday at the @thewarhousegym DLB's Party in the Parking!! Hope you guys had as much fun as me and @stephflech

Bench and Shoulders: #becauseiloveyou
bench pause reps 5x2 @185
DB Lateral raise dropsets 5x10x10x10
Cable reverse Fly 5x10-12
DB seated reverse fly 5x10-12
Lat pulldown (leaning back) 5x10
Seated Shoulder press 5x8
Plate front raise 5xfail
Lateral raise machine drop 5x10x10
Cable upright row 5x10
Cable straight bar front raise 5x10

So today was like the coolest day ever. I've been following @goatsofanarchy for quite a long time. I enjoy following the stories of each goat they rescue. Many that have serious injuries, disorders, and deformities. But Leann takes them all and gives them the best life that they all deserve. Meeting her, seeing her farm and meeting all the animals has been on my bucket list that I can now finally ✔️off! AND on top of that I got to join in their #GOGA session, which made yoga so much more enjoyable (because I'm not flexible at all). Nothing like trying to balance and be flexible when you are clearly NOT and have goats bumping into you, pooping and peeing next you, and trying to eat your shirt... maybe I'm weird, but I was in heaven. #namastedayday #notflexibleatall

TOMORROW @thewarhousegym is gonna be 🔥🔥!!!! Goats, dunk tanks, live band, games, food trucks, and you can go workout if you want. Superset squats 🏋🏽‍♀️with trips to the petting zoo 🐐or to the food trucks 🍿... sounds like the most amazing work out to me! All proceeds from the gym will be donated to: @boochaces @goatsofanarchy

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