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The heart and soul of our family....Our Gram and Pap. And today we had the honor of celebrating my Pap's 90th birthday!!! Feel very thankful today for having such a fun loving, poetically puzzling, Easter egg hiding, Santa Claus giving, statistically betting, meat and potato cooking, and the most caring and supportive PapPap any grand daughter could ever have. Happy Birthday Pap! Thank you for be the laughter of the party, I know where I get my humor...and good looks... lol Grammy for sure! #90andstillgoingstrong

Just two bros hanging out, on the side of a steep cliff, riding scooters, with beautiful snow capped mountains in the background #notevenarealpicture #shopped #montanawhyyoulooklikethat ?? New Explore baseball tee and Tshirt Reading 7.26.17 www.flagnorfail.com @flagnorfail

I had the pleasure to train with @dougmillerpro today and the pleasure to take him through my shoulder workout. I'm not sure if he knew what a DLB delt workout entailed. No less than 5 sets or it doesn't count. Supersets, dropsets, trisets...And then it would only be fair and nice to let him finish the workout which we threw in some biceps at the end because look at those things... 😳#bicepsofpeace #babybirdcreeping

Montana does something to the soul. It gives me life. Or maybe riding a scoooter just makes me feel like a child. #lookmomnofeet #ruckuslife
Had a blast in Montana with Dboh the last two weeks and we manage to obviously have a blast shooting our new release on Going-to-the-Sun road in GNP. Back home. Back to business and time to get you guys ready for our new release, this coming Wednesday 7.26.17!! Benjamin makes a return to this release!

Dboh, don't believe anything @killrobbailey says. I never thought you were gonna die! I knew we would be driving you there and back, no doubt in my mind. You did however surprise both of us and sorta got better. You running, blew our minds! And what else blew our minds was your ability to raise $12,000 for your dear friend Heidi and her rescue, Recycled Tails. Thank you to everyone that bought a #dbohdoesamerica tshirt. Dboh appreciates your love, support and well wishes, but most of all for helping the first person that gave him a chance at a good life, Heidi. Dboh you are the toughest dude I know and I know we will have so many more walks together in beautiful grassy fields. You have so much fight in you left. So I'll do my best to keep you by my side as long as you want. I love you bud. #notdeadyet

If you want to continue to help and donate to Dboh's rescue this is the link: http://recycledtails.org/

Dboh back on the road and taking a big ol' poop in North Dakota #sorrydbohshitonyou #dbohdoesamerica

Hope you all have a peaceful night 🌜like @killrobbailey and Dboh in his #bedtimeshirt

So about yesterday...when I was with arms reach for this friendly big guy on the side of a cliff. Just passing by...He was 3x the size of my little Pygmys at home. #kingofthemountain

One of my favorite days...CHACK or BEST day (chest and back supersets) this is one of the 4 supersets of the workout. Massive upper body pumpage...lol. And I did just eat French toast from Loula's right before this 💪🏼

We Out Here...in Polebridge shooting some new release items #Explore @flagnorfail

Calm it down calves it's shoulder day... #notonecalfraisegiven

Thee ol' DLB quad set. Great way to warm your shoulders up and get them super pumped to start your workout. This was my first set, then I try to add a little bit a weight for each set. No rest between each exercise. And I do 4sets of these 40 rep sets. If you aren't warmed up after that, then I can't help you lol

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