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DayDay Knucks  Wife. Champion. Rescuer. Mini Farmer. Adventurer.


Back in Montana with @killrobbailey and celebrating 10 years being married...hard to believe!! Crazy to think back on the last 16 years since meeting each other and everything we've accomplished together. To so many more years to come! Love you bubba!

Another extremely influential woman in the women in strength movement, @megsquats !! Super rad to be able to spend time with her and obviously train together. We train very different, so I let her take me through her heavy 1 rep maxing, RPE following powerlifter workout, and then I finished us off with my psycho superset dropset super volume overload workout. We went pound for pound, rep for rep, and set for set...And we both survived. Love her energy, love her bubbly attitude, and I love her ability to show other woman that being strong looks and feels awesome!

So what do you do when @megsquats comes to train at @thewarhousegym ? Well obviously you follow her rep/set/RPE powerlifter workout and then when that is done make her finish with another hour of my bodybuilder super high volume superset dropset to death leg day workout. And she killed it!!! Super rad having her at my gym. #powerbodybuilder

I'm doing everything wrong. I'm doing everything I used to think you couldn't do to get in shape. I am eating primarily Vegetarian with very minimal animal source coming from fish only once every other day, only eating 2-3 meals a day, minimal cardio 3-4 days a week, which is usually playing soccer and definitely not fasted. Kinda shows you that there is no right or wrong way to dieting. I prepped for both Olympia's eating 6-7 meals a day, cardio fasted every single day, protein came from animals...so what is the right way??? 🤔 I don't have that answer, you need to find the right way that works for you and your life.

Show shape for no reason

Our New Color Block tees and tanks available NOW!!! Simple, stylish, make you feel a little more dressed up in a tshirt. #motherapproved

TODAY at NOON we are doing a mini release of our new color block tees and tanks!!! Constantly trying to evolve and bring you guys new designs and concepts. So today we introduce to you our Color Block release!!! www.flagnorfail.com @flagnorfail

#deadarmshorty just trying to keep up with @jimjonescapo doing all sorts of #ninjashit to end our workout. #myhandsweresofxckedupbynow😬

The best part about training with a group is the constant push to one-up each. So while we were two rope climbs with no feet, I decided to take it up a notch and add so rope pull-ups. The love the push that I get from people around me. I push them, they push me back. If I move up, you have to move up. I Fxkn l love training like that. It makes you better! So thank you guys @jimjonescapo @jerseyshoresupplements @rocdabody

Whaaaaaa?! Is that Jim Mutha Fxkn Jones @jimjonescapo standing behind me??? Yup, you know this... #Ballin !!! In the basement at @thewarhousegym training shoulders for hours. Fxkn love it, because this dude and his crew let me lead the workout and they go as hard as me! Not many people impress me, but he impressed me. AND I got a knicknamed #DeadArmShorty 💪🏼. It was a pleasure @jimjonescapo and an honor.
Huge shout out to @jerseyshoresupplements for bringing us all together and believing in us and our brand @runeverythinglabs ! Video to come....

Morning selfie with Benjamin.... ❤️

It's good to be home.... ❤️

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