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John Danaher  Teaching jiu jitsu and MMA to my uber talented students out of New York City - living my life and growing in accordance with kaizen.

Homeward bound: At the airport in San Francisco waiting for connecting flight back to NYC! Can’t wait to get back on the mat with the squad and all my students in the blue basement Wednesday morning we are back in the saddle - lots of big projects coming up and lots of dreams to be realized! See you there! 😜😜

Last day in Australia: It’s been a fantastic journey that began in Singapore cornering Garry Tonon and seeing third win in MMA for @onechampionship while coaching the super seminar for @evolvemma gym. Then on to Australia to see my dear Mom and family along with seminars for @johndonehuejj @acsamelbourne @vt1martialarts and @kmamartialarts - here i am teaching the last seminar - a night seminar at VT1 gym in Sydney. I was greatly impressed by the progress of Australian grappling. Far from the usual centers of grappling they are growing in skill and numbers. They carry a great enthusiasm and optimism into the game which is already beginning to create champions with many more in the future I am sure. I am sad to leave - so many good people and good memories down here; but I am thrilled to get back home and get the basement fired up with action again. Tomorrow the long flight home and the mixed feelings of sadness and excitement at the airport. Thank you to everyone who came to the seminars - I hope you enjoyed a look at our approach to the sport and that it can help you get closer to your own goals and dreams.

Catching up with old friends in the land of Oz: After a day of teaching big seminars for @kmamartialarts here in Sydney Australia I got a wonderful chance to catch up with two of my favorite colleagues, Greg Jackson and Carlos Machado who by chance were in town. So good to catch up and talk shop with these two and relive old stories and crazy times 😜😜 Both men are an encyclopedia of knowledge and experience that is a privilege to have access to. Now I get ready for tomorrow at VT1 gym night seminar. Wishing you all the best from Sydney and hope this day took you just a little closer to your hopes and dreams in the sport #kaizenftw

Whenever I am in Sydney Australia I always love to see the crew at VT-1 martial arts and catch up! This week I enjoyed teaching group classes and private classes - they have windows and sun light!! I had to run downstairs to to the basement periodically to remind myself of home 😂😂 These guys are awesome and do a fine job of building local talent and growing the sport in positive ways!

Bottom guard position Jiu Jitsu - the essentials of grip, kuzushi (off balancing), distance management, and angle: The TECHNIQUES of bottom guard position in Jiu Jitsu are limitless and often overwhelming to learn - but the essential CONCEPTS of the position are few in number and easy to understand. You must be able to secure an effective working GRIP upon your opponent, generate KUZUSHI to open him up, manage distance well enough to create enough SPACE through framing to move effectively underneath him, create advantageous ANGLE to press an attack home. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the number of possibilities for technique, go back to the concepts- ONLY WHEN THE GROUNDING CONCEPTS ARE SATISFIED WILL THE TECHNIQUES BE POSSIBLE - so keep them at the forefront of your thinking and let the techniques take care of themselves in time. Here you can see Nicky Ryan exhibit many of these essential bottom guard concepts to make a perfect entry into cross ashi garami from bottom butterfly guard

Reflections on Garry Tonon: Garry Tonon’s recent win in @onechampionship MMA fight takes him to 3-0 in around six to seven months of professional fighting. Even more remarkable is that his sum total of serious MMA training has just passed the eleven month mark. While he still has a long way to go he has made incredible progress in that short time. An interesting thing to consider is this - prior to his first fight, GARRY TONON HAD NEVER BEEN IN A FIGHT IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE. he never had a street fight, never fought even in school - THE FIRST TIME SOMEONE THREW BLOWS AT HIM WITH BAD INTENTIONS WAS HIS FIRST MMA FIGHT. Think about that - fighting is scary enough in itself but imagine your first ever experience of someone trying to really hurt you is thousands of miles from home in front of twenty thousand people with all your friends and family watching! I think it’s fair to say most people would melt under those circumstances. Yet Mr Tonon looked very relaxed and fluid despite zero experience. It’s easy to explain this in terms of character and say simply that Mr Tonon succeeded because HE HAS A GIANT SET OF BALLS. Fair point - he does. The real reason however, and one that is of the greatest importance to all of you now and for the rest of your lives is this - NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE INCREDIBLE POWER OF THOROUGH TRAINING TO PREPARE YOU FOR EVENTS AND SITUATIONS THAT WOULD ORDINARILY CRUSH YOU. I don’t have faith in many things - BUT I HAVE LIMITLESS FAITH IN THE ABILITY OF TRAINING OVER TIME TO MAKE ORDINARY PEOPLE DO EXTRAORDINARY THINGS. Garry Tonon has remarkable personal courage - I will always be the first person to say that - but much more important than his courage is HIS WILLINGNESS TO INVEST IN TRAINING TIME AND ENERGY SO THAT WINNING HABITS ARE BUILT. Let me tell you in all honesty a message that you must carry with you throughout your Jiu Jitsu career. WINNING HABITS WILL WIN YOU MORE FIGHTS IN A YEAR THAN COURAGE WILL IN A LIFETIME. You can neglect many things in your life and get away with it - but not your training #worksmarter&;harder2win

New video instructional release today - ENTER THE SYSTEM -KIMURA: I am very happy to announce that BJJ Fanatics is releasing the next installment of my ENTER THE SYSTEM video instructional series today - KIMURA! Kimura plays a big role in our approach to Jiu Jitsu. We use it constantly as both a devastating submission in itself, or as a gateway to other systems such as back system, arm locks(juji gatame) or triangles (sankaku) or legs etc. It is arguably the most readily available of all the major submission systems - anytime an opponent reaches for you and your head an arms are higher than his - kimura is available- and in a sport where the whole idea is to get a hold of people and grip them, that will happen a LOT! I have included a link in my Instagram bio above for those of you interested in buying the video from BJJ Fanatics - it will give you a great insight into our approach to the Kimura game! 😜😜 As always, it is video whose main intent is to give you a deep training resource that you can come back to for years as a guide to training. It is much much longer than most instructionals as it is a systematic guide designed to take you from the moment you make contact with an opponent all the way to submission and offers a systematic approach to overcoming all manner of resistance along the way. As always there is a heavy emphasis on CONCEPTS that provide a GENERAL SENSE OF DIRECTION, juxtaposed with a great amount of precise DETAILS that enable you to IMPOSE THAT DIRECTION on a tough opponent. Take charge of scramble situations and create fear in your opponents with one of the most versatile and devastating of all the major submission holds - Kimura!

Jiu Jitsu in Melbourne: Had a blast teaching at my friend John Donahue’s awesome gym @johndonehuejj here in Melbourne and then dinner with my family afterwards- it doesn’t get any better than that 😊😊 Always great to get home and see the sport growing! Tomorrow I teach a different topic at @acsamelbourne Nemesis MMA - hope I can help the local talent go further! Looking forward to seeing you on the mats!

On the road again: Waiting for my flight to Melbourne at Changi International Airport - looking forward to coaching at @johndonehuejj and @acsamelbourne and catching up with local Jiu Jitsu and my family 🤗🤗 It’s been a privilege to watch Garry Tonon’s development in MMA - it’s still early days but this hard working young man is making great strides in the worlds toughest sport. It is such a joy to come out to Asia and be part of @onechampionship and see their growth as an MMA organization and teach at @evolvemma gym and see people pick up on our approach to the sport. Can’t wait to return! Hope you all enjoyed the show! Make sure you tune in to @kasaigrappling for Gordon Ryan against the talented champion Matheus Diniz and up and coming juniors Ethan Crelinsten and Frank Rosenthal going in among some of the most highly ranked lightweights in the world in a tournament format! It’s going to be a great show! See you all in Melbourne! 🤗

Victory in Singapore! Garry Tonon won his third MMA bout here in Singapore this evening to extend his unbeaten record. The match was spent mostly in standing position where Mr Tonon took time to work his developing striking skills. At one point in the first round he suffered a cut under the eye - in Asia there is sometimes more pressure to stop fights when there is bleeding, so when the second round began he wisely began looking for the takedown. In a scramble on the floor he went back to one of his greatest grappling strengths - front head system mastery. He made a quick entry to a high elbow guillotine - his opponent Jung Song Lee skillfully got his back to the ground to stop the initial attack - but the great advantage of a systems based approach to submissions is the ability to get around resistance by going to the next step in the system. A second stab at the high elbow got the breakthrough and Mr Tonon won halfway through the second round. It has been just six months since Mr Tonon’s MMA debut - he only began his MMA training around four to five months prior to that debut. He has come a long way in a very short time. Here we all are after getting Mr Tonon’s cut nicely stitched by the @onechampionship medical staff. Wishing you all the best from Singapore! Hope you enjoyed the show!!

MMA star Sage Northcutt works back and triangle systems: we had a blast here in Singapore today working back and triangle systems and got an unexpected visit from Sage Northcutt @supersagenorthcutt who I have not seen since his days at Tristar gym. He did a fine job of working some complex moves - here he works the rear triangle (ushiro sankaku) - looks like he killed his partner with it! 😂😂 He is a fine athlete and quickly picked up these new skills. Garry Tonon successfully made weight at 155 pounds - his first outing at the new weight for @onechampionship . Now he is feeding like a lion back at the hotel! 😂😂 I just finished teaching for the day at @evolvemma - I will go back and see if he left any scraps for me 😂😂 Wishing you all the best from Singapore!

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