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  Founder of @SprinkleofJesus God fearing, gun collecting, mobile app developing, Christian entrepreneur, breaking the curse of poverty.


COMMENT “AMEN” BELOW TO PRAY THIS SHORT PRAYER! God I’m begging you to reveal yourself in the opportunities that I know are closely approaching so I can discern which direction to go. I know you will order my success, to prepare and walk me through to everything I’ve been waiting for. If there is anything hindering my progress remove it from space and my desires because I want MORE. I’m done struggling, settling for less and will do what it takes to prosper! I am faithful in the opportunities and people you will begin to surround me with, to bless me spiritually and financially, to teach and to bless me so I can extend the blessing and allow it to over flow to my friends and family! I am in a constant state of expectancy, because you’ve never not came through. I’m so excited for the future you have promised for me. #sprinkleofjesus #Blessed #christianentrepreneur

STILL HAVENT ACCOMPLISHED YOUR NEW YEARS GOAL?! Well let me push you, no more waiting to start your business and have control over your finances, I will yeah you EVERYTHING you need to know AND PROVIDE THE RESOURCES to do so. Come on give us a call NOW (718)892-0769 so you can grab your seat at the Christian Entrepreneur Workshop near you! #SprinkleofJesus

Even then they too prideful, but hey if you live for the applause you’ll die for the validation. Just grind and do you boo. @sprinkleofjesus #sprinkleofjesus

COMMENT “AMEN” BELOW IF YOU KNOW GOD IS OPENING THE RIGHT DOORS FOR YOU. Wow guys this video is from 2014, with in 15 seconds, I remember making this videos so premature into my career and looking now where I’m at and how far I’ve come, God definitely opened the right doors for me. Before Sprinkle if Jesus, before Don, before Philadelphia, before the app business, before my first commercials. The things I’m accomplishing today were planted 4 years ago! It takes time, patience, consistency. Stop waiting and start fulfilling your dreams bro, because it possible. Wow #SprinkleofJesus #Blessed #ChristianEntreprenenur

LINK IN BIO! Omg you know I’m a sucker for family owned businesses. Check out this Mommy and Me boutique Lusciously Chic @lusciouslychic so cute 😍 #ChristianEntrepreneurs #Blessed

COMMENT “AMEN” BELOW TO PRAY FOR YOUR CURRENT OR FUTURE SPOUSE! God I know it’s so easy to point fingers and use our imagination to put a man together of what he should be before asking you to prepare me to become a woman for a man you would send. I would say that I’ve been left broken before but I am strong and aware enough to internalize what I’ve been through and only blame myself for staying in toxic relationships I was pretending would get better. First I ask for the patience so I don’t begin looking for you in just anyone but allowing a man to reveal you in himself to me. I pray that you help me discern a man sent to destroy my progress of being a woman of God, but a mans spirit and love for me only sent to enhance it. I ask you send me a man who will respect me more than he loves me so when he can’t find a reason to he will never hurt me. I pray you send me someone who fears you, so that he can’t teach me we have nothing in this world to fear. I ask that he be willing to learn, adjust and compromise for our future including bad habits, even people who will not align with our one day family. I ask that you train us to communicate with one another so no demon could infiltrate what we have with negative thoughts and assumptions. I pray that you give him leadership skills so he will never be afraid to correct me when I need to be led back on the right track. I ask he not manipulate me into what he wants me to be, but motivate me to the best version of me. I pray he push me and not settle for my excuses. I pray he is patient with me and I am growing and learning how to properly love a man because I was raised in a broken household where I’ve never seen a man and woman work through conflict to find more love on the other side.. God with all that I want, I just summed a man I know you know is good for me and a great example that our son and daughter would aspire to be like. I trust you, God. I will indeed be able to marry a man who loves me physically, mentally, emotionally and will grind with me to sustain our family owned business to give to the next generation... I pray for a partner in life. #Blessed #Couplepreneur #SprinkleofJesus

Still haven’t accomplished any of your New Years goals? Let me show you how to build a business. Don’t take advice from people you don’t aspire to be like... SWIPE LEFT TO GET INFO! Come take advice from people you actually aspire to be like, meet the team that isn’t afraid to teach you how to fish. @hiphopmagician @princedonnell @ceoapril @cececinco #ChristianEntrepreneur #SprinkleofJesus

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. I own companies you haven’t even been introduced to yet... | My team got some amazing things on the way. @hiphopmagician @princedonnell @ceoapril #Blessed #ChristianEntrepreneur #SprinkleofJesus

LINK IN BIO! I love my custom necklace from Love Carter 😍 people usually get their names, but I used the word blessed to represent and as a constant reminder around my neck. #Blessed

We put @AliAngeline in a Cassy and Cassie sandwich. Let go Eagles 😍🦅 #Eagles

What a lot of celebrities and rappers don’t do, that give them a headache later is they don’t build up the people around them to be just as successful, so that they never get people asking them for money because they already making their own, but most importantly, they don’t put people in position to be able to one day go to their friends or family members to say hey I need 40k to invest in this new project, can I hold it, because they don’t have it. I had to come into the office on Sunday to invest my time into my sisters @ceoapril business! She owns the credit repair company that took my credit score all the way to 700 club and is helping prepare me to buy my first property. It’s amazing to see how’s she’s transformed into a business woman, with hard work and mentorship from the entire team from @princedonnell & @hiphopmagician ! What people dont know is I’ve been trying to create a bank around me. I’ve invest my time in building up other people so we never lack in our finances and will never see poverty again. Many families don’t work together because they lack communication skills and a leader to get them together.. #ChristianEntrepreneur #SprinkleofJesus

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