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COMMENT “AMEN” IF YOU ARE READY FOR GOOD TO HAPPEN TO YOU! It’s hard to truly trust God, but it pays off... #SprinkleOfJesus #ChristianEntrepreneur

This picture of me in my new house is God’s plan. I literally am in tears for this to even be an option. Not just the mansion itself but being a home OWNER and not a renter. I still got family that live in the projects! I could of never dreamed of God’s glory shining through my life like this for not just me but everyone this blessing will overflow to. I’m sitting in a home that looks like it belong somewhere on television. Lord give me strength to take care of the blessing you’ve given my family. I can’t wait to move in! My faith was enough for all of us... being an entrepreneur puts no limits on what the world can offer. Praise God... believe and work harder than any example that you’ve ever seen and God will bless you beyond your hustle! It’s possible, I am a living testimony. #Blessed #ChristianEntrepreneur

My little family. Dana | Don | Duke ❤️ #Blessed

My baby went to daycare today 😫😍😂 @sireduke

Welpppp you should be asking for a refund if all they did was make you feel good about spending money with them, but they ain’t teach you how to make it. I’m building women entrepreneurs #christianentrepreneur #sprinkleofjesus

TORONTO YOU’RE NEXT WE HAVE 4 SEATS LEFT! This isn’t another empowerment event we will be giving you REAL tactical resources to build a business. We are so excited to bring the tour next to Canada. Give us a call NOW (718)892-0760 #SprinkleofJesus

We are God’s Plan... FOR JACKETS LINK IN BIO! #Couplepreneur #Blessed

COMMENT “AMEN” BELOW TO PRAY WITH ME! God I know the plans you have me are beyond my understanding. I know where I am now if far from where your promise will take me. Your promise tells me it’s possible to live this life without chaos, without poverty, without anger, without uncertainty if I fix my trust on you. I rebuke in the name of Jesus the grip the enemy has on my mind that makes my forget that better is coming because I can’t live like this forever. I am in pain and I’m lost, in confident in myself and I’m done throwing a pity party. I’m done letting my lack of faith tie your hands into me not experiencing deliverance and healing. Greatness is on the way!!! I know it is BECAUSE I AM GODS PLAN!!!! IN JESUS NAME #sprinkleofjesus #christianentrepreneur

MY CLIENTS DROVE ALL THE WAY FROM CONNECTICUT FOR THEIR APP REVIEW. They needed a mobile app for their Culture to Kingdom community and we were able to show them the preview today and go over some amazing ways to monetize. So proud of you guys, may he continue to deposit creative thought for you to execute! @alakazamapps #sprinkleofjesus

They would treat you different if they knew who you were about to become... God protect me from fraudulent activity after you promote me. #ChristianEntrepreneur

Wow that’s good! Download the @sprinkleofjesus app, available on Google Play and the App Store! #sprinkleofjesus


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