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Dana Blake  🌴 β€’ LA | MNL | SF πŸ‘»: danablakex ❀️ #6's

I remember placing my first order almost two years ago and today I'm now a @glossier rep! Check the link in my bio to shop my favourites (you also get 20% off your first order + free shipping when you buy 2 things or more) plus you get to hear me awkwardly talk for 90 seconds πŸ‘€ #glossier

πŸ‘‹πŸΌ ᜢ αœ‘αœ’αœŽαœ“

missing you πŸŒ΄β˜€οΈ ᜢ αœˆαœ‹αœ’αœ‹αœ’αœαœ” αœƒαœ’αœ†

peekaber ᜢ αœ‰αœ’αœƒαœŠαœ“

❀️ of my life ᜢ αœ‹αœ‘αœŽαœ” αœ…αœ” αœŠαœ“αœ‘αœŒαœ” αœƒαœ“

home. missin bae (area) ᜢ αœ‰αœ’αœˆαœ…αœ”αœ„αœŽαœ’αœ…αœˆαœ”

hi it me i actually posted after two months ok see u l8r ᜢ αœ‘αœ’αœŽαœ“ αœ€αœƒαœ“ αœ†αœ“ αœˆαœ„αœ”αœ‰αœ“αœαœ” αœƒαœ“ αœ‰αœ„αœ”αœƒαœ†αœ‰αœ“αœαœ” αœ…αœ” αœ‡αœŽαœαœ…αœ” αœŠαœ“αœαœˆαœ” αœ‚αœƒαœ” αœƒαœ’αœ† αœƒαœ’αœ† αœ‹αœ‹αœŒ

when your favourite model is your bestfriend 😍 also couldn't stand messing up this feed so i reactivated my old account and started over there or whaeva if y'all care hahaha

it's four in the morning and all i can think about were your last words to me when i told you that my flight was in a few hours: "come here and give papa a kiss. i love you." you held my hand tighter than you did when you were teaching me how to ride a bike at 7 years old - only this time it was harder to let go. the reality of knowing i'll never be able to hear your voice anymore hurts a lot more than i thought it would. but thank you papa for giving me the best childhood a kid like me could ever ask for. you were my first travel buddy. from six hour bus rides to road trips with me sleeping in the back of your car and even to weekly drives to my favourite beach. you gave me my first bike, my first puppy, my first camera, and most importantly you gave me more love than what i feel like i deserved. not once did you ever force me to be someone or something i didn't want to be, instead you embraced me and supported every decision i made in my life. everything i do has been and will always be for you and mama. i'll never regret dropping everything just to fly home to see you because it was worth more than anything in this world. if it means dropping everything just for a chance to hug you and hear your voice one last time, you know i would always choose you. papa, je t'aime plus que tout au monde. i love you more than anything in the world. till i see you again ❀️

swing swing swinggggg

happy fourth πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

breakfast at barney's ✨

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