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Dana Barnes 

‘Retold - Mahal Blue Field’ @randcompanynyc’s booth (G39) curated by @pierre.yovanovitch for @designmiami/ Basel through June 17th 💙❤️ @rogangregory @thehaasbrothers #joaquimtenreiro #josezaninecaldas 📷@james_harris_london

Another pic of the Endolith Casts installation from which two are included in the 'Raw Design' Show at the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco up through Oct 28th. Thank you @glenn_adamson for making this work a part of the show along with other artists+designers I so admire⚡️
Excerpt from Glenn’s curatorial statement:
"A last group within the exhibition could be understood as performative. They invert the traditional hierarchy of design (and most fine art, for that matter), in which process is considered as subservient to the dictates of form, and instead find shapes through the act of making. I have included a wide range of these figures in the show to demonstrate the richness of the approach and the diverse effects that can be achieved in materials both familiar (glass, ceramic, metal) and novel (ice-cast wax, fleshy latex, pigmented concrete). It’s also interesting to note certain works, such as Brooke Breckner’s chain and Dana Barnes’s wool-impregnated blocks, in which the theme of emergence is treated both representationally and physically, in one united gesture.” Participating Artists: Beth Lipman, Brad Evan Taylor, Brooke Breckner, FormaFantasma, Gaetano Pesce, GT2P, Iris Eichenberg, Jes Fan, Jonathan Swanz, Julia Kunin, Julia Lohmann, Karin Forslund, Lex Pott, Marlène Huissoud, Max Lamb, Mieke Meijer, Misha Kahn, Myra Mimlitsch-Gray, Omer Arbel, Scott Bodenner, Thaddeus Wolfe, Zoe Sheehan Saldaña

#musuemofcraftanddesign #sanfrancisco #designart #rawdesign #endolithcasts #lichengrowth #seamlesslyfusingwoolenmassandstone-likecomposite

Hugely honored to be part of the 'Raw Design' Show curated by @glenn_adamson now open at the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco❕On exhibit are two pieces from this larger Endolith Casts installation-a scape of contiguous forms and a paradox of materiality reminiscent of the gritty, sensual beauty of natural forces. About the show: "Raw Design marks an interesting moment in the history of technique. Rather than turning to long-established, complex repertoires like those of wood joinery and glass blowing, designers seem to prefer inventing new techniques, or else act as if their medium were being discovered for the first time...
“One element all of the artists presented in Raw Design have in common is a certain no-nonsense stance. At a time in history when spin threatens to overwhelm us, this show offers another way - an alternative to ‘alternative facts’. In the process, hopefully, it demonstrates that palpable physicality is by no means obsolete as a creative force. Most of all, this project aims to present contemporary design in its most fundamental condition - as material intervention - so that it can be seen more clearly". —SFMCD
@musuemofcraftanddesign #sanfrancisco #designart #rawdesign #endolithcasts #lichengrowth #stillexplosionsontherocks

New work included in UNSIGHTED curated by @nb_lecompte 🖤 A group exhibition in Milan at the Palazzo dei Demoni • Via Cesare Correnti 14 • April 15th - 22nd. Showing alongside 7 international artists I admire~~~
Anton Alvarez (USA)
Bahraini Danish (Bahrain)
Eric Schmitt (France)
Niamh Barry (Ireland)
Omer Arbel (Canada)
Roberto Sironi (Italy)
Jeonghwa Seo (Korea)
Exhibition produced by 5VIE Art+Design

Small works for #CULTUREDcommission @cultured_mag! A special edition, each ‘Cling Assemblage’ is a unique study / maquette in abstract form that references materiality, palette and spatial ideas developed in conjunction with realizing the larger scale installations of ‘Cling’ for architectural spaces. ‘Cling’ large scale sculptures consist of intertwined masses of exotic fibers spiraling, twisting and climbing evoking a pendulous network of entangled fertile vine forms. The visual tension between the motion and organic beauty of growing vines and the rigid architectural elements surrounding them informs the work. Thank you @sarahgharrelson❣️I loved making these and www.1stdibs.com/introspective-magazine/sarah-harrelson (👀article+lovely🍽in honor)
Materials: Portuguese Pink marble, Picasso marble, Belgian Black marble, Lucite, Walnut, Douglas fir, Blackened Steel commingling w miniature fiber vines of yak, camel, Gotland, Alpaca, Merino, silk, bamboo.
Architectural references: skylight, vertical interior stairway shaft, massive stone walls, structural column, floor/ceiling cutouts...

‘Cling’ Hanging on the Winter Homes cover @intdeshomes ❕Thank you #shamirshahdesign for including this work in your stunning project featured in @interiordesignmag 💚 #woolasamedium

‘Retold’ at @thearmoryshow w @randcompanynyc !
Thrilled to have work included in this show (#randcompanynyc - Pier 94, Booth 516) alongside #TheHaasBrothers, #ummmsmile, #ashleyhicks and #jeffzimmerman

Delighted to have this ‘Endolith Cast’ in a group show at @patrick_parrish_gallery, “The Glorious Object” curated by @rodger.stevens Dec 14 - Jan 13 including 42 works by 42 artists. Opening is tonight 6-8pm! The Patrick Parrish Gallery, Tribeca. Hand knotted+wet-bonded textile immersed in concrete. #lichengrowth #graphite #stillexplosionsontherocks

‘Retold-Mahal Blue Field’ shown here in a Vanity Fair Italia Fashion Feature is currently on exhibit in NYC as part of #WOVENFORMS - @randcompanynyc and @aminicarpets. Please join us for a special conversation with me and artists Rogan Gregory @rogangregory and Katie Stout @ummmsmile tomorrow night -Tuesday, (12/12) 6-8pm at the pop up gallery exhibition, 64 Franklin St. Talk begins at 6:30 and a reception follows.
#woolasamedium #traditionalpersianasacanvas #contemporaryadaptation

After debuting May 2017 in Venice, WOVEN FORMS group exhibition will now be shown in New York. Opening reception tonight, 64 Franklin St, 6-8pm(exhibit up through Nov 16th). Thank you @randcompanynyc and @aminicarpets for including 'Retold'(detail pictured) in #WovenForms #woolfibersmergedwithantiquepersians

Studio light and fiber
#seeinggrids #handmakingrope

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