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Jean Kao  Pole. Food. S. Friends & family. Travel. Dive. Not in order. Where is love? I want cats. How do I make myself a more useful human being?

Spot @mseunicesim 😅#photoshoppedin
I really enjoyed the visual spectacle and projection effects in Toruk! This production is also more about the ensemble of acrobatic acts instead of individual highlights in the usual circus shows, there’re many things happening at the same time 🤸🏻‍♀️🏂🤾🏻‍♂️🧗🏻‍♀️ Another fantastic show by Cirque du Soleil 😍

Turn the sound up to listen to one of the “100 Soundscapes of Japan” selected by the Ministry of Environment, with some commentary from my parents at the start haha! As what my dad said, the swaying bamboo and gentle rustling is a natural mise en scène of a cinematic wuxia fight.
The tranquil of the Sagano Bamboo Forest is now diminished by the chatter of tourists from dominantly China, Korea and Taiwan (top 3 in that order), but its towering dense greenery still arouses awe.
#arashiyama #arashiyamabambooforest #saganobambooforest #kyoto #japan #japantravel

Still thinking about the lovely sakura blooms with clear sight of Mount Fuji 10 days ago... Lake Kawaguchi is the oldest of the Fuji Five Lakes which were formed by the volcano’s previous eruptions, and, as you may tell, the most popular one with tourists.
I was on a sad cherry blossom hunt throughout the trip because the peak season this year came earlier than expected, but this really made up for the disappointment. And this day trip was a serendipitous discovery just days before we flew to Japan, the final addition to the itinerary that I had planned for months.

“I want to be black panther”
“I wish that all the dinosaurs would come alive”
Found at the Ichitanimunakata Shrine 櫟谷宗像神社 outside Arashiyama Monkey Park, these wooden spoons were different from the traditional ema 絵馬 or wooden plaques on which wishes are written. If I’m not wrong, the ones here are more for writing down the troubles occurring in your life, but the unique shape has made it popular for tourists to pen down various hopes.

This just happened 😍 (One part of a panorama photo)
#mountfuji #lakekawaguchi #cherryblossom

So many torii, so many people. This is just a small section of a trail that spans 4km.
#fushimiinaritaisha #torii #numberonetouristattraction #kyoto

1. Feed senbei
2. Bow
3. Open your hands to show you have none left (but actually more hidden in bag)
#narapark #politedeer #naradeer

Gunung Brinchang sunrise. Amazing to see how nature comes to life as the glow blazes across the sky.
Also interesting to see how the #yiactioncamera handles the gradual lighting condition. Not fantastic in low light though. My camera run out of battery just when the yolk peeked out from behind the mountain and I forgot to set it back to timelapse mode in 4K so the frame is quite different at the end oops.
#nofilter #tbt #cameronhighlands #sunrise #gunungbrinchang #bohteaplantation

Great #contempole class with some of my favourite pole mates 😘
And now @mseunicesim slips back into her pole hiatus... but for how long this time 😏 #dontmakeuswaittoolongk

If you’re ok with having dinner at a late timing and absolutely hate queues, come here at 9pm - I only waited for about 10 minutes before being ushered to the counter seat. From there, I could watch all the works in the kitchen, and I loved seeing how the head chef (guy behind) made sure that all the placement of the ingredients are exactly the same as the bowl on their poster.
The seasonal tendon was the Ocean Gems Tendon “Umi” ($23++), and I went for the spicy version which definitely had heat but not overwhelming. The seaweed tempura batter on every piece was light and nori-shing. They ran out of snow crab (sad), so they made up with an extra piece of prawn on top of the two already given together with scallop, squid, oyster, generous drizzle of ikura, and my favourite the king crab stick. It was the size of a fish fillet from LJS so I hadn’t expected it to be crab before biting into it. The juicy umami burst was astounding and left me stunned in wide-eye emoji mode 😳 I wish they had given more oysters instead of prawn, I tried my best to prolong finishing that fat morsel in three tiny bites haha.
The multigrain rice had a nice chew and didn’t feel as filling as plain white rice, perhaps that's why this big bowl turned out to be a manageable portion. #burpple

Because I’m shameless and I want to share it everywhere on social media wahahahahaha.
Actually I almost puked out my dinner/snack after class. Still feel the kouign-amann at my throat now 🤢
But otherwise 💜 Hammock Flow Int 1 taught by @mseunicesim at @aerialandfloor

Just easier to post a screenshot 😬

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