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Red, yellow, orange, green: these colours are known to subconsciously trigger hunger and/or induce excitement. That explains why you’re salivating uncontrollably now. The people at Muchachos have certainly capitalised on this and are not shy about showing off their best ingredients… look at that heap of guac! 😍
The Cal-Mex joint along Keong Saik Road is celebrating its 4th anniversary with a festive bang. Remember this date: 29 September, because that’s when you’ll be heading down with your friends to get their ultimate promotion of All Day 1-for-1 from the ENTIRE MENU. Super Nachos, burritos, quesadillas, anything you want, they’re gonna give you 2x for price of 1! Yes, that includes drinks too oooooh.
If stuffing burritos down your own throat is your thing, why not try to get some cash out of that unusual talent? The person who devours the most number of burritos in 5 minutes will salsa away with $200 cash. You now have 10 days left to train. Otherwise, just watch competitive-eater Zermatt Neo attempt to stuff a 5lb/2.27kg burrito under 5 minutes into his pockets of abs…
Thanks @burpple for the invite, and Jun and Cindy representing @muchachos.sg for hosting us with the generous amount of carbs! #Burpple

Guess which GoT scene from the latest season was shot here? It's closed to the public, but there's a broken window at the side big enough for me to sneak my camera in... This used to be Seville's royal shipyard from the 13th to 15th century.

The Foodiegram Sundays lunch at Marina Square is an interesting dining experience where participants get to learn food photography tips from their assigned foodie hosts and socialise with the other participants (if you wish to). Under @Burpple's invite, I went to Kith Cafe's lunch some weeks back and got to try most of their selected menu items thanks to the unintentional coordination with fellow #BurppleTastemaker @cweizhi 😂
The Kith Super Salad is full of superfoods like kale, quinoa, walnuts, chopped tomatoes, sundried tomatoes together with feta and cucumber - quite a mouthful to list and more to finish. On a regular basis this would've cost $16, so the lunch event at $25 is a pretty good deal since it comes with a main and dessert after this.
My main may seem less foodiegram-worthy, but definitely more stomach-happy. One half of my thin crust pizza is smoked duck in hoisin sauce with kale and feta , the other is Kung Pow Chicken which I highly recommend for its moderate spiciness and fragrant kung pow flavour with a tinge of vinegar, and crunchy cashew nuts. The smoked salmon pizza half from Weizhi's is decent with the big slices - in case you think the green mayo is wasabi, it's actually avocado mayo, with some kale pesto around. The truffle mushroom half was pretty disappointing with the absence of its pungency.
I was pretty impressed with how super strong the espresso jelly was! It would've been quite challenging to eat it without the gula melaka (need more) and coconut cream though. This would be a dessert for sharing, unless you crave for a powerful caffeine jolt.
Thanks #Burpple for the invite, and Keiji for being a humorous and fun host! #msqeats

Witnessed the lights coming on at Plaza Mayor, a different one now in Salamanca 🤣 We were told it'll happen at 9pm, read online that it'll be at 10, but it actually happened at 9:30-something #spanishtime
A somewhat panoramic view of the square 😝

We've been here at least 3 times over the past couple of days because it's the gathering point of our walking tours around Madrid. Taken with the "uncle on a horse" King Felipe III at the back 😝

One thing that I'm grateful about big #BurppleEatups is the chance to try many dishes from a single establishment, and this at Bistro du Vin was one I couldn't pass up. The Zion Road outlet caters to groups looking to have a night out over classic French cuisine and plenty of wine. Our charismatic hosts Philippe and Merissa made sure we're well fed and boy, did they deliver their promise.
The first dish up was an eye-opener for me: Oeufs en meurette is a Burgundian recipe that has a poached egg surrounded by red wine sauce cooked with chicken stock, onion, shallots and lardon/bacon cubes. I relished the flavour of the sweet onion in the sauce, and tried my best to soak up the goodness with buttery croutons.
Foie gras pairs well with fruity reductions that have enough acidity to balance the fat, and here we had it with griottes sour cherries soaked in Armagnac, a type of French brandy, which adds a nice sweetness to the seared goose liver. :
Bisque de Homard or lobster bisque, though not my #1, is definitely full-bodied - a tad too heavy IMO. I did like how they set the cheese, rouille and croutons aside for you to customise to your preference.
After duck terrine with hazelnuts embedded, lamb saddle (pungent but juicy on a medium cook with smooth mash and ratatouille), risotto de homard (lobster concentrate but a bit too salty) and other outstanding beef dishes (sorry, don't eat cow), we come to the Confit de canard served with sarladaise potatoes. I've come to learn that the French are skilled at cooking duck-anything. The confit was wonderfully marinated with salt and herbs before being roasted to get the crisp edges and tender soft meat. The highlight was the potato slices fried with duck fat and garlic - this beats any McDonald's fries or potato chips out there! As sinful as it sounds, they were actually not that oily.
Out of the 5 (I told you they were generous) desserts we had, the chocolate espresso mousse was one I kept going for as it somehow tasted fruity for me. I also enjoyed the apple tart for the thin flaky crust.
A big thanks to @Burpple for the invite and @bistroduvin for feeding us with an epic meal! #Burpple

Even though I've been to Artistry a couple of times, I've never eaten their signature chilli crab burger - glad that's still part of their updated menu!
It's clear to see why this dish is a megastar once I sliced through the patty... underneath that crisp brown shell are generous shreds of blue swimmer crab meat, very much like opening up the real deal. Even though our host Prashant said that they've toned down the spiciness of the sauce to suit non-local tastes, it is thankfully still hot enough to be more than passable by chilli crab standards. You can choose to have this burger with shoestring fries or mesclun side salad for $25.
The newer items of the menu include the beer battered dory topped with yummy tomato and onion relish ($15), Sakura ebi aglio olio ($22), and the Big Breakfast ($22) for you all-day brunch lovers - it comes with fried kale chips and pommes noisette/fried potato puffs!
Another new item is the Ondeh Ondeh hotcake - the bright green gelato scoop looks suspiciously alien, but rest assured it's edible and pandan-coconut flavoured. It could do with more gula melaka sauce so that it's easier to swallow the fluffy but slightly dry pandan hotcake (at the time of the tasting, seems like they have adjusted the recipe from more recent reviews).
If in doubt, there's always their popular BRB Hotcake, a garden of strawberries, blackberries and raspberry strewn on a thick spongey blueberry ricotta hotcake. This is a filling dessert that has your tastebuds dancing from the tart berries then calmed by the cool creamy vanilla ice cream.
Thanks Prashant from @artistrycafesg for hosting, and @burpple for the invite! #Burpple

A trip essential.

Lad & Dad has upped the stakes for western food in Maxwell market - no, you won't find grilled steaks or even the ubiquitous chicken chop. At this stall helmed by a young lad/hawkerpreneur Keith Koh, comfort British stews and breakfast platters are the available fare - no fish and chips either.
This English Fry Up Platter certainly left me gobsmacked. Ladies and gentlemen, for $12, I was given:
baked beans (meh normal)
two sunny-side-ups (oooh egg x2 I like)
smoked bacon slices (a tad on the salty side but I wouldn't reject just cuz)
two English sausages (cred building up now)
grilled cherry tomatoes (going past normal hawker standards into hipster cafe level)
mushroom and sweet onion relish (whut, who serves delicious onion relish in hawker centres?? This was da bomb)
toasted bun (so so soft inside and delightfully crisp on the surface)
and homemade potato hash, which I'll gladly have more of in place of the baked beans.
This plate would've cost almost twice in cafes, and some will not be able to even achieve the same level of awesome.
Lad & Dad's meat stews and Yorkshire pudding were crowd pleasers at their previous home at Serangoon Gardens, and have been brought over to Tanjong Pagar (again, thank you foodie god) - guess what I'm having for my next lunch at Maxwell this week. Support our local young hawkers by hash-tagging #BurppleYoungHawkers to share news of their existence! #Burpple

Arrived late for aerial prac today with about half an hour left and no "air space", so no drops 😬 Short flow sequence which includes my favourite iron cross pose, though damn it hurts my wrists holding it 👐🏻

Their meaty sammiches won the hearts of Telok Ayer white collar folks, and now @parkbenchdeli is expanding its turf into Tanjong Pagar with a menu that will appeal to calorie conscious folks under a different identity - 1KS, initials of its location at 1 Keong Saik. Fret not, sandwiches are still the afternoon staple here, served with chips and salad when you dine in. The space seems to have retained about 80% of the setting from previous tenant The Daily Roundup, but if you've not been here before, just know that it's a much bigger seating area that allows you to have a more relaxed dining experience.
Based on the Carnitas Torta sandwich that I had, I'd say the portion is a "regular" size compared to the ginormous original which can be enough to satisfy both lunch and dinner. I actually think I prefer this pulled pork version than PBJ's Cubano - it's not as savoury due to its "cleaner" profile, but the milder Mexican flavours of the mashed black beans, guacamole and ricotta cream were still palatable with the occasional jolt from the spicy jalapeño.
1KS also serves salads and breakfast friendly options such as Acai bowl, Avo toast and Bufala toast. The healthy eating extends to their beverage selection of cold press juices and smoothies - I thoroughly enjoyed my Scary Terry that contains Maqui berry (similar to Acai but has much higher antioxidant properties), mulberry, blueberry, banana and chia seeds blended in almond milk, the latter which I usually dislike but the berry mix offsets the woody taste.
They're now operating under soft launch mode till 17 August when they'll have a opening party! Tanjong Pagar folks are definitely blessed by the foodie deity 🙏🏻 #Burpple

Such a productive Saturday starting with Hatha Yoga conducted by birthday gal @sheryllyx_ with a few other #burppletastemakers! Happy to get all "opened up" 😜
Then got persuaded by @eurpho to do aerial practice together. We did the drop move we saw from @jenndoll.la! I need to clean up my leg hooking round after the drop though 😬 I like how @aerialandfloor's flooring gives me a sense of security, though there's still some hesitation when I'm up there. Can't wait to try out more new things!

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