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This is my weekday lunch arsenal:
- glass lunchbox from Lock and Lock (with plastic cover)
- Reusable cup from Coffee Fest 2016
- Travel cutlery set that includes fork, spoon, knife and chopsticks
- Stainless steel straws in regular and bubble tea sizes
- Small plastic bags that have been washed for reuse
I carry all these in a little tote bag given by @aisyarila 🙃 It may seem like a chore bringing all these out, but the effort is worth it. Like today, I wanted satay beehoon at Albert Food Centre, but noticed it was served in disposables. Stall owners can be very open to using your own ware, as long as you don’t get upset if they have to provide lesser than usual because they can’t fit everything in. Anyway, I saved a styrofoam plate, a pair of wooden chopsticks and a plastic spoon!
The travel cutlery is also my xmas gift to close friends, I hope it’s useful to most of you! 😊
Plastic is a great material for almost everything, the bad part is when we use things only once before we throw them away. Try to find multiple uses for plastic items before they really need to be trashed. It’s a small step to begin a zero waste life before you start thinking about compostables 😜

Thanks @charlottehop for class! Too bad I can only commit to one drop-in 😔

A hot bowl of ramen is so welcome in this rare 24°C weather (please stay this way Singapore), especially with chilli for some extra “warmth” to the belly. This Volcano Ramen is a mild Level 1 with a wee bit of heat that doesn’t overpower the flavours. Really enjoyed this chicken broth as it’s not heavy and oily like the usual tonkotsu broth. I’m also a fan of thin ramen noodles, though I’ll prefer them to be slightly more crunchy.
Level 2 was enough to make my colleague sweat and Level 3... I’ll let you know if I get to try it next time 🤪
$11+ for a delicious bowl with chicken char siew, minced meat, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, wakame, corn (removed from this bowl) and boiled egg is a pretty good value. Thanks to my colleagues @aisyarila and @adeesardali for bringing me and @thundrrr here for dinner! #burpple

Dived in Resorts World SEA Aquarium on the last morning of 2017, which also happened to be my 100th and 101st dive ever 🎊🎉🎊🎉
I learned that my active flexibility is not good enough to achieve a proper split when I’m almost weightless (refer to 2nd photo), so after some tries, the guide/photographer managed to take this good one of me *phew* My dive buddy thought I had a cramp and tried to help me halfway 😅 Sorry @shyo! And yes those are super chill sharks swimming around in the back 🦈
Diving in tanks get a bit boring after 10-15 minutes so I spent a lot of time either swimming face up to admire the underbellies of the manta rays and stingrays, or take group pics - not hard to spot me I think 😬
#diving #sharktankdiving #rwsseaaquarium #onceinalifetime #achievementunlocked

One of my favourite places to have coffee these days is at 13 Stages, located inside Kallang Wave Mall. Not the most accessible - I go there every couple of weeks for my TCM appts - but if you like the rich local or Malaysian kopis, you’ll have a blast here. Celebrity-owner Mark Lee and his partners have brought in coffee beans from 13(!!) different Malaysian states, each with its unique taste. First-timers can go for this triple-sampler, the Gem of Three States ($4.60 hot, $5.20 cold, $0.40 less for “kopi-o”), using the pre-selected Perak, Sembilan and Pahang blends. These are the sweeter coffees of the lot in my opinion, so if you prefer stronger coffees like me, try the Terengganu, Sabah or Sarawak coffees, the latter two roasted with some margarine for a buttery flavour. #Burpple

Oysters are known for their aphrodisiac qualities, but who needs a lover when you have this? 🤪 #wordsofasinglefemale
Eating this big fat New Zealand oyster (almost palm-sized!) on its own would’ve been blissful enough. Having it with that generous lobe of Aka uni and a spoonful of ikura on top for this Uni Oyster Shot ($25) sent my tongue into culinary orgasmic spasms. I admit to letting out a few appreciative moans of umami pleasure while chewing - trust me, it’s uncontrollable.
Many thanks to @Burpple for the invite and @theprsalon for the wonderful meal! #Burpple

I am thankful for all the good times and opportunities 2017 gave me. Can’t say it was a good year for everyone in my life, but I’m glad to witness their perseverance through it all, and that we’re still able to laugh our way together into 2018.
Aim for myself this year: find more focus. And sleep earlier.
Happy new year everybody 😘

Had the most insane tasting a few weeks ago thanks to @Burpple’s invite and @theprsalon’s generous hospitality. Here’s what went down: uni. Rich, creamy, oceanic urchin roe. Uni on crab. Uni on oyster. Uni on its own. Uni on rice. Uni fried. I’m pretty sure I had a lifetime’s worth of uni in one sitting.
The epic meal started with some uni-versity education. Uni Gallery carries three types - bafun (stronger-tasting and dark coloured when in season), murasake (mild and without the salty ocean taste) and aka, which is their house uni that’s sort of in between the earlier two and usually comes in larger portions.
First dish was da bomb - the Uni Bomb ($99) that is. We were advised to work our way starting with the Bafun and fried Sawagani crab, move on to the Aka uni with kegani or hairy crab meat, the wagyu and uni shutou yuzu (seasoned uni), and finish off by downing that shot of Japanese gin. I love the deep ocean flavour from the bafun, but the aka and crab meat combination was even more of an intense flavour bomb! Best part was washing all the seafood down with the shot (actually two, because @fionatingx was on medication that night) of sake-distilled gin that had a strong citrus flavour.
I’ll be posting more photos of what we had over the next few days... I try, I’m really slow with posts 😬

First hammock performance to an audience, and I’m glad to do it with @eurpho, Huimin and Erica since we’ve been learning together for more than two years. Many thanks to Prue for being my aerial partner who was totally game when I suggested adding on a hammock duo towards the end (don’t skip the 4th part!). We tried many different things and locked down this combo about one week before showcase HAHA. Shall save other variations for future use? 😜
It was very touching to see everyone’s performances after weeks of practice! Especially proud of @mseunicesim who of course created almost all the choreographies (ours included) that are so breathtaking and refreshing. I CAN’T WAIT for her to share her hoop solo that really exhibits her individual style that all of us are so in love with... @denjzng and @xiaojinglim22’s jawdropping duo acro act also never fails to impress with their strength and synchrony.
Also much love from @son_lin, @njl333 and @ciiindee for coming down to support the event! We never fail to make a scene as usual 😬
(Video shot by @njl333) #aerialandfloor #anfheadoverheels #anfstudentshowcase #aerialhammock #aerialsling #hammockduo #aerialists

“But it feels so good, so good...” to do another spinny choreo by @natali9, though I play cheat and fail at some of the tricks 😬 Will you judge me less if I say this was the second run and I’m sick 🤧
Do sign up with @acropolates now if you’re interested to take her choreo class, otherwise it’ll be postponed till next term cuz not enough signups 😢

Why do I tend to daydream about eating the “unhealthy” type of food when I get sick? 😷 Aside from durians, I’ve been thinking back on this green chilli crab that I ate at HolyCrab some months ago. Yup you read that right, GREEN chilli! I usually avoid eating it because I dislike the sharp sourness - I make an exception for jalapeño, don’t ask me why.
The green chilli sauce here, however, had none of that unpleasant acid, and plenty of yummy from the aromatic spice blend or rempah, scallions, candlenut, lemongrass and two types of green chilli. Kinda like chilli crab dressed in a kebaya. Wipe up the unique sauce with the mantous - here, they fry the kong ba bao buns so you get more surface area 🤤
This was from a hosted tasting thanks to @burpple and @holycrab.sg.

Using my one week break to finally start clearing my backlog of vacation videos 😅 This Pulau Rawa weekend trip with @son_lin, @ciiindee and @kimsia.sim happened in May 2016 *twiddle thumbs*
We stayed in Alang’s Rawa (with the white bungalows). The (more expensive) accommodation with the slide is Rawa Island Resort. Diving was done with Orca Scuba - day diving was disappointing but the night diving was fantastic with plenty of blue-spotted ribbontail rays (Taeniura lymma)!
Glad I finished this video in time to wish Janet HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE 😘😘😘

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