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Dan Fitsall  Going to post pictures of my journey so I can look back and see how far I've come

You caught me. Having a cheeky #icecream
#fitness is all about balance

Large Appetite? Thats a metre long sausage accompanied by a load of chips! Tell me some of your cheat meals. #food

Back to where it all began.
Trained back at the gym where I first properly started training. #throwback

#pullups . Got myself a pull up bar. Back you better prepare. Fyi, this mirror can make some filters insane!

"This mortal form grows weak" - Thor.
Food is how the body changes, learn how to use it! #food #gains

Travelling. #fulfilnutrition getting me through the journey whilst keeping my macros in check. #protein #noexcuses

Whole meals. This is the sort of meals you should be eating when dinning out. #lamb #food

Getting bigger! I am sure my arms are getting bigger, it's from getting stronger on main lifts 💪

Leg gains. I've added over 20kg to my squat in nearly 8 weeks. Let's hope I keep progressing at this pace. #leg #gains

It's convenient. #musclefood the BBQ chicken box was unbelievable. 🍗
Really recommend!

Sometimes you fail. Went for 5 x 58kg on the overhead press, got 3. If you don't push yourself you'll never know what you can achieve. #tryharder #overheadpress

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