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Dan Trent  Mainly pictures of stuff with wheels - see me on @autoblog, @goodwoodrrc, @flatoutmagazine and more or on YouTube (link in bio)

I like living where I live. @audiuk @audisport #audir8 #carsofinstagram

I know my feed has been a bit full of these cars but, what the hell, so is my head because spending time with them was a blast! And for balance here’s the Vantage, disturbing the peace in Snowdonia. @astonmartinlagonda #astonmartin #astonmartinvantage #carsofinstagram

Dark clouds and thunder over Bala, in this instance courtesy of AMG rather than the weather. I know the GT isn’t universally loved but I remain a big fan - road presence is immense, noise fantastic and this GT C’s boosted version of the turbo V8 goes afterburner mental at the top end. @mercedesamg @mercedesbenzuk #carsofinstagram

Been a blast getting these two together to find out which makes better use of the AMG V8. Some deliberation required on which way to call it. Watch this space! @astonmartinlagonda @mercedesamg @mercedesbenzuk #carsofinstagram

A moment of peace and quiet before things all got a bit mental last night. Been wanting to get these two together for ages - really interesting to see if they can put sufficiently different twists on the same formula (and engine). @mercedesamg @mercedesbenzuk @astonmartinlagonda #carsofinstagram

Third car of the day - twice the cylinder and turbo count of the Evo but also twice the size, or so it feels. Reckon the Mitsubishi is faster down a B-road for that. @mercedesamg @mitsubishilancerregister

Bit of car hopping today necessitated doing some B-road miles in my brother’s Evo. Weapon of choice for those subscribing to the ‘straights are for fast cars, corners are for fast drivers’ philosophy. Mega. @mitsubishilancerregister #evoiv

Meanwhile, back on four wheels... Do rear-wheel drive and that zinger of an engine compensate for the oddly dull looks in option Nogaro Blue paint. I know it’s an iconic Audi colour and all but I don’t think it does R8 any favours, especially with coded blades. £3,400 saved off price already - you can thank me later. @audi @audiuk @audisport #audir8

How does Steve Peat still kick ass? Mick Kirkman (who took the pic) showed me this totally improvised line he saw him take on Stage 7 of the @ardrockenduro. Everyone else was following the line of the trail but Peaty just straight-lined it totally blind from a flat-out and gnarly approach. How someone can even make those kind of split-second calculations is just astonishing to me. And the difference between legends and mere mortals like the rest of us. String together enough of these moves over seven stages and you can beat even young whippersnappers like Danny Hart! Proper! @stevepeat #stevepeat #peaty

I was having a bit of a grump about my mid-ranked mediocrity on the ArdRock. And then realised the calibre of the competition in my particular category. Some fast old blokes out there! Pic blatantly screengrabbed from @ardrockenduro - credit where due, etc. @stevepeat #legend

Yorkshire bike on Yorkshire grit - that gnarly looking quarry/scar in the background is what we just rode down for stage four. What it’s all about! @ardrockenduro @orangebikes

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