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I’m happy and it feels great. I’ve started to work on spending time alone and enjoying my own company, this has always been a challenge for me. I’m not there yet but I’m on the right path. The safety clip signifies the pain in silencing.

@kjapa stopped by my studio today and naturally we rocked out to Van Halen, talked about life and even shed a few tears.

Speaking with some of you yesterday I noticed two occurring queries.. what do I look like & how can you release the vulnerability of sharing your arts. I sat with this overnight wondering how I could best answer these for you or at least contribute to inspiring you to do something with your creativity. This past week I’ve spent my time back in the home that I grew up in, it was important for me to get the sense of how I felt when I felt trapped with no idea of how to make my dreams come true and to look back on all that I’ve accomplished so far and what I want to accomplish going further. Today I found a sheet, pinned it to the walls and grabbed a camera. A vulnerable issue for me was always sharing portraits of myself (I never actually created any before these!) for many reasons especially wanting my art to be the forefront of my career, not my age or my personal style. But today that all changed, I decided that the only way I can be honest with you all is that if I also let my vulnerabilities go and share what I’ve for so long been wary of sharing. This is me by me. Challenge yourself, it doesn’t take much but trust in yourself and the belief from others, and I believe that you all have the capability and strength to share and push art forward. I am starting my tours where I will travel the world to meet as many as you that I can, we will create, share stories and connect. Comment below where you want the tour to go, this is important for me to know where I can find you all. I look forward to seeing all your art. Believe in yourselves for we are the future! Thank you for giving me the strength to finally reveal myself completely!

I came across my first ever camera I owned today in Germany. These pictures were on it which means I haven’t used that camera since. I now officially label this session.. ‘the shoot that keeps on giving!’ Merry Christmas.

In my studio with @antoni at 8AM listening to Placebo.

Art should hold no boundaries. Creativity is freedom and enables you to unleash your inner thoughts, emotions and ideas, in any form of your choice. Art is also an opportunity to experiment and have fun. Creating with other artists is always exciting for me because I instantly feel a sense of connection to my subjects and this allows me to open my mind comfortably. I am someone who, through all of my anxieties and insecurities, has developed a few characters to keep me comfortable in any situation, all whom are part of who I am as a whole complete person. I wanted to create a session depicting the beauty of those various characters and moods through my subject. The art of transformation. Thank you @lilireinhart for dressing up with me all day and embodying the characters perfectly. Thank you to my creative team @patriciamoraleshair for being so creative and constantly pushing my ideas further.

Creating with friends is always the moments I cherish most. @lilireinhart and I spent the day dressing up, trying on new looks, becoming different characters and capturing it all.. to be continued!

My personal portraits are always my escape. They allow me to share parts of myself with my audience and also with myself. This is where I can be completely free with my subjects, experiment and challenge my mind. Honestly if you want to know who I am, just look deep into my pictures.

One of the questions I get asked the most is ‘How did you get to photograph all the people that you have?’ And until now I’ve never answered that question, for no other reason than I just didn’t know how. I was fifteen with no idea what to do in life, where to go, who to be, I was surrounded by so much of ‘you have to be like this, you have to be like that!’ But none of it made sense to me. All I had that made sense was my camera and my mind. I lived inside my mind for so long that when I found a camera it was my tool to finally let it all out. So I did. I started to create pictures and upload them to the internet, quickly people started to notice me and my art. But looking in the mirror, I didn’t notice me, I was still conforming to a small town mentality. I never knew any different so I thought fuck it.. I started to make my own outfits, put on a leather jacket, created a leather cap and found a pair of old shades buried deep in my room somewhere. Looking in the mirror I had finally created the outside of how I always felt on the inside. I was insecure so my new look made me feel on top of the world, I dropped out of school & headed for London & New York City with very little pictures of my friends. I walked into agencies, magazines, music labels with nothing but a racing heart and a few pictures on a broken iPad. Deep down I was frightened but I was not leaving any of those buildings without at least one person noticing me. I was noticed. I look back now at that young child who really had no idea what he was doing and it amazes me how much strength and passion we have inside of us when we really test ourselves. For so long I felt that I had created a character that guided me through everything but now I realize that character was always who I am and I just needed to believe in myself. Fast forward a few years and I’ve worked with some of the greatest talents of my generation and generations before me. Some of my favorites are above. These pictures were created for magazines & that enabled me to learn how to work creatively with other creatives and concepts.

"The road must eventually lead to the whole world." I love this quote. Stumbling upon it as I was researching Jack Kerouac I suddenly found myself slipping into my memories of when I was living in my small town struggling to understand who I was, what I was here for, what to do, desperate to be noticed but not knowing where to start. I think finding your creative style is important in the beginning, I never really struggled with mine because I think that I was so inside my mind most of the time that the camera was my way to let it all out. I photograph in black and white mostly because I’m sharing my soul with you, sharing my emotions openly. My soul is not black but also not colorful so grey is the definition of me. I am not perfect but I also am not imperfect. I am not happy but I also am not unhappy. Thank you @ross_lynch for dancing to eighties rock ballads all day with me and letting me take your picture.

If I could speak to my seventeen year old self I don’t think I could understand the feeling of collaborating and being supported by these beautiful and incredibly talented powerful women that I not only grew up admiring but also have a huge amount of respect for, even more after creating with them. I thank @omega for making me part of the family and giving me the love and support as a young artist to create and express myself in the only way I know how, through my arts. Here I introduce part of my ICON campaign for @omega with my icons @cindycrawford @nicolekidman @alessandraambrosio and #LiuShishi - Let this be a reminder to all you wonderful young artists that nothing can stop us, nothing will stop us and together we can be great, if we choose to express ourselves truly. I wanted to share this moment with you all, you all share so much with me. I’m going to run and cry happy tears now in a corner.

Battling depression and anxiety as an artist is a blessing and a curse. I don't think I'd be able to view the world as I do and translate that into my pictures if I wasn't emotionally attaching myself to everything I lay my eyes upon. I am trying to cherish this side of me and allow myself to feel everything proudly and openly through my art. I spent the weekend with @paris.brosnan exploring Malibu. We were completely free driving down the pacific coast highway, listening to music from the seventies with the sunset colors in the distance. I love moments like this.

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