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Damon Baker  I am not a real person. I am a legend. sacha@adbagency.com

I’ve lived most of my twenty five years in hiding, now it’s time I meet all of you that have taken the time to follow my work, follow my adventures and support me. My first stop is New York City. Email DAMONBAKERLIVE@GMAIL.COM to RSVP for a meet and greet/portrait session with me on Sunday 19th Nov. Comment below with where you think I should schedule the next stop.. #DAMONBAKERLIVETOUR Bring your work, bring your personality, bring whatever you have and let’s get creative. Introducing actor @samevans in my pictures here. See you soon!

The time I transformed @camerondallas

We were in screaming color.

That’s a wrap! Me after set. My favorite place to be, where I am entirely myself.

@ritaora laid bare.

I am starting my first short film and I can’t wait to share this adventure with you all.

You were different to everybody else.

Learning to love yourself is possibly one of the hardest obstacles to overcome as a young adult. I find it to be the root to so many of my personal problems. Sometimes I find it hard to go outside alone because of the anxiety that consumes me, If I were to leave to take pictures I have no problem, I think this is because I’ve made myself believe this is my only purpose, to create. I’ve ruined friendships because I put a lot of my insecurities onto people unintentionally. I ruin new relationships easily because I find it hard to understand what could be to love. I am constantly surrounded by so much beauty that I wonder if I’ve lost the understanding to what truly makes a person beautiful. I guess you can say that I’ve become somewhat of a pro at pushing people away. I’ve convinced myself that this is the easiest way to not hurt or get hurt. I know I’m wrong. I do cherish that I can feel so much emotion, feeling reminds me that I am alive and there is nothing more powerful and beautiful than that. Communication really helps, sharing my deep inner thoughts on this platform alongside my work so you can feel an essence of how I feel as I capture these moments makes me feel truly connected and opens my eyes to the fact that I am not alone, and neither of you. #StandTogether

Hi my name is Damon and I would like to comment on the recent controversy surrounding my pictures with Brooklyn Beckham. I decided to shoot Brooklyn in a black and white portrait series, in a few of the shots he is photographed with a prop gun. I feel that this creative moment was unfairly seized and exploited to fit the narrative of “Brooklyn Beckham promotes gun violence.” It is a sad but true fact of the current world we live in that guns are everywhere. They are in every other Hollywood film, they are on the streets, they are on the fields of the endless wars that our governments have launched. I come from a poor section of Birmingham, England. Where inequality and unemployment are the highest in the country. In these desperate conditions people often turn to crime, guns play a big part here. I’ve seen it first hand. I feel that it is the role of art to expose truths about the times we are living in. In these particular pictures I saw Brooklyn as a subject, a model. A blank canvas. For me he played a role the same way that a famous actor/actress would play in a gun packed action film or more preferably if they played a role in a film exposing the honest reality of gun violence. When I look at our work I don’t feel that it in any way promotes gun violence as much as it exposes the gun as a tool used to control the masses and uphold a system of oppression. That’s why I directed him to point it right at the camera. You may feel triggered, you may even walk away with a different interpretation, but that’s art. If it doesn’t move you, if it doesn’t wake you up, what’s the point? In many ways we are living in dark times, where freedoms and livelihoods are being stripped from the people pretty much at gunpoint. I don’t think it is the job of my generation to sugar coat reality.

Battling depression and anxiety as an artist is a blessing and a curse. I don't think I'd be able to view the world as I do and translate that into my pictures if I wasn't emotionally attaching myself to everything I lay my eyes upon. I am trying to cherish this side of me. But every now and again life throws a curveball at you and something special happens. I am trying to cherish moments like this too. Life is confusing. Life is hard. Life is beautiful.

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