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Justin, Damn💃🏽👤💃🏻 

I remember first getting on a camel and asking homeboy in yellow if it was ok to spark a cigarette up there. He looked at me, slowly cracked a smile &said “In the desert...you can have anything you want”

This was the moment I realized that there was absolutely nothing else I could really ask for.

Your hands were all over this building is how someone put it. Just like my own dad, a true master in carpentry which I really appreciated. Even more appreciated was your demeanor every time you came in, the shit we shot, and you just being an overall good dude. The type you can’t have enough of in your life. Thank you for your dedication and always putting up with our shit. We were better every time you left.
Rest in Power&Peace Mauricio.

See you next time.

Vineyard bros

You are peace <3. 🕊💞

It ain’t even hump day! 📸: @sidviciousssss

A true adventure in this city so damn alive. Having very elementary knowledge coming in, was very happy to realize many familiar European attributes to Marrakech & to understand several ones native. Also - it’s very dusty lol (but clean). Currently headed SE through the Atlas Mountains into a complete out of comfort zone excursion. Hoping to come out not sand burned - I hear it’s a real thing.

Came here to peep game #YvesSaintLaurent

Very happy to turn this into someone’s crib. Sad I don’t get to show it off anymore. 🌆 #highrise #realestate

Happily playing in Sidney’s gardens via mind/body/spirit like an unbothered little kid since I locked her in my life! ♥️~

Always dip out a few nights early every trip we take &they never let me hear the end of it lol. I blame it on the market! #brownexcellence

Always ready for a wipeout*

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