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Small Lyn  above average dick energy drug dealer: @sengzen my tattoo page ↓

Happy 23rd birthday to my heart and soul ♥️! So lucky to be the one side by side with you watching you grow as a person with each and every year🎉🥂 cheers to this one and the next 175 birthdays with me!!


itty bitty rib/side boob flowers i did a little back but hmu!!!

play time

lucky enough to come home to this stunnnnnnta ♥️

if this doesnt make u wet like the ocean idk what will🤤 thank you my love for giving me such AMAZING tattoos♥️♥️♥️

when i say something important and no one listens and then something bad happens bc they didnt listen to me

not so serious ninja💮♥️

🐠the snack that smiles back🐠
yo bitch

when your lash does that thing where it doesnt glue the right way now you got 2 distorted eyes or maybe its just my face

i miss doing my makeup

i’m really bad at skin care and i think a main reason is because i never know which products to get?? there’re so many to choose from and they all work differently and im always scared if i use them i’ll break out MORE on my face. B U T @nxnbeauty sent me their 4 step acne treatment and so far my skin is LOVINGGGGG it!! i’ll post a 2 week difference result soon :) Its all natural ingredients (no nuts of any sort) and smells so freaking good AND they come for all skin types. i’ve got dry skin and an oily T-zone and they sent me their kit specifically for that :) You can get all this for 🌸$1🌸!!!! Because they gave me a coupon code for yall!!!! you just pay the $1 shipping and you can try all these products with me♥️♥️♥️ The coupon code is “lyn” at checkout 😚

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