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Leonard  Leonard, 2005-2012. He came from the wrong side of the tracks. I found him in rescue. We shared 6 wonderful years together. This is Dammit Leon.

I have stated to archive digital files and found several video clips of Leonard. IG video wasn't around at that time and I thought it would be fun to post a few clips so everyone could see just how ridiculous Leonard really was. 😊 We adopted Leonard in 2006, and he was super quirky. He despised boxes. Yes, boxes. This video was taken in early 2007. Hope you enjoy! ❤❤❤😊

I would gladly stare at you forever for a hamburger today. I mean, I would gladly pay you in hamburger for a dollar today. I mean, I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a ....Zzzz....Zzzz....Zzzz. Occasionally, Leonard would fall asleep while begging for food. 😂😂Bless him, he was one of a kind.

First iPhone photo I ever took of Leonard, in 2009. He wasn't impressed. I was overjoyed. He thought joy came from cookies, not camera phones. He remained unimpressed.

Dear Leonard,
It's been one year. One entire year since you left us and went to that big dog heaven in the sky. Has it really been a full year?
Not a day goes by without you still in my thoughts, Leonard - you are definitely a legend in my mind and heart...eternally.
I can say that Gertie doesn't clean up the floors as well as you, but she tries, she's just a pickier. She tries though and she misses you too; however, she is still holding onto that clam shell bed. Victoriously.
I miss you...some very close friends have joined you recently, please be kind to them, ok? I know you will.
I love you Leonard.
Be good, love always, Mom. ❤

Miss you ❤

Many friends have asked how Gertie is doing. She is doing ok -- been a bit more in my pocket lately, but I'm ok with that. This is the first time in Gertie's life she is solo -- have always had a pack in the house. Luckily, she gets to spend time with my Mom (and Hans II) while I am at work, so hopefully that provides her comfort. While I am not a fan of Hans II, he is providing companionship for Gertie...so I guess I'll dial down the my annoyance for him. I'll try.

I made these dishwasher magnets in 2008 and I still use them. It's hard to tell, but Leonard is wearing a shower cap in the 'DIRTY' photo as we wanted to keep water out of his ears. I'm really missing him tonight. ❤ #squaready

Happy Easter 🐰. I had taken this picture a while ago in preparation for this Easter since I had been unable to bunny ears last year. As ever, Leonard was patient. While this is bittersweet, I wanted to share as it still makes me smile and ever so fondly think of him. ❤ #squaready

I haven't been on IG the past few days while I start to cope with life without Leonard. To address a few comments, I would like to say that I will not delete this account, in fact; I will never delete this account. I do plan to make it private for a period of time while I sort out my feelings and figure out what I would ultimately like to do. I had been in process of putting together a photo book of Leonard prior to his untimely passing. A completion date is unknown at this time, but should be before Fall. I'm sure it's no surprise I have several pictures of Leonard...some never posted. While I shift gears to work on this book, I will post some Leonard photos on IG. I want to preserve and continue to share my memories of Leonard as it will help me with this process. As always, thank you for loving Leonard, understanding how important he is to me, and supporting me and my family while we grieve. Let's continue to celebrate his memory moving forward. Lots of love to you all, Mitsu aka Leonard's Mom ❤❤❤#tweegram

[Friends: It is with an extremely heavy heart that I share the news of Leonard's passing. Leonard had a grand mal seizure last night and was unable to recover. It's been a long day, a long day struggling with this reality] Leonard, you were with our family for too short of a time. You'll always be my favorite mischievous bully getting into trouble and begging for forgiveness...which I always fell for. Our house has more chewed door frames and slobber on the walls than acceptable...but I'm ok with leaving those things as is. Maybe not the slobber. I still have shoes, purses and belts that bare your teeth marks...and that's ok too. I'm going to miss you. Terribly. The house is so quite, so deafeningly quite without you here and I don't like it. Always remember we love you. I love you...and be good until we meet again. xoxo, Mom

Congratulations on your new job, Mom. It's very exciting. I'm jumping for joy. Really, this is me jumping...joyously.

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