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Dammien Navarro  I dress to impress👔🌹My favorite pastime is being around horses. I love to play baseball⚾️ A true gentleman is my style. #gentlemantoanextent

Miracles happen everyday. The future can only tell. "The best investment is in myself and I need to complete my task at hand and with that I will be one step closer. #classylady#classy#business#loveatfirstsight#beautywithin#heart#trust#respect#gentlemen#believe#truelove#timing#truegent#progress#changeisgood#gentlmantoanextent

In whatever direction we pursue our researches, whether in time or space, we discover everywhere the clear proofs of a Creative Intelligence and of His Foresight, Wisdom and power." Charles Lyell. #quotes#love#classylady##wisdom#power#women#delmar#delmarscene#delmarracetrack#business#dresstoimpress#research#gentlemen#truegent#generosity #passiton#gentlemantoanextent

A woman's heart and mind is a reflection of the man that she is with. With that said a woman's heart and insecurities should be valued by that man and not considered as something a man can take advantage of. As a gentlemen I don't take advantage of woman when they are at their lowest because that is my time to help them and build together. If you are in a relationship and are constantly badgering/breaking a woman's mind down that woman is not for you. #gentlemen#inspiration#inspire#beautiful#art#peace#summer#hot#enjoy#lifelesson#gentlemantoanextent

Life is difficult when situations that are unknown and we personally don't know what to expect as a result. I personally believe life is neutrally both (difficult/easy) since it all depends on the person's decisions we make for our lives. I don't want an easy life because my life wouldn't have any depth to it. I like to challenge the ordinary and expect extraordinary; the reason being is because one day I will share my knowledge and help someone else. I love helping people. #lovelife#beautiful#believeinyourself#gentlemen#college#book#quotes#truegent#gentlemantoanextent

A choice is made every second that we are living in this world. I have made my choice to be the person I am because at the end of the day I am proud to be myself and not what people want me to be. I've lived a life on both spectrums. I've learned to ask and not make an assumption. #lifelesson#gentlemen#gentlmenonly#quotes#love#beautiful#life#beach#bowtie#dresstoimpress#summer#art#gentlemantoanextent

Something absolutely beautiful that I picked today. As you can see one has blossomed and the other is progressing to that moment. This flower has a hidden meaning for me. #experiencelifetothefullest#beautiful#gentlmen#truegent#art#intellecuallyinspired#moments#experience#dresstoimpress #gentlemantoanextent

I hope my dad has a wonderful Father's Day because through thick and thin my dads love has been there for us. I appreciate everything you have done for our family and I love you. I hope you know that I am very proud of all your accomplishments in horse racing and you are the king 👑 of horse racing; you put blood sweat and tears into the horses you train and that is where I have been taught to love and care for horses. One day I will hold my end of my promise and we are going to buy a race horse and win a stakes. I am going to accomplish all my goals in life in order to get where I want to be. Without you showing me how being a hard worker and dedicating myself to my studies it will all pay off. The same way that you dedicated yourself to VGW HOLLAND CLASSIC AND MR. PREMIER LV and MY SON JEREMY. You accomplished your goals by being a graded stakes winner. You said to me that your goal was to win a million dollar race and you reached that goal. I am proud of you dad. I hope you enjoyed you're present yesterday seeing the different artists and bands. Love you mom too thank you for everything❤️🙌🏼

People say that men shouldn't cry they are lying to you or they have never lost something important in their life. With that said "There is a time and place for everything" I've learned many things by not only hearing about it,but also experiencing it first hand. Living your life to the fullest by going at the speed of light in your life in my opinion is the best way to experience life. I live my life day by day and I wouldn't ever let one tiny speck ruin it. I have 1440 minutes per day and every minute is an opportunity for me. I take advantage of every moment good or bad because it's a "Lesson/ Experience." Without that experience I wouldn't be the person I am today. I know where I am going and my path to my goals still stands.

BEWARE A BEAST HAS AWAKEN FROM IT'S PEACE 🙌🏼🙏🏻👀When a True Gentlemen understands how to not only to influence himself and others, but when he knows how to make the right choices in life to keep the women beside him whether it's his mother, wife, or girlfriend (MWG). He knows what choices lie ahead and the number one priority is to keep his (MWG) smile and inner peace a priority because he is the only person who can solve every opportunity that is considered a challenge to anyone else. Always be known that you NEVER forgot the people who have helped him get to the top of the mountain. NEVER forget who helped you along the way and gave you the helping hand because I wouldn't be the person I am today without everybody's help. THANK YOU👔#reawakened#new#beginning #art#masterful#innerpeace #life#babesandwaves#hangloose #alwaysagent#🤙#love#peace#gentlmen#truegent#dresstoimpress

This life we are given, we have to cherish every second/ experience/ and opportunity we are living and if we don't we don't know the purpose of life we haven't lived to our fullest potential. With that said we have two paths of life the sob sob which is: don't do anything in order to find our purpose or be The righteous mentality that is only made for individuals who are dedicated and strong willed and live to gain a purpose through living our short period that we are allotted on this earth. (I'VE CHOSEN LIVE WITH A PURPOSE THAT IS NEAR AND DEAR TO MY HEART)❤️ which is being a TRUE GENTLEMEN I've also learned there is a time to be a Gentlemen and unleash the beast. Precautionary Warning : I AM HORRIBLE AT SPELLING IN SPANISH. With that said everything that is said on this is copyrighted material. "No public use is tolerated under any circumstance" 🌺🌸🌹💐🌷 te quiero mucho mi reina de mi vida Algun vez voy a obtiner alguein como tu pero yo se que yo pensabe que tu erias la Unica en mi vida pero nunca voy a saber si es la verdad. Pero yo se que me enamore de ti en todo los lados que ow visto y tambien yo quiero que sepas un amor de verdad para que tu sabes el amor de mentiras es muy differente. PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR THOUGHTS🙌🏼

The future is distant; the three factors that are included in my perception of Success are time, Commitment and Persistence . I believe in my future and that is all that matters. #lovebirds#pasadena#professional#dresstoimpress#gentlemen#success#time#commitment#persistence

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