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Do say a prayer for us on this project... That it will be used of God to tear down the strongholds of depression, anxiety, worry, doubt and fear afflicting many in our generation.
“And so it was, whenever the spirit from God was upon Saul, that David would take a harp and play it with his hand. Then Saul would become refreshed and well, and the distressing spirit would depart from him.”
‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭16:23‬ ‭NKJV‬‬
“Whenever the spirit from God came on Saul, David would take up his lyre and play. Then relief would come to Saul; he would feel better, and the evil spirit would leave him.”
‭‭1 Samuel‬ ‭16:23‬ ‭NIV‬‬
“Whenever the evil spirit from God affected Saul, David would take the lyre and play it. Then Saul would relax and feel better, and the evil spirit would leave him alone.”
‭‭1 Samuel‬ ‭16:23‬ ‭CEB‬‬
For context, God didn’t delegate any evil spirit to torment Saul. Saul through a serious of rebellious actions had opened himself to negative spiritual influences that distressed him. The Old Testament mind had limited light and attributed everything to God. For example, Job said “God gives and God takes away” which is an entirely subjective thought which doesn’t hold universal truth. Now, we know that “The gifts and calling of God are without repentance- they’re irrevocable!”
This doesn’t mean that everyone in distress is under satanic influence. Neither does it mean everyone dealing with depression is possessed. Elijah was depressed but not possessed. The important thing to note is that God’s power is able to flow through anointed music and bring release, refreshment and renewal where there was anxiety, stress and distress.

Many people experience it but few people admit it and fewer still, know how to deal with it without making things worse.

It’s that deep feeling of disconnectedness from others.
A feeling that may come with its cousins- rejection, discouragement, depression and even in some cases, suicidal thoughts.

The stats available in countries where such stats are processed, are unsettling.
Studies by the global health service company Cigna, found that 46 percent of US adults report sometimes or always feeling lonely and 47 percent report being left out. Cigna calls those “epidemic” levels.
43% of Americans sometimes or always feel that their relationships aren’t meaningful.
Only 53% of Americans have meaningful in-person social interactions on a daily basis.
Dr. Doug Nemeck, the Chief Medical Officer of Cigna says loneliness impacts heart diseases, diabetes, depression and substance use.

Contrary to the belief that older people are lonelier, the research reveals that younger people bear the heaviest burdens when it comes to loneliness.
Those between 18-22 were considered the loneliest generation. Next we’re those between 23 to 37.

Young people feel much lonelier in this generation.

Some people think if only they could have more resources or attain a higher level, they would stop being lonely.
However, for every state that you wish you could attain to avoid being lonely, there’s someone already on that level who’s grossly lonely.
If you wish you wouldn’t deal with loneliness if you were married, realize that there are married people who’re lonely.
If you wish having more money means you won’t be lonely, realize that there are billionaires who are lonely.
If you wish you had more likes and engagement online so you wouldn’t be lonely, note that there are people with millions of followers who are terribly lonely. It’s not about wealth, status, age, popularity or recognition. It’s about the state of our hearts and minds per time.
Most people turn to music but sadly many songs only make them lonelier. My new song #ImNotAlone offers succor, strength and support.

Pray along with me that it will be a blessing to many generations.


This I decree in Jesus’ name.
Your progress will not be altered.
Your life will not be stuck.
Your virtue and victory will not be things of the past.
You win today and ALWAYS!

Let your AMEN ring loud if this is for you.

On a night like this, so many people feel alone, forgotten, forlorn, under appreciated, unwanted or even abandoned😭

For others, it’s not just on a night like this. It’s for protracted seasons- days, nights and weeks of being alone and lonely💔

For all of us, there are several moments of loneliness that creep up on us at different times in our journey through life😢
God gave me this song in one of those seasons of loneliness and I’m glad that it’s been a blessing to those of us who’ve heard it😇
It speaks of the soothing power of God’s presence in every situation and at every stage of our lives.
I really can’t wait to share it with you all but you have to do with this short snippet for now😍

Hold on a few more days for the download of the full song😁

I’m so grateful to my AMAZINGLY GIFTED sister and brother @toluijogun and @mr.wols for helping me birth this great piece with grace and excellence.

God gave me a gift...
A multifaceted masterpiece of tremendous value.

Specially sculptured with precision.
Loaded with shades and colours of distinction.

Graceful in gait.
Sophisticated in strides.
Stable and strong.
Well rounded, not oblong.
More than a poem, you’re a sweet song.

More than a write up,
you help me stay right right up.
You’re the cream of the crop.
More valuable than any cash crop.
You’re not Halle but you’re my Berry.
You’re not Igwe but you’re Noble.
You’re not Bieber but you’re Just In.

Just in... In touch.
In tune.
Into me.
Into us.
Into God.

You’re not a cross.
You’re my plus.

Not like Vick’s though you’re my vixen.

You’re not a computer but you’re my laptop.
More than a bus stop, you’re my final full stop.
Not a fool stop.
You’re my wise top.
A sounding board for my many ideas.
My everyday celebrant.
Valiant in might.
My cute kite.
The one I fly on the rope of Romance.

Refreshing, reminiscent of the book of Romans.

Sweeter than jollof rice and soft plantain.
Giving me more joy than that which I can contain.

I’m grateful for my gift.
This precious gift who gives my life a lift.
I love you beyond words- today and always @tojuoluwatoyinbo

One thing we all desire-regardless of our size, stature or status, is TRUE LOVE.

We all want to be appreciated and celebrated not just accepted and tolerated.

Our quest for TRUE LOVE has led some of us to the brink or even the depths of molestation while the rest of us have had it a lot easier and better.

Whatever side of the divide you currently belong to, there are a few things that we all must understand and consistently remind ourselves of when it comes to love.

TRUE LOVE is not about the hype or how fast you type on Skype.

It’s not about tagging your spouse’s picture on Facebook or applying all the tips in your favorite marriage guidebook.

It’s not about watching raunchy videos on YouTube or wearing that transparent boob tube.

It’s not about posting your crush’s picture on Pinterest but about deep commitment to their best interest.

It’s not about the your “likes” on Instagram and buying the wedding ring that weighs more than a kilogram.
It’s not about making your voice sound sweeter or leaving lusty lines on Twitter.

It’s not about the shape of her body and the nape of her neck.
It’s not about the hardness of his abs and the smartness of his apps.
It’s beyond the cut of your skirt and the cost of your shirt.

It’s beyond your sexual involvement and your financial investment.

It’s about devotion, dedication, sacrifice.

True love is not about the height of your excitement. It’s about the depth of your commitment.
Now, that’s not easy.
French-kissing is easy.
Making out is easy.
Posting fancy pictures online is easy.
Sending heartwarming love notes is easy but staying there when you don’t feel like, is not easy.
Standing by the bedside of your partner for hours in the hospital ward is not easy.
Enduring their nuances and temper tantrums is not easy.
Repeating yourself over the same issue, is not easy.
Forgiving their faults and over-looking their imperfections where necessary,is not easy.

Don’t get caught up with the sentimental scenes of the popular Romantic Comedies on satellite television.
Look beyond the fairy tale weddings with vibrant pictures splashed across the pages of glossy magazines.


In fact, it’s so much more than a job.
It’s a lifetime responsibility and a special privilege.
I want to take a moment to celebrate all the fathers...
All the FATHERS...
Who work hard and smart to create value and provide solutions.
Who take care of their wives and children often at great cost.

Who work late into the night and still set out early in the morning.

Who coordinate several domestic and logistic demands, wearing numerous hats from that of plumber to electrician to waste management officer to sanitation officer.

Who bear the burden of bad news and shield their family from the piercing effects of such when necessary.

Who love their wife’s even when they’re doing things they don’t find pleasant.
Who stick to their commitments when their passions are raging and still stay faithful when pretty girls offer an easy outlet for their pent up hormones.
Who don’t play with their work yet find time in the middle of their work to play with their kids.

Who go beyond the expected to provide more than the expected, sometimes, earlier than expected.
Who pray while their families sleep and work while they play, so they can sleep peacefully and still have a place to play.
Who juggle school fees, homework and development levies plus excursion costs and so much more.

Who help out in the kitchen as often as they can.

Who do their best to shield their children from the stress they endured while growing up.

Who put money aside to secure a better and brighter future for their children.
Who model godliness, diligence and integrity at home and at work.

Who fight hard and teach their children to stand strong in the day of adversity.
Who carry their children around their necks so that they can go higher and see further.
Who hold on to God in the midst of life’s battles and still hold on to Him when things are rosy.

God bless our fathers.

#tagafather to celebrate him even if he falls short in one or two of these areas😇
Your encouragement may mean the world to him even if he acts as it it doesn’t.

I have heard people preach what they consider “the Gospel” in a way that totally contradicts its essence.
The manner in which they present the Gospel contradicts the very definition of it.
Some make it complicated, hard to grasp, harder to want and intimidating.
They paint the picture of a God who is perpetually angry, eternally grumpy, irreconcilably upset, cyclically frustrated and grossly incompetent in His attempts to “get people in line”

Unfortunately, many people have been repelled by that very wrong picture of God. Most people wouldn’t hang around another human being who can be so described, how much less would they want anything to do with a God they can’t see?

The God of our salvation is not agitated and anxious, frustrated and frazzled. He’s secure, strong, rich in mercy, full of love.

He extends grace to the worst of sinners and the vilest offenders.

Does He condone sin?
Does He gloss over it?
Does He endorse it?

Definitely not!

What He did on the cross tells you what He thinks about sin.
He judged sin on the cross. Condemned sin in His flesh through Christ on the cross.
He didn’t gloss over it. He executed judgment on it.
He dealt with the sin nature so that we can receive His own new nature by faith in Jesus’ name.
But isn’t God a God of justice.

He sure is.
It’s important to know that both His mercy and His justice flow from His nature- LOVE.
Without mercy, there will be no redemption.
Without justice, there will be no effective administration.

Without mercy, no one will survive because no human is “good enough” to scale the moral standards of a God who is entirely and completely Holy, whose thoughts and intents are eternally pure. :
Without justice, no one will survive because the perpetrators of evil and wickedness will be left to roam and wreck havoc and eventually destroy their own selves through suicide or other forms of sabotage.

So, mercy and justice aren’t opposite. They flow from the essence of God’s love, co-facilitating His redemptive plan.

That’s why that LOVE must be the motivation for every sermon we preach, every song we sing, every platform we build and every program we host.

My current view... I’m chilling but I can’t but notice all the lessons I’m surrounded by in this picture even when I’m just relaxing.

1. There’s a perfect picture on the wall but even perfect pictures have been edited. Some things we call perfect are really products of several levels of editing- adjustments and corrections.
2. Doors have keys. Before you conclude that a door is shut, ensure you’ve tried using the right keys.

3. “Parent” is not just a title. It’s serious responsibility. It’s not just a noun. It’s a verb. It entails saying the same things and doing the same things over and over again.
4. You can really appreciate the beauty of any space without light. Seeing things and people in their proper light gives us a better appreciation of their true essence and beauty.
5. Awards may be given by men but rewards come from God.
6. Awards may be placed on a mantle piece but our true impact remains and resonates in the hearts of those whose lives we touch.
7. My perspective on an issue is not always the fullest picture or most complete representation.

8. Some of the simplest things have the deepest implications.
9. It’s okay to lay on a sofa and cross your legs sometimes... while your children scatter their toys all over the place while beating their cups with spoons.
10. Pictures may capture objects but they don’t capture sounds. Some people look good until you hear the sounds they make that reveal how sound they’re not.

Bonus point: Red is (one of) my favourite colour(s)😍 Ok. Let me now #justchill😊

Rain!!! There’s an outpouring in this season.

Dry souls are being refreshed.
Empty vessels are being refilled.
Barren grounds are bringing forth again.

There will be singing and dancing again.

There will be rejoicing, the smiles of adults and the laughter of children.

There’s a stirring of seeds and a sprouting of stems.

Accurate knowledge of the things written and precise discernment of the things spoken.

There’s a release of uncommon wisdom.
Interpreters and executors are rising to carry out blueprints rolled out from eternity past.

Look beyond your needs.
Let the rain of My Presence saturate your soul.

I will pour my power through the willing channels.

Those who are open to what I’m doing now- in this season- those who are flexible and obedient to let go of the things and exploits gone by and wait on me to carry out my Agenda and not theirs.
They will be soaked in this rain.
They will swim in this rain.
There seeds will flourish in this rain and they will take up bountiful harvests because of this rain.

For I will pour water on him who is thirsty,
And floods on the dry ground;
I will pour My Spirit on your descendants,
And My blessing on your offspring;
They will spring up among the grass
Like willows by the watercourses.’”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭44:3-4‬ ‭NKJV‬‬
It’s a rain of my Spirit.
A rain of my power.
A rain of wisdom.
A rain of grace.
A rain of favor.
A rain of joy.
A rain of blessing.

We’re ready Lord.
We yield to you and
We receive this NOW!


Join me on this prayer call right away.

It’s on IG LIVE.


This is a DIRECT WORD to you... or someone you know.

God’s got you and your future and He’s raising people to support you on your journey!

AMEN to that?

Let me know if you needed to read this...
Feel free to share.


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