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Damien Hirst  British artist

We are here for a good time and not a long time. We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars (said Oscar Wilde). We’re all looking for something solid in life, something to believe in, but if we look for something solid in the body we find a skeleton. A skeleton walks into a bar and says could I have a pint of beer and a mop please. Say no more.
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Hanging out with tongues out with Ming 👅

The pattern for this painting comes from the head of a daisy
#daisy #painting

This is ‘He Tried to Internalise Everything’. I like this title because it’s what we do, as we go through life we internalise things. Maybe men do it more? Once, when I saw a therapist I said ‘yeah? And what’s wrong with bottling things up?!’ The vitrine has a pressurised gas cylinder in it which kind of represents a person. Or their hopes and fears and desires and dreams and nightmares too.
#sculpture #vitrine

After I made Hymn from a child’s toy, I made Temple from a real anatomical teaching model – this one has a dick
#sculpture #anatomy #houghtonhall

“When you can paint summat what looks like wot it’s supposed to be then you’re a proper artist, not that modern art rubbish.” this was the kind of thing that people used to tell me when I first started making art in Leeds, that’s why I later started my Fact Painting series 🦋
I had been working with my studio trying to paint like photographs unsuccessfully for over 10 years and this was one of the first pictures I was happy with, when it really started to feel photographic, which is what excited me. Many people who are not that into art think all art should be about how well you can represent things from life but for me I want these paintings to represent more than that
#butterfly #painting #factpainting

After I made Mother and Child (Divided) and the 12 disciples cows’ heads I moved on and later, I looked back at how quickly everything had happened to me and made the bull piece in a gold tank called The Golden Calf for my 2008 auction. I felt like something had changed inside me, I’d seen so much happen in the art world and The Golden Calf was a kind of funny comment on the boom and the excesses I’d been through. It had been a roller coaster ride where for a while everything I made was selling so it was tempting to start believing I was some kind of genius but having had no money when I was young I didn’t trust it and knew it couldn’t last, but the work sold for a lot of money.
Two years later, I didn’t know what to do and so I beheaded The Golden Calf and made this piece called End of an Era. The Golden Calf title comes from Exodus, when Moses is away and the Israelites’ start worshipping a golden calf.
They are all self-portraits really.

Dark medicine, this feels kind of tasteful and creepy, I made a set of 4 black medicine cabinets. You never see a black one in life, it feels like a very swanky doctor’s surgery. I got the idea for these from that Cronenberg movie Dead Ringers from the eighties about the psychotic gynaecologist twins but didn’t make the black ones until 2008.
These are called Lose Yourself, Without Me, When I’m Gone and Who Knew
#cabinets #medicine #pharmacy #cronenberg #deadringers

Got this piece called Heaven from 2008 in the Great Exhibition of the North, it’s on now @gnm_hancock if you’re passing

This piece was an edition I made for a magazine called ‘Parkett’.
I love the floating ball because it’s simple. I wanted to break out of that premise that sculptures went on the floor and paintings went on the wall, and I wanted art that was alive, that did it all. I wanted to make art that was magical.
It’s @houghton_hall until Sunday
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