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Damien Hirst  British artist

This was supposed to be a piece about love and relationships - I smashed the paintings up in an argument with a girl and I made them into a sculpture. I made a kind of see-saw with the pink for girls and blue for boys paintings on top, also like the scales of justice. There are dead butterflies on the floor and empty pupae sellotaped onto the glass of the smaller section. I guess it’s really a piece about broken relationships and an inability to let things go, or get things going. If you can’t get what you want, change what you want.
#vitrine #love #relationships #painting

BEFORE and AFTER my 2 coffee breakfast at Bvlgari Hotel Beijing, gonna be a long day!

What the fuck! Put a fucking open Listerine bottle in my luggage, it’s empty now! Minty fresh wet and smelling clothes! Hahahaha

Conor McGregor looking strong! Tonight’s the night! @thenotoriousmma

Found this old pic with Conor M. and my son Cassius and his friend Tom! London I think, could have been O2 2015? Come on Saturday. Just fucking do it Conor! @thenotoriousmma @cass.fb @ufc

Good fucking luck Saturday Conor, anything done well is art! Fuck em all! @thenotoriousmma

I made 2 sets of 13 cabinets about the Bloody Deaths and the Marytrdoms of the saints, I think I got the taste for this kind of stuff from the illustrated bible at my primary school. The cabinets are filled with medical glassware and blood and kind of represent the body. As Judas Iscariot was hung and disembowelled I put a rope inside the work and had medical tubing spilling out of the cabinet onto the floor filled with pig’s blood. The cabinets were meant to be a symbol of the martyrdom of each saint. I think they work like that.
#cabinet #martyr #saints #blood #religion #art

I used to get really bored in church when I was a kid so used to just stare and stare at wood carvings and paintings while the priest droned on and I’d pore over the gory pics in the illustrated bible at my school. Sex and death, apparently they are a bit close. Never quite got that myself but I know what they mean, but to me death always seemed violent and maybe exciting rather than sexy. I made 2 versions of this piece, one was with a white cow and called ‘Purified’.
#formaldehyde #cow #saintsebastian #church #sex #death

Had Holstein with new potatoes at @thewolseley for lunch today and for some reason I ate it all but couldn’t eat this little bastard!

These two works ‘Forms Without Life’ and ‘Life Without You’ are a wall cabinet and a table both filled with shells, they are both in the Tate collection. I made these works with shells because they are considered beautiful when what we are looking at is dead, I got the idea from a nature table I had at school when I was a kid and a table I saw in a friend’s house in Lambesc in Provence.
#cabinet #table #shell #provence #life #death @tate

This was a charity piece I made for Deyrolle in Paris after they had a fire that destroyed lots of their stuff. We sold off the bits to help raise money for Deyrolle.
#cabinet #taxidermy #deyrolle #paris

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