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Damien Haas  I make voices at a microphone, and then people put those voices into cartoons and games. Newest blood on @smoshgames

Best cosplay of the con, hands down. I glove it. Times infinity. It's Marvel-ous. It's the be(st one) I've seen. ...Thanos.

We're at Comic-Con! It is very bright! #sdcc

#tbt Powerful. Baby.

Smosh and Order returns this Saturday! Are you/the world ready for this powerful duo??

Got some collabs cookin up....

She looks terrified because of how much she loves me.

Palette swap

Through a storm of paper debris, he saw it: his prey. With a stare as cold and unforgiving as the briny depths of the Marianas Trench... and a hand motion not unlike a striking viper... he snared a single piece of confetti. The hunter would be able to feed his family for another day.

Hey look, a panel of 5 gaming icons, and then also me!

There needs to be a word that's a combo of honored and intimidated.

God, I love this little family. This Vidcon marks the end of my first year with them, and I'm so grateful for these people and the @Smosh community. 😁

I am burdened with glorious plushies.

Announcement: I've just been crowned as King of the Instagrams.

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