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Oh HELL YEAH! It is going to be such a super cool time!!! We will ROCK it out!! #Repost @7karin (@get_repost)
Attention Orange County and San Diego stylist!!!! Join us as we bridge the gap between the salon and editorial worlds, sharing techniques and philosophies that transform more than just silhouettes. Sunday September 17th #San Diego RSVP 7haircare.com/SanDiego. Monday September 18th #oc RSVP 7haircare.com/OC @sevenhaircare #sevenhaircare @damianmonzillo @7.gloria @7maylan @beautygivesback_official

There are more of us who want to work for peace than those who create death & destruction. #Repost @danielwillsrealtor (@get_repost)
It is truly sad to see what is happening around the world with acts of pure cowardly terror. I pray for this all to end and I pray for those who have been hurt and killed. There is no justification for these attacks. #prayforpeace #rejectextremism #loveisallweneed #spain #france #unitedkingdom #unitedstates #allies #togetherwestand

Can NOT WAIT Until he goes & never comes back! Can't we make him President of a deserted island?!?!
I'm just gonna leave these #racist #trumpcovers out here.
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YES a MILLION times YES! #Repost @bloodmilk (@get_repost)
Many of us artists may feel we don't have a voice, or are afraid to share our voice; for many this platform equates to our jobs and livelihoods so there is a real fear of taking a misstep or saying the wrong thing, or not saying enough etc. I also know many of us don't know exactly what to do, or where exactly to look for guidance so I thought I'd share some of the things I've been doing over the year. This is by no means a complete list or the only things that one can do, but it's what I've been doing & I hope could be helpful. I'm far from perfect & know I am opening myself up to criticism but I'd rather have my voice shake than be silent out of fear. Feel free to add to this list in the comments about things you are doing that may be helpful to others.
1. Reading. I know I can never fully inhabit someone else's experience & my shyness & Empath-ness keeps me away from large crowds and strangers, but reading has helped me understand in a deeper way than just seeing one off posts on IG. I posted a large stack of books months ago, some were fiction but others were essays, & non-fiction, one of them being ' A Good Time For The Truth', a book of personal essays about race in Minnesota { which is my home state now half the time }. James Baldwin's work, though much older, is unfortunately still viscerally relevant. There is also a documentary focusing on his last unfinished work 'I Am Not Your Negro' that is very powerful & out now to rent or buy.
2. There are many people within the IG community sharing their personal stories & accounts, @wildmysticwoman just shared a powerful open letter via her site.
3. Watching/Reading the news from a trusted source: Since the last election season I've been a daily devout news reader { mostly the NYT's } I think it's important no matter how sensitive I am to know exactly what's going on and who these people are that are running my country. I used to avoid reading the news because I felt like we were in the hands of such an elegant, well spoken, educated, drama free President. Those days are over. Vice also just released a chilling documentary about Charlottesville

Love this story! I always know creating with @paul_deluna is always a blast! (@get_repost) #Repost
Coming soon...
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The Newww Styyyyle!! Having another excellent day with @Kouroshsotoodeh et all! @ninabogdan_style @gomieri @hiromiandomakeup #damianmonzillohair #damianmonzillo #sevenhaircare @sevenhaircare #sevenhaircareeducation What a blast it was shooting @milk today!!

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