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Damian Kulash  I'm the singer in the band OK Go. These are photos taken with my phone.


Thank you New York City. That was lovely. Unexpectedly majestic, in the shadow of the World Trade Center. And thank you for braving he heat. #JohnnyKnox!

New York! We have returned. Free show tonight at Brookfield Place. Outdoors! Right on the water! #CityThatNeverSleeps

Another grueling day at the office for the OK Go road crew. @doctor_light @_empath_bath_ @n_coauette #okgo #interlochen #interlochenarts @gsp.studio

Our dream come true. Rocking the Kresge stage. Thank you so much, Interlochen. Special thanks to the World Youth Wind Symphony for playing with us, to Bobby Bush for SHREDDING with us, and Gabi Broekema for dancing with us. What a spectacular night. #okgo #interlochen

@timothynordwind and I met 30 years ago today (two days after his birthday) at Interlochen Arts Camp, where we have returned to play a show tonight. I don't remember the name of the dude on the left in the photo. Since we're on a school bus, chances are we were on a field trip to the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. #okgo #interlochen


Everybody raise a glass to @timothynordwind. Happy birthday, T. Here's to 30 more years of friendship.

Dispatch from the world of fat cactus.

San Gabriel Mountains in the morning. Burbank is just out of frame to the right. It's crazy how LA is citycitycitycityWILDERNESSMOUNTAINS.

Line line line line circle line line line. #🌵

Thank you very much, people of Silicon Valley. That was very fun. #okgo #id10tfest

I'm getting ready to go stage at #id10tfest and looking at pictures I have taken of cacti. I have met some really nice cacti. #🌵

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