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The path to relationship tranquility is one that requires the efforts of both side. A new mother figure from law is one takes time to adapt but I have faith in the mutual support of each other
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I was hoping to post movie reviews and everything here but it seems i cant produce as much content as i hoped to.
Batman and catwoman wedding promotions are constantly being distribuéd in comic book shops and i feel weird about the whole canonization thing
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[Batman Ninja Review]
Written by the @Arubrix Team
Excited since the end of last year, Batman Ninja is a film that looks yet quickly drops to mediocrity. Feeling like an acid trip Batman Ninja has a promising start but a third act that would be described by Beyond the Trailers as “unwatchable.” Overall, I will give this film a 5/10. In this essay, I will be explaining the pros and cons of the movie and explains my rating of 5
[Spoiler Alert]
The Good: the animation of this movie is one that is gorgeous to look, with a perfect mixture of 2D and 3D. Having a distinct personality and details, the Japanese animation team captures the aesthetics of classic Japanese anime while incorporating elements of North American cartoons. The character design of this animation is also one that is outstanding with successful incorporation of Japanese aesthetics into already existing North American figures. Finally, the voice acting is phenomenal with Harley Quinn being the best act of the entire movie. With an engaging opening scene and exposition, the first half of the movie is the best part of the whole film and keep me on the edge of my seat. However, this is as far as I can go with the goods.
The bad: the movie quality of the movie quickly declines with its nonsense after the second act of the film in the boat scene. The action of the third act is merely ridiculous. With a castle turning into a gigantic robot, and monkeys and bats turning into a giant Batman, the serious tone that the first half of the movie is thrown out of the window and replaced with nothing but anime clichés. It merely became a parody rather than a film. To continue, the story of the film is also one that is filled with clichés, with the whole movie being the same old-time travel movie. A set of an alternative universe would better benefit the film. Finally, the portrayal of Batman is one that I disagree with, overwhelmed with the destruction of technology; Bruce Wayne feels like he can no longer be Batman; however, Wayne’s technology is not the origin of Batman.
Overall this film is only enjoyable when you dont overthink it.
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This is for my followers and how i examine why they like marvel
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[Deadpool 2 review]
By @Arubrix
Last Friday I watched the sequel to Deadpool, and I have to say I am pleased about it. Picking up after the theme of romance after the first movie, the overall idea of this movie is family. This movie is like a perfect episode of Family Guy with the balance of Crude humor and “heart warmingness” at the end of the movie, the movie does its job very well, and it's more than you expect as Deadpool’s sequel. Overall, I give this movie a 7/10 in contrasts to all the movies I watched and an 8.5/10 for what it is. It is not a cinematic masterpiece but an entertaining summer blockbuster. [Spoiler Alert]
Picking up the after the death of Deadpool’s girlfriend, the beginning of the movie takes a little to begin to pick up its plot. The first part of the movie focuses on death and mourn while the second part of the movie focuses on redemption. With the X-men being the driving force of the first part we see how Wade’s heroism contrasted the traditional heroism as seen in modern movies. The middle and end of the movie is the most entertaining part of the movie with Wade being the outlaw we all know and love. Domino is one of my favorite character in the movie; she balances out the absurdity of Deadpool yet providing the voice of reason comedy. I am delighted with the character development of both of these characters. However, some of these jokes are a hit or miss and the “death scene” of Deadpool runs on for way too long for my taste. The post credit scene, however, is the funniest thing I have ever seen in a long time in the cinema, and I would not even dare to spoil it in the spoiler session.
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So what happened to the DCEU. The movies are so dark did it disappear to the shadows of mediocrity?
I have zero faith with the DCEU line up with random directors dropping in and out, while no one cared about Justice League (the movie loss 100 million allegedly). They should hardcore reboot in my opinion just like spiderman did. Also I think its safe to say Zack Synder should take most responsability for this mess.
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I am digging the new Damian hair shave. Hell i shave my head the same way irl for 2 years already
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[Comic book media accuracy controversy]
Over the past 3 years on Instagram, I have heard a lot of complaints and opinions from the comic book fans in regards to the inaccuracy of comic book characters protrayled on media such as movies and cartoons. The Dark Knight a critical and commerical successful film often went underappreicated within the comic book community and i want to address the conflicts of accuracy.

I fundamentally disagree with the idea that how comic book medias should follow the straight guidelines of their source matériels to be a Great movie and piece of medium. A comic book movie is NEVER for comic fans but rather it targets the general consumer market. Parallel to the idea of a multiverse, the Joker in The Dark Knight is an interpretation of the character and an alternative version much rather than THE JOKER FROM THE COMICS. I fundamentally disagree with the viewing mentality of demanding everything to be comic book accurate. You should judge the movie based off the context of the movie rather than the context of the comics.
However, it is also the movie maker's responsibility to respect the source material rather than entirely creative freedom. Scott Snyder's murderous Batman and the Suicide Squad's joker are nothing but an abomination.
In the end, those in the theatre who dispises the movie based off inaccuracy and attempts to correct everyone is simply an act of pretention. Judge the movie based off the context of the movie not comics. These movies are not for comic book fans but for everyone
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I am still on damian hiatus because DC comics betrayed me and stabbed me in the back by making Damian as son of death stroke for a cheap money scam. For now this is my laptop, I play overwatch on it. Would like to share some overwatch content for now

DC comics has recently raised the price of comics of all titles to 3.99. I personally think the lack of access to comic books from the mainstream public is one that is rooted with the decrease of comic book sales. Before being a fan i have to google places just to get my issues, i think by stocking them up in Hot Topics and other more accessible places the sales will increase itself.
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