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Ash Lascivious  I live beyond the grace of god, a wanderer in the outer darkness. 🌹@dragonxshit ✨@adornbodyart pdx

App has been fun. @reflectionsoflight and I finally met! We connected as if we’ve been best friends for forever. Enjoy this photo of us both looking like awkward 12 year old girls! 💜

First time at conference. If you see me, please hug me and make me feel less awkward #app2018

Tess by @julieklingerie 🕷

“I'm the product of 6 million years of evolution? Come on, man. I crawled out of a swamp yesterday.” It’s my birthday! What are your favorite ‘90s - early ‘00s (non)guilty pleasures? A big one of mine is music, hence this Coal Chamber shirt.

Do you have an old tv series you love(d) to watch? A portion of the haul from the other day. It’ll take me a damn lifetime to collect all of these. Unless someone can loan me around $400. #darkshadows #vhs

Getting some house work done in my baby blue nightie hand made by @julieklingerie. I rarely wear anything but black but this baby blue is so fucking cute!

Got another fun one added to the collection today! Thank you, @the_noble_mountain!

Today marks one year being without the sassiest loaf I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering. I miss Kitty every day.

Wish @dragonxshit a happy birthday! Don’t forget to comment on his shoes as well.

My friends @demi.yoko and @millions000dead just released their first video! Check out @Death.Tour "PLATFORMS" ft. Mana at Death-Tour.com!

What is a pillow? I have a corner while they share the other 3/4.

@dragonxshit thought I looked cute and asked me to do a spin 🦇

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