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Dame Traveler @skipwithgrace: Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars. ✨💎
Salar de Uyuni is known for its beautiful reflective nature but reflections of the Milky Way at night? That’s pure magic. 🤩 The stars are as bright as the moon and you can see many shooting stars. 💫
The last time I wished upon a shooting star was probably back in elementary school. I wished for a computer. 😂 What about you? ✨💫 #dametraveler #dametravelerbolivia

#TheFacesOfDameTraveler: Dame Travelers @being__her: We happen to be Deaf, we say happen, because we don’t see it as a disability as, others do. We see it as an advantage! With our hearing diminished our other senses become heightened, therefore our touch, taste and vision can appreciate different aspects maybe a hearing person wouldn’t…
We both suffered our loss of hearing under strange circumstances. We were seven years old, playing outside (in our hometown Eritrea) one moment we could hear, the next we couldn’t. We refuse to allow being Deaf to define or hold us back.

Our blog gives us the opportunity to widen our perspective. The more you see, the less you hate. Prejudice is a big part of the human condition and the more cultures you experience the more you realise we are not that different! Be brave, be courageous and new experiences will alter your life forever. “Being Deaf may be difficult, but being scared is the real barrier” 
#dametravelermorocco #dametraveler captured by @nabihkassamphotography

I am grateful. I am confounded. Breathless. For the world has shown me more in my few short years than I could ever hope. It has blessed me with electric skies and ebbing fields of wildflowers and grass. It has exposed me to ancient stoned walls and sooty, bleak landscapes. With its effortless grace, it has shown me more staggering sights and still, quiet nights than a girl should ever dream of. To soak in all that the world is, all that the world has been, all that it encompass is too big of a task for a small girl like me. But I am hopeful that I will have more chapters with it as setting and my compass. 💫💕🙏🏼 words: @roamandgolightly 🌍 Dame Traveler @our.kind.life #dametravelermyanmar #dametraveler

Summer vibes in France 🍋 Dame Traveler @themomentbehind #dametravelerfrance #dametraveler

Waldeinsamkeit - (noun) the feeling of being alone in the woods, filled with peace, contemplation, solitude, and a connected to nature. To find yourself utterly engulfed in swaying greens of deep, dark forests. To feel the dampness of wet, slicked bark and soft grown moss beneath your feet. To breathing fresh air and feeling the oneness of all things. Mother nature has kissed this earth with her beauty. Go see for yourself. 💫 Dame Traveler @katie.one #dametravelernetherlands #dametraveler captured by @leviatone

Here’s the secret I’ll let you in on - this blue planet we traipse on, the one you and I are well familiar with, this one rock in the sky…. is yours to know. Learn it. Seek fluorescent sunsets in every corner of it. Stay up to see how the passing hours change the coloring of a wide, open field. Study about its fallen dynasties, its ancient relics, the folklore passed on through time. This little blue planet we stand on is filled with secrets and stories and untouched roads, all for you to learn from. Become a student of this world. 🦋 Dame Traveler @cherrielynn 🇵🇹 #dametravelerportugal #dametraveler captured by @johnyricky

Dame Traveler @perpetualplaces 🇬🇧 #dame travelerlondon #dametraveler 🦕 🌍 🦖 PS did you know we have a whole insta dedicated to our love for Europe? Check it out 💌 @lovelettertoeurope and click on the link in our bio to read our Love Letter to Europe 💫

Dame Traveler @hannahjanoe 🇨🇦 #dametravelercanada #dametraveler ✨☁️ Dear Dame Travelers- life’s full of ups and downs but how do you deal with micro-heartbreaks? You know that feeling when you have high hopes for something new only for it to disappear or not pan out as you imagined it to? It could be in regards to anyone, any place or anything. Would love to hear your coping mechanisms 💭 We’ll share our favorites in stories ✨🙏🏼

Everything about Portugal is goals ✨ Dame Traveler @thechroniclesofwander 🇵🇹 #dametravelerportugal #dametraveler #travelinclusivity

The mystery of life ✨🍃 Dame Traveler @s_marga 💭 Where do you think is the most worthwhile place to find meaning in life? Work, family, hobby, religion, philosophy, helping others, all the small miracles, or something else entirely? #dametraveler photo captured by @Diaz

Dame Traveler @liolaliola 🇹🇷 #dametravelerturkey #dametraveler 🍃 This picture was taken in Balat - probably my favourite area in Istanbul. Balat is the traditional Jewish quarter since the Byzantine era and it’s located on the European side of the city. In my opinion, Balat is one of the best places in Istanbul for a local experience. It really feels like time stood still in Balat. Women still gather on doorsteps, while men sit in the tea houses, kids kick balls around in the streets and lines of washing can be seen overhead. In the area, you can also find many trendy cafes, restaurants and antique shops. Must place to visit 🙌🏻 Have you been to Istanbul? And if so, what are your favourite areas to visit?

Have stories to tell and bruises to show. Be the wild child you are at heart ✨ Dame Traveler @terumenclova 🇳🇴 #dametravelernorway #dametraveler

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