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Travel Blog for Women  Inspiring & empowering women to travel more, do more & be more ✨ The work on this page is created and curated by @nastasiaspassport #dametraveler

“Rahul had wondered how someone could love their beloved so much that their dedication to them became one of the wonders of the world.” - Faraaz Kazi ✨ Dame Traveler @followmeawaytravel #dametravelerindia #dametraveler 🇮🇳

Autumn in Austria 🍂🍁 Dame Traveler @leah_olivotti captured by @readysetjetset #dametraveleraustria #dametraveler

Dame Traveler @perpetualplaces 🇲🇲#dametravelermyanmar #dametraveler ✨ Be bold. Live with courage and an open heart. Seek new worlds 🖊@roamandgolightly

What’s your favorite country in Southeast Asia? ✨Dame Traveler @milesofsmiles._ 🇻🇳 #dametraveler #dametravelervietnam

One of our favorite Dame Travelers, @windmilldreams is taking over #dametravelerstories today! Don’t forget to check it out as she takes us around Porto through her creative lens. PS we’re already planning @dametravelertrips for 2019 and Portugal is on the list! Who’s in?!! Say iiiii 🙋🏻‍♀️ #dametravelertrips #dametravelerportugal #dametraveler

Be kind to this world, for she is our only setting for all of our collective stories. 🖋 @roamandgolightly @oceana ✨ Dame Traveler @marta__sierra 🇮🇩 #dametravelerindonesia #dametraveler 🌊

Paris, the City Of Light, has been my home away from home for about a half of a year now. Learning the ins and outs of this romantic city has been a joy of mine in these past few months. I’ve started collecting my favorite boutique hotels, coffee shops, hidden locations, trendy cafes, far from the crowds with unique beauty all their own (like this restaurant hidden in the Gare De Lyon train station! 😯). Today, I’m sharing my Instagrammable Guide to Paris with you all on #DTBlog!
In between my adventures around the globe, I’m constantly booking my favorite Parisian hotels last minute using @HotelTonight. It’s my favorite app for snagging trendy boutique hotels at a fraction of the cost last minute. They sure know how to curate the best of the best. PS you’ll receive $25 off your stay by using my promo code: nyakoub ☺️happy travels! Xoxo, @nastasiaspassport#myhoteltonight #dametraveler #dametravelerparis

Dame Traveler @k.atarina 🇵🇹 When was the last time you felt transported? Where was the last place that made you feel small and wonderous? Was it in a blooming sunrise in open fields, or cobblestoned streets, aged and weathered and worn? To find ourselves in settings that remind us of our own humanity, of the many hearts that have beat in the same rhythm and place of our own - this life is the ultimate adventure. 📝: @roamandgolightly #dametraverportugal #dametraveler

Dame Traveler @labengale 🇴🇲 🕌 4 TRAVEL TIPS ABOUT THE SULTAN QABOOS MOSQUE:⠀
1. This mosque is free ! ⠀
2. Cover yourself or rent some before to go inside. You will pay around 2 OMR (5$). You can negotiate the price !⠀
3. You can take an audioguide for your visit. You will spend around 1h30 inside. ⠀
4. Be careful, the mosque is opened for tourists from 8.30 am to 11 am every morning except on Friday. #dametraveler #dametraveleroman

Look out into this world with a curiosity to learn from it. Look up into the stars with wonder and the quiet notion that you are a small yet mighty force for good. Look into your heart and know that you have chapters ahead that even you cannot predict or envision. 💛 Dame Traveler @witandfolly 🇹🇼 #dametravelertaiwan #dametraveler

Dame Traveler @tea_for_taryn: Do you remember being a child and playing ‘The floor is lava’? My little sister and I used to play this with the different coloured tiles in our local grocery store. We’d inevitably make the rules up as we went along. “Don’t touch the blue tiles.” “You’ve got to jump over the orange tiles.” We’d stretch our little legs as far as we could and juuuump trying not to topple over once we’d landed.
Everything is constantly in motion. The earth spins, the wind blows, the ocean ebbs and flows. Planes fly overhead and clouds change shape. People scurry to appointments, check their watches frantically, run across pedestrian crossings. Children leap across patterns on the floor and the subway rumbles every few minutes with an approaching train that blows my hair and rustles my shopping bags.
It’s been difficult finding a way to balance lately, like trying to push against a wave, like trying to walk on a moving train. I stretch my legs and tread carefully; juggling responsibilities, dreams, goals - arms loaded with a million things. I am trying furiously to keep from toppling. You guys, the floor is lava. #dametravelerseoul #dametraveler

Makin friends 🦒 Dame Traveler @asiyami_gold 🇰🇪 #dametravelerkenya #dametraveler 🍃 @dametravelerhotels

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