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damanammo  I'm just a soul whose intentions are good. Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood.

Pretty little tings from a few day getaway in Tampa.. it was nice to just get on plane and go somewhere. Was in bed by 9 every night. Thank GAWD my bff is just as sleepy as I am @kirstiebier

I remember growing up, when I was being a bratty kid, my dad would look at me and say in his thick NY accent, "who pissed in your cornflakes ?" 😆happy Father's Day, Sal!

Easter service with the fam and these little nuggs..@kaypee0204

Not only is it throwback Thursday but it's also my longest friend @surrah_kriqx_currence birthday. Quick shoutout to say happy birthday 🎈

I'm sayin'

Aw snap. 8:34. Unbroken "Annie" PR while also shaving a solid 33 seconds off my old time which is awesome bc I'm queen sandbagger.. plus the only workout I can do Rx lol. Max effort row needs tons of work doe 🤷🏻‍♀️

When you search for Google on Google.

6:28AM. BRRR.

Would you just look at this cabbage patch baby. @surrah_kriqx_currence #cherub

DANGGG. Thanks 🤗 happy weekend to all my service industry folks !

Handstand walks! By far my favorite thing ever to work on despite the fact that I shouldn't even be doing these since I'm 'hurt' but I can't stop! Today I'm grateful for health and the ability to get out there and be active . And for coaches who have way more faith in me than I do myself.

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