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treasure(s)  i dont know how, but they found me

i have a basketball game tomorrow -s

Soo im the only one who's still emo-r


I've fallen out of love but I still like his music wyd

It's his birthday in my time,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS LITTLE BEAN❤️, i hope you have a great life, and always happy, even tho you're 31 i hope you always have a child like behavior, and an emo heart, and always happy with sarah and grow old together, ALL THE BEST WISHES FOR YOU 💓💓💓💓🎁🎁🎁
@brendonurie @panicatthedisco @sarahurie ❤️❤️

Ps. Have a concert in Indonesia pleaseeeeeee❤️❤️

Guess who's not emo anymore me bitch

Idk why but im getting hallelujah vibe when im listening to say amen, AND PLUS I REALLY THINK THAT THE MV EMPERORS NEW CLOTHES, THIS IS GOSPEL, AND SAY AMEN IS RELATED DONT YOU THINK?!?!? -r


Im ded

So the mv was released on my birthday well in my time, but im really fucking happy and there's a birthday cake in the mv and i feel, IDK OK IM FREAKING OUT❤️❤️❤️❤️-r

Hellooooo long time no seeeeee-r

I'm the only one who's active in this account all my friends are ded - s

It's been so long - s

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