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We're super excited to announce that the @teamiwillcanada 300 person boot camp was beyond successful this past weekend. It was truly an honour to work with such an inspirational organization and some of Toronto's biggest and brightest brands. I encourage you all to find your own unique “I Will” commit to it and accomplish it!

Team I Will, a non-profit organization that we work with is having a 300 person boot camp on May 26 at The Harbourfront Centre. We're honoured to be working with such an inspirational organization and some of Toronto's biggest brands. Join us for an unforgettable workout! #torontofitness #torontohealth #teamiwill #charityevent #charitybootcamp #bootcamp #torontobootcamp

Last week’s incredible performance by @sam.evian at the @eastroom. So honoured to be part of such an incredible community of likeminded individuals!
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Take a look at our latest website case study from @teamiwillcanada http://bit.ly/dd-tiw

From our client: Dalli Digital was able to take my framework and design exactly what we wanted in a website.
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How outsourcing your marketing can save you money long-term #microblog

Let’s face it: Not all small businesses have the cash flow or business needs for a full time marketing employee. The good news is, in this day and age you don’t need to be able to justify a full time hire. Instead, consider outsourcing.

1️⃣ Outsourcing is quicker: Hiring an agency or freelance worker takes a matter of hours, rather than weeks or days to hire an employee. Instead of going through the fuss of finding budget, putting together a job description, hiring, and then training a new employee you can outsource and hire a freelance marketer or an agency right away
2️⃣ Outsourcing is cheaper: Having a full-time or part-time employee will cost your business more money than outsourcing long-term due to overhead needs.
3️⃣ Outsourcing allows you to find the right expert: Outsourcing means you can hire someone based on a specific project or need, rather than hiring someone who may not have all the skills required for what you wish to accomplish.
4️⃣ Outsourcing is a network: The great thing about outsourcing is that most contractors, freelancers, or agencies have networks of other professionals they can refer you to or manage for you in order to get your projects complete.
5️⃣ Outsourcing is results-focused: Since whomever you outsource to isn’t an employee of the company, they’re goal is to gain your business and ensure that you see the ROI they can give you. This means they’re extremely motivated and want to push you to consider the best options for your business.
⚫️How to start?: First, write down all of the gaps in your marketing that you would like filled. Check out some agencies, freelance networks, or ask other small businesses who they use. A few good referrals, initial calls, and a kickoff meeting later and you’ll be on your way. Start small and as you feel good about outsourcing, you will gain momentum.

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Why Google My Business will be/ is bigger than any business directory - Full blog on website
1️⃣ It's native to Google search: When people search your business on Google, it will pop up automatically with a directory listing.

2️⃣ Easy to use on mobile: When you’re searching for a business on mobile, you can interact with the Google My Business page instantly.

3️⃣ Google Maps integration: Google My Business is now fully integrated on Google Maps, making it easy to get directions to your business with the click of a button.

4️⃣ Help your business rank higher: Google My Business listings allow customers to rank your business and leave a review, with a simple five star rating option and an easy comment box.
5️⃣ Google pulls reviews from other websites: Google also publishes your business reviews from other pages such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Hotels.com, Trip Advisor, and Facebook.

Start your Google Mu Business page today! Feel free to let us know if you need help!

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Honoured to be working with such a great organization. Brampton Meals on Wheels is dedicated to helping those in need live independently in the comfort of their own homes.

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Happy Canada Day from Dalli Digital #canada150 #canadaday #canada🇨🇦

I’ve recently got a membership at @eastroom in Toronto and I’ve absolutely been loving it. It’s inspired me in so many ways, and I wanted to list 6 reasons why I think a co-working space is a smart business decision for anyone. Photo by @mikebamboo
1️⃣ Increased productivity: You can absolutely get a lot done at home (some people, more than others) but there’s something to be said about sitting down at a desk that just screams: “GET TO WORK”.
2️⃣ Productive atmosphere: One of the best things about co-working spaces is the people. Working in an environment of other likeminded people is not only motivating, but it’s infectious.
3️⃣ A sense of purpose: You get to be someone amongst a diverse group of professionals and feel proud of your unique value proposition
4️⃣ Work on your own terms: Many have a variety of work spaces to choose from, and you can work at a bar top, on a couch, in a quiet room, or in a huge open-concept room at a desk if you prefer some buzz
5️⃣ Networking: It’s a great way to meet people you can work with as you get to know them and have complimentary skills
6️⃣ Community: Co-working spaces like to bring members together to mix and mingle and ensure the environment remains one of collaboration and growth for their members

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My favourite spot, at my favourite co-working space
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