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David  iPhone 3GS/5S here. With an occasional film/digital image. I'll let you know in those instances. Digital and analogue on Flickr. San Diego.


Please help a guy out. Keep an eye peeled for this beauty. Located in So. Cal.
#Repost @heaththechief
*Urgent* my #eveljune 2004 Triumph was stolen from Torrance last night march 22. Please keep an eye out for it please. I am beyond devastated at the moment. Going through all the details on reporting it etc. please help and repost. Vin# smt900hn44j205961

I have been asked by a few contacts, where have I been the last couple of weeks. Well, this is my explanation....😎 See you all, sooner or later.

Stereo Skateboards
Polaroid Land Camera
Option8 "Manual Option 3000"
Fuji FP-100C

Monday was a good mail day! A @stereoskateboards deck, and several rolls of 120 @Cinestillfilm 800T showed up at the curb.

I really need to thank @ronrauto for his guidance, and extreme patience during the purchase of the Stereo Skateboards deck! This is my first new board, since 1963. Go ahead and do the math; I'll wait..... oh, you're back! Ya done good by this old guy, Ron!! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒπŸ» I'll be getting back to you soon! @cinestillfilm

Our ballerina, checking out @thefixcinater's Rolleiflex 2.8E

Voigtlander Vitessa
Ultron 50mm 2.0
AgfaPhoto Vista 400
December 2016
Balboa Park

From my misc camera box
Test roll

Our hostess, during one of our home stays, among the Hill Tribes.

Chiang Mai Province
June 2016

Olympus OM-1n
Zukio 28mm 2.8
Provia 100

Enjoy your new life in New Mexico
Olympus 35 RC

Nosing through the miscellaneous box...

The face of the Cuba's future?

Havana, Cuba
March 2016

We interrupt this feed, with a brief Public Service Announcement.
Get on over to @drsmoothdeath and take advantage of the free shipping (USA only) while you still can. The prints are as rich, and colorful , as you would expect them to be.
Treat yourself to some printed goodness, for the Holidays! You know you deserve it.... (This is not, a paid endorsement. However gratuities are gratefully accepted... 😏✌🏻️) Now back to our regular programming...

The guys were in a particularly festive mood today!

Nikon Photomic FT
Nosing through the miscellaneous box.

Olympus OM-1n
Zukio 28mm 2.8
Provia 100
October 2016

Enjoying the early morning fog, while walking around with Anthony's ( @thefixcinater ) project Rolleiflex.

Rolleiflex 2.8
Illford HP5 400
November 2016

Katie ( @kfisherphotos ) observing the chaos, from a safe distance.

Beers and Cameras
1st Anniversary meet
Normal Heights
Olympus OM-4T
Zuiko 50mm 1.8
Tri-X 400

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