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it's been so long since ive made an effort to not look like a troll in a hole.. that ive literally forgotten how to take a decent selfie.
so here's my "semi-confused / deer in the headlights look"
i gave up after taking about 3 or 4.. looking at them made me embarrassed for me..
πŸ˜‚ cheers to me trying though! ➳ slowly getting it back.. one step at a time
#anxiety #depression #mentalhealthawareness

Babes! it's GO time for this girl! after almost a year of down time, i'm putting away all my baggy clothes.. & pulling out all my beloved crop tops! i'm tired of avoiding getting out of the house because of my self confidence.. i'm ready to feel like myself again! 1st step: DETOXING.
I've used @flattummytea in the past & had awesome results.. so of course that's what I'll be using to detox again! 😍 | ps it's literally the only tea i've ever liked | I'll be posting all my "back on track" details on my blog later this evening.. so check out #flattummytea & stay tuned for my next post so all of you babes can join me on my journey of getting my health and self confidence back! πŸ’•
leave any questions you have below & I promise I'll answer them all on my blog! πŸƒπŸŒ»πŸŒΈ

helping people can turn into an addiction.. which then becomes more important than your own health.. which then makes helping people impossible, because there's nothing left to give after awhile.
to continue helping others,
you have to take care of yourself.
i had to withdraw & restore myself.. & although it took months,
it taught me a lesson that i will benefit from forever..
which also means the people i want to help will benefit even more!
I'm back babes!
#selflove #anxiety #depression

i can't express how grateful i am for all the support i received on yesterday's video.. i know i'm not the only one who struggles,
which is why i never tell ANYONE about my problems.
(i don't want to be another burden they carry)
it was such an impactful reminder to know that so many people care about me..
it's easy to forget that during this internal battle.
i love you all more than you know.
we will all make it through this beautifully f*cked up & amazing thing we call life😘

vulnerable as f*ck.
today, i pray you be set free from whatever fears are weighing on your heart.. and begin to wear your scars like wings that enable you to fly.
I may have forgotten how to fly for a bit, but it'll come back to me.

clap for ya damn self 😜
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😍the first step is the hardest.. but i'm here to hold your hand through it!
@elizabeth__becker took the step by starting my 8-Week Workout Guide, #Five2FIT πŸ™Œ
Stop scrolling through pictures and wishing you could do it..
You are more than capable, so let's get started!! πŸ’ͺ
click the link in my bio @dalispaige to take the first step! 😘

TAG your friends to challenge them to do this workout with you! This year let's focus on not only bettering ourselves, but helping to better our loved ones as well!
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never forget it.

filming a Q&A in 10 minutes! ask all & as many questions as you have & i'll answer them! 😘
OH & use the discount code "SELFLOVE" for 70% on my website! 😍πŸ’ͺ

there's absolutely no exaggeration when I say I wouldn't have made it through 2016 without him. he was a constant reminder that no matter how emotionally tired i get from fighting my clinical anxiety & depression, i have a purpose.. even if it's just being his momma.
we don't save them,
they save us.
& my Owen Bowen definitely saved me.

i'd be lying if i said i didn't eat every piece

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