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David Lindström  Swedish actor playing Sigurd in "Vikings" Occasional maker of music and cocktails. Has been known to eat coffee. • Snapchat: anycard


Mr and Mrs Lindström with their clingy little brother. Dark picture for such a bright future, just what happens when you have the reception in a damn dungeon. Love these weirdos more than words can describe.

Speechless. @annabarriakruger Is apparently an art god.

Dear people of France, a few words before you vote tomorrow:

So a lot of you want to put Le Pen in power, either directly by voting for her or indirectly by boycotting the election all together. And I won’t bombard you with thoughts on her ideology or the party’s history because I know you already know and evidently it hasn’t changed your mind.

Let’s instead just talk about the topic that will matter the most: A vote for Le Pen (or a refusal to vote at all) is a vote to leave the European Union and by extension a vote for the EU to disband alltogether. Honestly, I agree that being an EU member is not always easy, and yes, you would probably do quite well on your own for a while. But what you have to remember is that a vote against the EU is a vote against an unprecedented period of European peace. I’ll say that again: the existence of the EU has brought with it taxes, obligations, fat cats and some very weird legislation but it has also brought the longest peace in European history.

Tomorrow you’re voting on whether or not to compromise that peace for your independence, and I understand the itch to break free. But if that is ever to be done, now is the absolute worst time to do it. Due to recent electoral fuck ups, the global situation is more volatile than it has been for long, and a divided Europe would pave way for existing tensions to develop into all out war. The world can probably handle Le Pen and a broken Europe, but if you’re ever to elect her, please don’t do it while we also have to handle Putin, Al-Assad, Jong-un, Erdogan and Trump. Because this combination of single-minded nationalism spells war and war will definitely raise your taxes, steal your jobs, threaten your culture and harm your people more than the EU or anything else ever could.

True wisdom is the ability to learn from others’ mistakes. Show us how it's done.

#frenchelection2017 #frexit #vivelefrance #marinelepen #EU #frontnational

"Let there be daylight savings time." - Satan (probably). Photo cred: Sanna Tedeborg #daylightsavings #springforward

Bloody brilliant. Sigurd snake-in-the-eye by @niemiaapo

Worker's floof

Your face when you weren't allowed to show up in these pictures yet, but it's ok cuz everyone thinks you're Erlendur 😇 Regrann from @alexanderludwig

Haters gonna say it's fake. #lisebergamusementpark

Smalltown life. Con: Not a soul is out on a Monday. Pro: The bartender knows it's your birthday and has prepared the best damn drink ever.

Ragnarsson drinks part 2. Have a great night, take care of each other! Music: If I had a heart - Fever Ray, piano cover. #hiatushobbies #vikings #ragnarssons #sigurd #ivar #bartending #ny2017 #vikingdrinks #ifihadaheart

No new years party is complete without the sons of Ragnar, so I made us into awesome drinks. Now everyone can have a little Björn at midnight if you know what I mean. Have fun and be safe! Music: If I had a heart - Fever Ray, piano cover.
#hiatushobbies #vikings #ragnarssons #bjorn #ubbe #hvitserk #bartending #NY2017 #cocktails #ifihadaheart

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