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Dalia David  👩🏻‍🍳Plant Based Chef + Modern Bohemian Chick 🌿✨

Never underestimate the power of a group of female Chefs in the kitchen. This 5 course meal for 88 ppl was 100% plant based and honored Mother Earth as much it did the women that worked together to create it. Symbolic and so much harmony in it all. Proud of this night and all the women being celebrated. It was a wonderful welcome back into the James Beard Kitchen after stepping away to tend to my personal clients. ❤️
Working side by side these powerhouse Lady Chefs, dinner execution was done perfectly. Women 🤜🏽 Get 🤜🏽 It 🤜🏽 Done. 📸 @smallsuppers

Happy International Women’s Day to all the women who lift each other up and get joy from seeing their female counterparts succeed and support each other in their growth. My wish is that this day continues in helping women evolve in this way and not just be a TREND because women helping women is a cool thing to do. NO. It is path towards being a more enlightened human and internally healthy person. This day is for the women who don’t believe in shit talking their sisters bc they aren’t where they are. They know that words are energy and hatred and jealousy is poison. The women who stand above that are my kind of women and I salute you.

Power fist and green juice. Such a lovely surprise to see this!
Thank you to my sweet friend @katedelaney for capturing me in my element doing the 2 things I love most: eating and drinking green juice. For those of you looking to scroll through eye catching photos, check out her page. I just love her so and know her paintings will put you in a good mood.

Every young person should recognize that working with their hands, their hearts and their minds- being interconnected is the highest evolution of our species. Working with our hands is NOT a degradation, it is our real humanity. Start a garden...create a playground in the way you grow food. Cook. It was treated as a backwards activity that your mother cooked, and was treated as not work. Yet, she is the reason you are sustained. Start going to cooking classes. Get grandmothers to teach you how to cook. Create communities. We are not atomized produces and consumers. We are part of the Earth family, part of the human family. Food connects us. Everything is food. ✨-Vandana Shiva

Only took 5 years for me to fall in love with NYC’s colder seasons. I may have built a new layer of skin. Maybe it’s just that all things take time, and just like certain people...the weather grows on you too. Side note, this year I chose only a *mildly* insane Thanksgiving work schedule which leaves room for me to spend the holiday with my family like everyone else. I’m feeling giddy about being the one fed instead of doing the feeding.

You wouldn’t know from this picture that we hauled prepped food and ingredients from one city to another, worked in a basement kitchen with basic working parts, managed to make gremolita even with 3 broken freezers in the house. There is nothing like the taste of outsmarting crappy situations. And then you blink and realize it just another day and you would sign up for it all over again.

Badassery Level 1000: You decide to go hiking 500 ft up a rocky steep mountain in a skirt/dress NO GLOVES NO BACKPACKING GEAR NO PANTS because the initial plan was beach time but then you pull over to the side of the road put on your sneaks from the back of the SUV and say f*** it....We're goin alll the way up. ❤️Women who will try anything once, who can rock sneakers with their dresses like it's nobody's business are my kind of ppls--❤️ #lostfiles

This transitioning weather in the Northeast has me reaching for cold noodles with sauces that warm my insides. Here's a variation on the Bibim Naegmyeon. Steel bowl is the ONLY way to serve this #tradition- cold noodles, spicy sweet gojujang, carrots and cukes julienne, shredded cabbage, hard boiled egg. This is ideal right now, plus my feet propped up on the chair next to me. Classy lady over here. 💁🏻

Update- I had a bowl of oatmeal this morning with semi dehydrated strawberries, bee pollen, hemp seeds and a medium sized orange juice full of blue green algae. Yes. Seaweed for breakfast. It was delicious and my body felt vibrant after. I may post a picture later. We'll see. In the mean time, life is very good. ⠀

Lunch timeeee. Still get misty eyed thinking about this sandwich I made for a client. He had a fabulous dark leafy green salad with pickled red onions to go with this. 👌 Tuscan Style Chicken Salad Sandwich: Sundried Tomato- @stdalfourukofficial Apricot Jam- Basil- Roasted Juicy Chicken- Havarti-Arugula- few other tasty things. ✨✨ #foodmagic

Easy wholesome dinner- gluten free and oh so filling. Quinoa, brown lentils, roasted turmeric lemon braised carrots, lime tahini dressing, crispy scallions, herbacious greens.

LIVING MY BEST LIFE DRINKING GREEN JUICE EATING POTATO CHIPS. There's a secret about drinking green juice that isn't running freely around the web unless you are digging deep into health websites, magazines and books. A little oil with your juice goes a loooong way. Vitamins A, D, E and K in your juice are fat soluble. Without a little fat it won't absorb into your body. You'll pee it out without ever getting its value. Like losing money even when it's in your wallet 🙄. I'm a consummate potato chip eater and it pairs excellently with green juice (gourmet food tip ya'll 😭). It's my treat yo self move in the AM. Proper guidelines would be healthy fats like avocado, hemp seed oil, spoonfuls of chia, olive oil etc. But come on...I'm not about to pass up the opportunity to eat a few potato chips for breakfast. #balance 🙌

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