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I see and hear a lot of myself. In the words, in the experimentation. Being witty and silly as fuck. Owning it. Not being a god gifted singer but trying it anyway and making it work in my own way. I have not enjoyed another artists musical journey as much as I have yours. A true artist. A human being. All traits which I’m proud to say I embody. I relate, I feel. I don’t really know what to say but I love and respect you deeply. It hits me hard when a real ‘one of one’ soul moves on. I was ready for an Aus tour from you after swimming. How much I’d froth if I ever got the chance to support that. I don’t think I understood at all how much I love who you are as a person and what you put forward to the world till I have to reflect and write something like this. And we’ve never met. But that’s the beauty of music. Of writing. Of pouring it. And like you I pour my heart out. It’s just who I am. I feel like I relate on many levels. That’s why this ones shook me. I think I’ll feel this way for time to come. I was looking forward to the next chapters to come without realising listening to swimming I was reading the final one. Gutted bro

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