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America is about choice. Liberty. U can choose 2 smoke. U can choose UR religion. U can choose how U want 2 have sex. U can choose what U want 2 be in life. AND U should be free 2 choose what U want 2 do with UR body. Anyone who limits the right of a woman 2 choose is ANTI - American.

I should have posted this! My #mom was #amazing

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Let’s go! If you can see it. You can so it. #vision

Life is rough. #chaos #confusion But if you are on the road just keep walking even when you can not see ahead! We gonna get there! 💯

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Everyone is focused on Minister Louis Farrakhan being banned from Facebook.
I agree this is troubling. Still, we all know that we don’t control the platform. However, the real danger is not what has been done, but the reason being peddled for the doing! The mainstream media has since Donald Trump became president tried to conflate white supremacy with Black Nationalism. It is a subtle but bold move. These are dark times in America.
These are dark and strange times.
Where do you stand?

The one and only attorney Krystal Crittendon she is a #powerhouse

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