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dalee_spammm2  i like to have fun so yea, oh yes and i’m married to sam hunt

so kinda nervous about my surgery in 4 days dear father

okay so idk if y’all know but jeeps have a certain wave and you’re supposed to wave when you pass a fellow jeeper... well it really pisses me off when they don’t wave back like wth 😐

wonder how outpatient surgery and anesthesia is gonna go for Dalee😅 update : surgery in a week good gosh

sign me up for the local Hawaiians who be looking like this please

my zodiac is so correct

ahhh look at him and that smile 😍

who’s gonna come take care of me if I have to have surgery :) 😂

so an update on my life ( actually just my injuries haha ) : my knees are blown and I need some new ones but for now ima try to talk to my doc about lateral release 👍🏼 also my foot is fractured but I don’t want a cast or boot until I get back from the beach so yea ( also I know it’s fractured because it’s happened one to many times )


yesterday I lost by best friend, my first ever real dog... only remember good things about cole boy💓 rip my sweet boy

eyes are like the coolest things ever

jeep jeep jeep jeep

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