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Dale Brisby  My life is a movie and the credits haven’t rolled yet.. The best bull rider ever created by God on earth. And the most humble! ⬇️Winnebago 911⬇️

Sneaky sneaky.. Anyone else have a magician pony that can open gates?? #nobueno

The moment we’ve all been waiting for.. Winnebago 911 @_pedroxramirez @leroy_gibbons @randyquartieri

Busted him ol son! Check the latest episode of Winnebago 911! That’s what you get for poopin in my yard Leroy! @_pedroxramirez @leroy_gibbons #RodeoTime

Winnebago Buckers Wednesday.. They ready for summer #lastcoldsnap #westernwednesday

Rule number 7 at Radiator Ranch, safety first! This is a clip from Rodeo Time 44, link in my bio for full video to see @_pedroxramirez break it down for us. This episode is a typical day in the life of Dale Brisby. Whatever that means. He, or I, is/am a legend, so you’re welcome for giving you this behind the scenes tour. One day we’ll go behind the scenes of behind the scenes... One day 😂
#RodeoTime #dalebrisby #theman #themyth #theabsolutelegend #unapologetically #yourmomsfave #powpow #welldaleyeah #itsrodeotimeamerica #yeahboycowboy #bullriding #champion #forever #thatyouveneverseenrideinvideo #becausehessohumble #sorrynotsorry #yourewelcome #ontothenextone #toomanyhashtags #nah #idowhatiwant #westernwednesday #winnebagowednesday

Laundry?! My time is better served ranchin, rodeoin, makin horn knots, coffee sippin at the cafe, stealin and hidin Leroy’s pickles, scaring the DaleWear girls, more rodeoin, and more ranchin. With my extensive knowledge and high level of ability in all of these areas, laundry is the last thing I need to be doing! So... Real talk, restock day is my favorite day of the week because laundry day is my least favorite day of the week. Restock day means I can snag a few fresh new shirts without having to hit up that ol radiator ranch laundry mat!

It’s Rodeo Time people! I love this place! Anyone that spends time at @rodeoaustin over the next two weeks will not ragret it. Not even one letter of it! @ludacris was off the chain last night, and @codyjohnsonband is playing tonight! If you’re on spring break, this is the place to be. Don’t forget, I will be choosing #ItsRodeoTimeAmerica winners periodically. Last weekend we sent @rodeo.time swag to 20 different winners! To be entered you have to post a picture from a 2018 rodeo and use the hashtag #ItsRodeoTimeAmerica. Pretty simple!
Thanks to everyone for a fun night at @rodeoaustin
#RodeoTime #RodeoAustin #dalebrisby #rodeo #springbreak18 #keepaustin90

I have some things I need to get off my chest.. Apology Video in bio..

Anybody else goin to @rodeoaustin this evening?! Yeah boy cowboy, c’mon..

Rodeo Time in Houston ol son.. @jody_cjb #ItsRodeoTimeAmerica
Who made it out to the sold out show last night?

Runnin with a tough crowd #RodeoHouston #ItsRodeoTimeAmerica

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