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I got a tattoo last week


I'm back

Merry christmas🎄❤️

Going to 🇺🇸 right now

I have chikungunya 😔

When I first knew about her, I thought she was going to be a Heather-like bitch. Thankfully, my expectations were disproved (that happens a lot with this show). Dakota’s main shtick was that she’s an aspiring starlet who only wants attention. Yes she’s self-serving and shallow, but Dakota proved she’s got a soft side deep underneath. This is why it’s good she was eliminated early, because it gave her means to expose her insecurities. Her forced internship really showed the depths that’s Dakota’s desperation falls (she rocked that intern uniform). Also, her “cry for love” as probed by Dawn, and the fact that no one listens to her advice were surprisingly human qualities that made me just want to hug her. Her mutation into Dakotazoid admittedly pissed me off, but then Sam came as the saving grace. Simply put, Dakota with Sam is adorbs. It’s a cliché couple with a twist. At first it was shallow on Sam’s part, but when he proved that he actually respected Dakota as a person, I was sold.

Rest in peace😪

Today is my birthday🎊

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