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I apologize for overloading instagram with our beach pictures, but @shelbyglenn07 made them look so cute I cant help it(:

luckiest gal in the world💓

hey look me & tucker actually got a halfway decent picture!!!

even at the beach all my blue eyed baby wants to do is sleep lol

enjoying God's creations with my boy makes everything okay(:

I actually didn't work today & to document this I took a selfie

A little fuzzy, but I couldn't possibly be any prouder of my lover boy. These past 8 school years we've shared together have been the absolute best & I wouldn't trade them for the world. John Tucker you did it!! The world has great things in store for you, & you're destined for greatness. I love you with my whole heart. Congratulations❤️😚

cant help but fall more & more in love with you everyday

happy one year to the man that makes my 🌎 go round!! we've officially made it completely around the sun together!! I love you so much & i'm beyond blessed to have the privilege of loving you!!💓💓💓

$200 & 3000 tickets later, I now have a blue microphone that echos(:

just me & my bff!!! + i also got my hair highlighted & its super blonde but you can barely tell!!!

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