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Hmm I wonder what this is

When that adorable boy comes your way

When your upset and want everyone to leave you alone.

When you see a adorable boy. πŸ˜‚

When a cat hates you so much and wants you dead. 😜

Their crazy for this snack

You picked me up on Star Stable when I was level 2 and i'm level 19 now. You have had me forever and I love it. You don't know how much you mean to me and it will stay that way forever. I hope you love your baby to. I Love You Mumma! πŸ’•

Girl herd..

I dont have that girly smile..

I want Anthony back because he was my old best friend and I made the mistake of letting him go. I love being around Anthony when he was not a star rider (I also enjoyed being around him when he was a star rider to) and then he became a star rider and I saw that he had started to be around 2 girls Brooke Zebraweb and Amelia Puppyfoot and I never really liked them. And of course those girls changed Anthony and I felt he didn't like me anymore. I may of picked fights with Anthony, I may of called him names and got really upset but he always came back and forgived me. I remember our first ever fight and we made up on New Years 2015 that night was the best ever. I remember Anthony saying he missed me and asked when I was going to be online again. But Anthonys boyfriend came to me and said that him and a boy named Dakota were talking about my brother behind his back and I didn't care if it was good or not it still was not right so I got upset and called him a girl. Then Anthony got upset at me and we stopped being friends this all didn't happen way to long ago but still I miss Anthony a lot cause he meant more than the world to me. Never make this same mistake I did.

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