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  "There are no bad ideas, Lemon. Only great ideas that go horribly wrong."

Meet my family. We're all successful.


Still trying to comprehend Glenn's death.

Inspired by @calebaalexander altruistic nature I have followed in his footsteps and created a personal campaign my friends/family/strangers can donate to in support of an amazing cause - clean water. 663 million people don't have access to it (nearly 1 in 10) and it's something that most of us who are lucky enough to have often take for granted. So in lieu of birthday gifts it would mean the world to me to have whoever is affected by this and wants to promote positive change to donate $25 dollars to celebrate my 25 years since exiting the womb and becoming part of this earth we all coexist on. #charitywater #birthday

The murder spree continues in VIDEO GAMES - a psychedelic bloodbath brought to you by the very talented @sncfrk #younglove #satan

Well... found my niche. Being killed and almost being killed. My upbringing on horror films has paid off. #walkingaloneatnight

Pleasant surprise at the bottom of a cookie bag.

"Oh, the sun is in your eyes? I DON'T GIVE A SHIT!"
Day 2 - photos with @zara.lynn.glaze

Photo: Awe, what a fun pleasant time those two girls are having.
Reality: "SMILE. PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY. STOP LOOKING SO MISERABLE AND AWKWARD YOU FOOLS!!!" (Me holding back tears while being scolded by @zara.lynn.glaze )

Here's to looking at you, kid.

From orthodontic headgear to video game overlord @jaedon.rio

Runnin' with the devil @michelletarsha @zara.lynn.glaze

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