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🌹 Dakota Chanel 🌹  ♡ Mermaid of the Magdalen ♡ "We are the children of the most beautiful love story in the universe."


It's play time 🤗 Wherever you are. Whatever you're doing. Be #silly. Do something unexpected. Break it up! Create a new possibility. This world needs our childlike #creativity. Make a face you've never made before. Make yourself laugh. Invoke #passionate #play! The first time I came to #kauai I was laying on the #beach and had a revelation. Pleasure was always available to me if I could be present in my body. The simple exquisite #ecstasy of rolling my tongue along the back of my gums could be done during a meeting at work! The key was using my awareness to create states of pleasure in my body. Let's dare to keep playing. To keep creating. To set our inner child free🌈
#oceanlife #purejoy 📸: @kellylovephotographylove @kellyloveslove

There’s an ancient sadness in my heart.
I feel it right now.
Aching, Pulsing.
It feels like a star bound inside a box and pounding to get out.
I know I always say on the other side of these feelings is ecstasy.
I often share and write from these expanded states.
Tonight, I want to write through the contraction.
Where I wonder at the purpose of my life.
Of humanity.
When despair digs into my heart.
It seems everyone I know is suffering in some way.
How could this not be, when we live so disconnected from nature.
Bound by the false god of money.
We must not forget we are made of earthen sky.
We are not made of computer screens.
Everything about modern civilization baffles me.
I know I’m here to do something I can’t fully see.
The space before the bloom.
When the flower even wonders if it has anything to offer.
It’s been growing so long.
The sacred, mystical, memory of ancient primordial love.
This essence is what I live for.
This contraction in my chest is so sad.
So sad that humanity has forgotten the simplicity of life.
And so I sob.
For hours I cry and let these waves of emotion move through my body.
It’s still a form of love making.
The full embrace of the present.
Alluding to another time and place where we worshiped the real.
That time and place became now.
I melted into this ache and let it consume me.
And it became pleasure.
The ecstasy of these sobs
Embracing my being in wholeness.
Not trying to “get” somewhere else.
But being with that exquisite sadness.
Last night I dreamt
About men doing bad things
I asked for dreams clear with purpose
I don’t know what to make of it.
This world swims in a filth that I don’t know how to wash away.
They say darkness intensifies before the light.
Can I trust myself?
For having become human
Can I forgive myself?
For forgetting
Why I came
For I know
Deep as blood river flows
That I will one day grow
Into the destiny that calls
In the meantime, I will keep listening.
To the singing dawn.
And melting into the mystery.

#mystic #poetry

My walk to pick breakfast and some inspiration 💕 I love my new fairy house!!!!🤗🤗🤗 oh my goddess I'm so inspired in here! All kinds of creation and service is pouring through me! I'm so happy! Coming home to this new space was the perfect way to anchor the lessons from Tulum! And to live with my dear sister @womb.illumination is a dream come true! I love you so much! This land is overflowing with over 40 kinds of fruit trees. Right by the ocean with the sea breeze and sound of the waves. Ahhhh so grateful!

#rawvegan #kauai #heavenonearth #starfruit #roselineage #temple #priestess

The things that interest me are not mental accumulation of data or your past or perceived future. I want to know if you can leave it all behind and play in the places beyond the mind. I want to know if you are a prisoner of your thoughts or if you can cast them off like a worn watch and drop into the timeless eternity where magic lives and breathes and can never be rationalized with that tiny thing called a brain. I want to feel your heart bloom into the love it is unobstructed by fear. Melting and bowing into the arching depth of presence...❤️ so grateful for this soul family pod🙏 my favorite presence playmates🤗 love you two

#chichinitza #mexico #mayanruins

A heartless #womb is disconnected from the true essence of creation. The womb is raw creation #power. It can birth benevolent or malevolent creations. The heart of #love is the key. Do not use your womb power without awakening your heart of love. Love is the most powerful #energy in the universe. Clear your womb of fear and open your heart like a #sacred fountain so the love overflows into the chalice of your womb. This is the way of the #waterpriestess. Melt any ice queen and bubble into ecstatic ocean dreams. The love of the #divine mother and father is ever present and eternal. Bask in the #radiance of this truth in every flower, every eye, every animal, every wind gust. All life is calling you home. Come into empty presence. Into the heart of love. Into the purest expression of creation free from distortions. What's your piece in the play of heaven and earth? 📸: @kellylovephotographylove @kellyloveslove

Oh fire of desire come be my flame licked lover
Kiss my skin in sparks devour
Never returning to the suppressed cover
It's cast off in the freedom of skin burnt to bone
These ancient longings freed in the eternal hum
Of human life aching for itself
So come be my flame licked lover
I'm no longer undercover
Bursting above the water
Heart pulses in swan feather flutters
Ready to be rolling in ecstatic tumbles down hills of gold
Thunder rumbles
Lighting struck words aside
Come be my bride
This is the day earth and sky
Crack open to the eternal why
Cry me open tears of devotion
From my flame licked lover
Passion is my function
Out loud trusting
Cat call growling
You're the coal my heart spirals around knowing the longing of primal sounds hissing the snake awake in water and heat
Play boy bunny
Out of the hat
Tricks all up
Never could keep me far
From what spins us to form
Devotion to the mothers ocean
Dropping endless waves of pleasure
Under the sunlight of my star crossed lover😘 📸: @kellylovephotographylove @kellyloveslove
#natureismylover #rapture #radiant #sunrise #kauai #kauailove #magdalen #mystic #poetry #oracle #priestess #oceanlover

Nothing matters if you are not connected to your essence of love. No money in the world. No career. No relationship. No teacher. No school. Nothing will satisfy. No external reflection this world can give you what you seek. The bits of self scattered across time calling you home one life after another. To remember. Until you come together in original innocence. The greatest gift. The Lovers kiss. YOU were what you'd been searching for all along ❤️ #soul #selflove #bestlover #tulum #azulik #oracle #mystic #mermaidofthemagdalen

Love is the only true face of beauty ✨ All else mere masks courting her presence 💕 Ahhhh journeying in #tulum with my favorite couple in the world was the best possible way to call in the new year. The layers of karmic patterns that I've been journeying through the past two years cracked open and a butterfly bloomed on an ancient mayan temple top✨🦋✨so grateful for the perfection of life's great story. We truly are the children of the most beautiful story in the universe!!! So excited to share more upon integration 💕 the darkness is what allows the stars to be seen, otherwise all is eclipsed by the sun 🌞

Precious reminders from my 18 year old self...one of my favorite things about moving is finding little treasures I'd forgotten about 🤗

#notetoself #yougotthis #benice

Ancient tapestry of light
Your language of rushing streams and shivers of moonlights kiss
Melodies of color paint our love story through everything
The return of the sun upon
Ocean of stars
Ever folding and bending into waters curve
The dance of the dawn
I am listening
Photography: @rachelshilah
#poetry #mystical #lovestory

💧🐬🌀🐬💧Ahhhhh I LOVE it when the mystical knowledge I've remembered is confirmed by people I love and respect! This is my new favorite book! Highly recommend Womb Awakening by Azra and Seren ❤️ the amount of wisdom in here is pretty much unparalleled in the written womb world✨

#ladyofthelake #waterpriestess #womb #waterislife #goddesslove

Rainy day yoni steams are so nourishing and comforting! Ran out of dried herbs so I used what's in the garden. If you've never done one, I highly recommend it. It's like a tea party with your lady parts🤗

#yonisteam #selfcare #goddesslove #rainydays

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