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Dakota Chanel  ♡ Water Priestess ♡ Love ~ Beauty ~ Purity "We are the children of the most beautiful love story in the universe."

The art of baptism is ancient and powerful. Water is the Divine Mother source of us all. I was recently asked to contribute a ritual for the Women's Circle Ritual Handbook. I'd just finished writing a baptism guide for an online course and knew it was what wanted to be shared!💧 The Women's Circle Ritual Handbook is released today and not only do you receive the baptism ritual, but there are 💗22 other rituals from woman around the world💗 that you can use with your sisters, in a women’s circle or by yourself in sacred ceremony. In addition to inspiring stories and poetic musings from the authors.
Thank you, Tanya, for creating such a powerful gift for us all!


Photography: @abeskauaiphoto
Model: @dakota__chanel
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Don’t put me on a pedestal. I will fall. Lay me on the ground with the dandelions. Then lay down in my arms. My spirituality is intimate and warm. And I want nothing more than to love you into wholeness. Close the lips of external speech and part the lips of soul language. My big mouth wet enough to make oceans from deserts and drown your thoughts in seashell hums. Rocking on the shoreline of life and death. Kissing the eternal Friend. ❤️ Photography: @skydancerphotos
Model & Poetry: @dakota__chanel
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When are we going to be each other’s angels? It’s beautiful to pray to unseen forces, but let’s speak to the flesh and bone humans around us in the same way we do God/Goddess/Source and let ourselves be seen in our dreams. We are the hands and mouths of the divine. I am the angel who can make your favorite meal and feed you when you’re hungry. I am the angel who can hold you while you cry and stroke your hair. I am the angel that can sing you to sleep and anoint your feet. Jesus and Mary Magdalene and Buddha and Muhammad and Quan Yin don’t have bodies anymore. Let’s not only pray to the unseen, but pray to our friends, Lovers, neighbors, and humans around us. Let’s stop waiting on a master. Within all of us is the seed of great Love. Be the true brother and sister. Let’s come home to loving ourselves and one another. And call in the angel within and angels all around🙏

Photography: @abeskauaiphoto
Model: @dakota__chanel
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Days like today remind me of why I love being human and having a body. Divine destiny dragon new moon belly dance class, ritual salt flower scrub creation prayers, quality sister sunset hair braiding, lychee tree climbing in the dark under the star of Venus, and simple pure sweetness of authentic communion. Then waking up to yoni steams, homemade coconut golden turmeric milk, flute and singing bowl. My body is soft. My heart is full. My mind is quiet. My soul is enlivened. The simple things in life truly are the most precious.

Camera magic: @rachelshilah
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I love making Sacred Water Jewelry. Gathering the water with prayer and ceremony, putting it meticulously into glass beads, creating new designs. It’s such a love meditation. But lately I’ve been being asked to create custom pieces and that is truly my favorite💎✨💧✨💎 Let me know if you would like to create a piece together!💕 Wailani Water Priestess Jewelry💧💎💧 Water is the most precious jewel on Earth. Water is recognized in many mystical traditions as the Divine Mother of us all. Wearing sacred water reminds us of the preciousness of life and to care for the waters of our bodies and the Earth. Holy water is subtle, but powerful energetically. I love creating these earrings to remind us of the magic of water. The magic that we are. We must take care of the waters of this Earth. This is our return to the divine feminine. The ancient waters of the mother teaching us to surrender, to love, to flow, to be soft and strong. ♡ I was introduced to water gems by my water priestess sister, crafts woman extraordinaire, Nancy. We were graduating together from level one water priestessing at the Aquamystica water temple and as a gift to me and my “pod” mates, she had made us all matching water bead necklaces with water from our pool. It was instantly my most magical, prized piece of jewelry as the energy was so profound. She didn’t want to turn the craft into a business and taught me how to make water beads before moving to Kauai. I knew wanted to share the heavenly, healing waters of Kauai with women around the world. And here they are! ♡ To make the water beads, I gather the waters in sacred ceremony from my 5 favorite fresh water power spots around the island, then I combine them in a F frequency Tibetan singing bowl with rose quarts crystal, and infuse the waters with extra sound and prayers at the beach. Then I use the water to fill clear, glass blown beads. These earrings are handmade with the upmost love. All the finding and chain are gold fill. ♡

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Ahhh Sisterhood Sensoriums melt me every time ❤️ Its one of my absolute favorite offerings! Lusciously supporting woman to move beyond shame, guilt, trauma, and pain through pleasure and sisterhood love. To adore the body as temple. To commune with the senses through nature. To move past the mind and into the presence of pleasure. To know we are worthy to surrender and receive this love. It is priceless. I am hearing a soul whisper to go on a workshop tour! If you live in Europe or the Mainland US and feel a yes to experiencing this with your community, send me a private message ❤️ #sisterhoodsensoriums #sensual #priestess #love #divinefeminine #roses #sisterhood

Heavenly birthday in my happy place 💧 best friends and rediscovering the end of the road post flood. It was so peaceful. So quiet. The locals said it hadn’t been like this since the 70’s. To taste how Kauai used to be was the best birthday present ever. And we discovered new waterfalls and my new favorite drinking spring! Woman as Water retreat starts tomorrow and overflowing with excitement! Thank you everyone for birthday wishes will get back to messages post retreat. ❤️ 📷: @womb.illumination

Creating altars is one of my favorite things🌸 my mama taught me as a little girl and the first thing we’d do when we moved (which was a fair bit) would be to set up the altar. It energetically anchors and consecrates the energy of the space. When I moved to Hawaii with 2 suitcases, one of them was just altar stuff and fabric (another essential decoration element) 😂 I just finished setting up this altar devoted to the waters and chalice of love for our Woman as Water retreat in a magical octagon shaped TOWER room with a spiral staircase outside 😍 pure magic. So grateful and honored to enter the Mermaid Magdalene mysteries with woman from all around the world! Belgium, Australia, England, The Mainland, and Hawaii. It is such an honor to live my joy and passion and share in this way after there being so much oppression of this gnosis the past 2,000 years. That it’s finally safe to be seen and share in this way is a precious gift. I do not take it for granted. We could still be killed or imprisioned for this in certain places around the world, but the oppression of the feminine is loosing its grip. We are gathering, remembering and speaking up. Shaking off the shackles. And being supported by all life! The power lives within. Love thyself. Love life. Love other as self. We are water. Water is life💧💎💧 click the link in bio for details about the retreat. There is only one spot left✨

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In the water, everything softens, suspends, quiets. The senses become bathed in another world. The world in which we were formed in our mothers wombs. Here the access point to the unseen realms becomes clearer as the mind chatter slowly falls away like a tired leaf hanging too long on a winter branch. We let ourselves tear drop into the pool of Infinity. Melting into our essence as the dross of an age that tells us we are what we think washes away. Water, our earthly mother, knows no time. She is eternal present. Offering us this gift of gnosis. Listen. Let go. She will take you into the darkness. The void. The abyss. Deep below the surface of “reality” into the mystery. The mist story. The veiled tale. Here, let your star light be nurtured back to its original brightness. Only in the darkness do you come to see the sweetness of your own eternal sun. Beloved one, can you hear yourself now? In the softness of no time, no space? The heart beat drumming us home...to love. 💧💧💧 I’ve always loved the water, but the two years I spent living and studying at the AquaMystica water temple completely changed my relationship to her. We did all kinds of feminine practices in the water. Jade egg, tantric dance, meditations. And learned aquatic bodywork, but through understanding water as the elemental divine mother. This image is of a Divine Mother Float workshop in the ancient feminine retreat I held last year. It is one of my favorite things to offer, and I’m so excited to be sharing it again at the Woman as Water Retreat in two weeks! Link in bio for more information.
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I used to think if something was “meant to be” it would flow and always be easy and graceful. My perspective has shifted hugely around this. When I launched my 5 week Waters of Love program, it brought up my deepest fears, shadows and honestly things I thought I’d “healed” long ago. The night before the first live call, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I had to puke. The next morning, I was shaking and had diarrhea! My entire system was purging old programs. Last year during my first retreat, my body also reacted. Cold sores, wisdom tooth, splinter, and fever/cold. When we step out in sharing our work on larger scales, the patterns that have kept us from doing so before will arise too, and oftentimes, they are somatic. I want to remind you that there will be times when things flow with grace, but not to be alarmed when your body is upgrading to its next expression of service in the world! No one I know, even the most “perfect” “spiritual” people, have “problem” free lives. It’s truly about how we respond and perceive what happens that makes the difference. Acceptance is key. Its okay to feel bad. It’s okay to hurt. It’s okay to have problems. It’s life communicating with you. Listen, accept, and move into freedom of creation. 📷: @rachelshilah
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The essence of loves heartbeat is not in the speech of tongues driven mad with separation. It’s in the spit that reaches through the waters of time into the presence of pleasure divine. Over lips swollen with longing for communion of embodiment. Words fly around the head like swarming bees. Be silent. Come taste my nectar. Saturate our souls in the song of honey dripping from heaven 💗
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Eee eee eee dolphin sounds of joy! 🐬💕✨ A mini miracle just occurred! A gorgeous retreat center with more bedrooms has opened up for the 💧Woman as Water 💧retreat in Kauai the end of this month! I’m so grateful for the spontaneous spaciousness to receive 2 more woman! This is the most precious event to my heart that I’ve ever created. I will be sharing my favorite workshops, rituals, and insights that have come through around water, sisterhood sensuality, and divine mother love over the past 5 years. This retreat is an initiation. My whole crown is tingling as I write this. I’m so excited! If you feel one of these last two spots is for you, message me, so we can set up a call. Since it’s expanding, I also am welcoming in another assistant for partial scholarship and shared room. The link for the retreat page with all the details is in my bio 🧜‍♀️💕💧 •Divine Mother Floats in salt water pool •Sisterhood Sensorium Heart & Womb Massage •Diamond Geometry clay body paint activation •Water blessings, prayers and rituals at sacred water spots on the island •Learn water priestess arts such as scrying and water essence making •Local and organic raw vegan food by a master chef

Photography: @chanelbaranphoto
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