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Daisy Winfrey  Mostly dumb.

Thank you, please, may I have another? #twinpeaks #thereturn

Adventures In Old Sketchbooks. #artlife #gangoffour #confederacyofdunces

Yes, all my things are creepy, BUT IT'S FOR ART. #artlife #hoarder

@agkhan @ktroseleee In the meantime, I'll keep collecting words of wisdom the bikers spill. Because KNOWING IS HALF THE BOTTLE.

Accidentally (subconsciously) made a painting of a DICK on my palette, which is funny (Freudian) because I was just thinking about someone who is a DICK. The human mind: it ain't no joke. #artlife #itsgettingfreudinhere

Found an old #sketchbook from 2012 that was, for some reason, not carefully packed in the boxes of junk I usually throw all my old sketchbooks in. Half of it makes no sense. This drawing, however, makes perfect sense. #CREAM #artlife #wutang

When Merrilee gets her Ice Cube on. @merilka #icecube

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