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Daisy Tomlinson 

Oh my ... I haven't talked to them on kik in FOREVER

Omg the last photo had Eleanor's number omg omg omg

Mum and phoebe contact xxxx

Louis contact

Fizzy's contact! What other contacts should I show you guys??? Xx

Its defiantly the correct number I just asked her...

Trying it again hahaha xx

Should I get these for Lottie? Do you think she would like them? They are from top shop:) xxxxx

I'm sorry that you think daisypeastommo is real. NOBODY related or friends with someone related followers her. Where's her proof? Made up storied? Um yeah...have you seen the photos I put up from France last night? Check it out. Where have would I get them from...seriously stop.

This is funny xxxx

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