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Daisy Fuentes Marx  Study me as much as you like, you will not know me, for I differ in a hundred ways from what you see me to be. -Rumi @daisyfuentesstyle #daisyfuentes

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Nothing but pure 💙 for Bronx. Here at #daisyfuentesstyle, we are big on ALL animals, and that’s why @daisyfuentes is so passionate about only making #daisyfuentescollection products that are 100% cruelty free ... Because you don’t need to abuse animals to be fashionable! #crueltyfree #crueltyfreebeauty #adoptdontshop #daisyfuentes

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This water is perfection. Could seriously do this all day. All. Day. Actually, kinda did 😉

Breakfast this morning was epic. Beautiful & Delicious tofu scramble w avocado. @aarootsmaui #plantbased ✌🏼🌱

Happy Birthday my King ❤️ You are exquisite & extraordinary & I love you! ❤️

Tomorrow is his bday. This is the moment when @therichardmarx found out where I was taking him for his bday. Can’t believe I’ve been able to keep it secret a month! 🎂🎉🌊🥂#suprisetrip #maui #aloha

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MEET MISS DAISY SNUGGLES - she was rescued this week from a horrid factory farm along with some of her sisters - she won’t live long but she will have much love and joy while she does. These poor #chickens are so genetically fucked up their poor bodies are so weak as they are forced to grow so huge in a short space of time and are killed at 6 weeks old - still babies. Please rethink your food choices. Chickens are SO sweet and loving. #govegan #veganaf #friendsnotfood #rescuechickens #endfactoryfarming #herbivore #environmentalist #meatmeansmurder #iamnotyourfood #animalrights #animalliberation #alf #openrescue #freetheanimals #emptythecages @daisyfuentes she is named after you 💋😘 thank you for all you do


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Each of these babies were separated from their mothers at birth. They are only a matter of days or weeks old and are absolutely desperate to suckle on their mothers udders for the milk that was stolen from them for human consumption. They were sucking so hard on my fingers out of pure desperation.

They are kept in these individual metal cages alone with just grain and water (no milk replacement), no shelter, no comfort, no room to move, no motherly love.

If they are male they will soon be killed for their flesh and sold as veal since they cannot be exploited for their milk. If they are female they will be brought up to face the same fate as their mothers. Forcefully impregnated in what the industry calls a ‘rape rack’, repeatedly, their whole lives until they are so exhausted that they have nothing left to give, until their reproductive systems shut down and so are murdered for their flesh too. These mothers have everything taken from them, their babies, their milk, their freedom and ultimately, their lives.

And on top of all that, the milk from a farm like this will be sold as ‘local’ ‘organic’ ‘grass fed’ and ‘hormone free’ as if that makes any difference to these animals, and consumers will feel better about their choices and believe that they’re doing a good thing choosing that product over any other. They will believe the picturesque image on the milk carton of the mother and baby running through the fields together, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Regardless of the type of farm, there is NO way to steal milk from a mother without stealing her baby too.

This is what happens every time you buy cheese, milk, ice cream, yoghurts or any dairy product. Please do not take what does not belong to you.
.#veganforthem #veganforanimals #veganforthevoiceless #veganismo #mothersmilk #notyourmilk #dairysucks

Eliminate the unnecessary 🖤

Fur is not “fashionable” the fashion industry knows it’s time to #evolve 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 🌱 🦊 #Repost @worldanimalnews
#MakeCompassionTheFashion! - Another significant step on the road to the fashion industry becoming #furfree was announced today by the #BritishFashionCouncil (BFC).👏🦊💛
#London has become the first of the main fashion weeks to ditch animal #fur in its shows after the #BFC shared in a statement that none of the designers participating on the official schedule would be using it.
The BFC survey of participating designers not using fur reflects “a cultural change based on ideals and choices made by designer businesses, international brands as well as consumer sentiment.”
Last year, more than 250 anti-fur protesters demonstrated at the event, growing from 25 in 2016.
As #WAN reported yesterday, #Burberry is the latest luxury fashion brand to ban the use of real fur on its products. The British fashion house joins a growing list of compassionate and forward-thinking brands such as #StellaMcCartney, #Gucci, #Versace, and #VivienneWestwood, that opt for alternatives to fur. 🙏💛
Read More 🌍👉 www.WorldAnimalNews.com @worldanimalnews @peace_4animals

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