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Daisy Bow  🇿🇦South African in London🇬🇧* English Literature & History of Art, Film & Design Student* now doing a Masters in Gender Without Borders

Throwback to the EGM. I felt proud to represent our Union and to give our membership a chance to shape Union policy. The fact the room was overflowing with students trying to find seats says that we're building stronger student engagement.

I'm the mornings, sometimes Kali will lie on top of me and she will put her paw on my face as if she is petting me. Luna almost always sleeps above my head. #hewhodoesnotpost is always next to me.
Best sleep.

Throwback to #internationalwomensday Honoured to have been recognised by the University for my passion to dismantle the patriarchy and smash the glass ceiling below my own white feet. I'll forever strive so that all my sisters can lead and shine together.

Listening to Angela Davis in a room electric with the buzz for collective social change, made me cry. It also rebooted my drive to dismantle the kyriarchy! My job is to smash the glass ceiling below my feet to help my sisters rise.

Golly. This is only possible because of the 993 student that voted, my friends who helped and the people that believed in me. Gus played a really good game and was challenging competition. Regardless to who it went to, Knights Park would have had a dedicated Officer. Everyone that ran was so inspirational - to see their passion and love shine through. x 🎨 ✏️ 📚

Officially running to be the next Knights Park Officer and NUS delegate. You can vote on Monday from 12pm.
It matters who you vote for, and this position sits at every level of the University pushing for change that YOU want to see. Good leaders are not those who shout the loudest, but those who can inspire everyone to shout together. Would really appreciate any help and social media sharing during the week next week!
Good luck to all the candidates!

#hewhodoesnotpost sent me the most amazing flowers at work today. They were the last thing I expected and so beautiful. ❤ You know, two years ago I was in the middle of the deepest depression I have ever been through. For months I couldn't eat, leave the house or function. This dark cloud descended over me and I got myself into a dark pit. Eventually On the 12th of Feb, I was caught crying (once again) by my flat mates who then decided to hold an intervention... they made me tea... and got me to sign up on Plenty of Fish. The next day (yesterday 2 years ago) I met @virtualbrown. He brought so much peace, light and love into my life and I wouldn't know where I would be without him. Now we live in a beautiful home with two beautiful cats and I couldn't be more blessed. 🐱🐱 💞 #love #valentines

Great day talking to these amazing humans that go to Kingston Uni and call it their home. My new #craftivism shirt makes me so happy and my cats are the joys of my life. Also.... Wouldn't be able to do it without #hewhodoesnotpost . The kindest person I know.

That time 2 years ago when I came across this artist after a performance at #KnightsPark .

🎶 *sings the intro to the Lion King* 🎶
Have the best kitties in the world

'Memba that time we went to the Science Museum in Queens NY?'
'Oh yea, I memba...'
'Memba that cool room that messed with perspective?'
'Oh yea, I memba'
With #hewhodoesnotpost

If you walk down Claremont road from Surbiton Station... you'll find this paw print in the bricks on the corner of Maple Road.
A cat print in a brick. I wonder who else can spot it?

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