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breyer horse  ↣I collect "toy" horses↢ 18 | Alyssa Roelofs @teachingthemadness History geek | photographer | Artist ➳ Next stop: Undecided SALES BELOW 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👀

Someone left this on the FFA desk😂 I LOVE it!

Oh look the one I wanted 😢😩 now it’s going to be hard for me to sell him...


This is such a amazing giveaway! Your tack is just breathtaking, and anyone would beyond luck to own this piece. I would love this rug and set for a custom I have in the works for a performance set up! Thank you so much for hosting! 🙂 @nv_studios1998 #nvstudio15k

I’m not sure I like his spots

So my big news is that I'm going to be raising my own herd of a few Cows! I'll be getting the calfs from the farm I work at and they will have alot of land to graze on after they get off of milk Replacer! I even have cute little barn and a huge green house. I'll post more of it soon

Guys I have some big new! To some of you it won't mean anything, to some it will be exciting, and to some.... well you will be unfollowing me. I'll explain in a couple days when I find the right words

The new bull coming down the shot😀 @my.ranch has really inspired me to post more of my beloved Cows! Now I have to go take care of some real calfs and milk cow 🐄 😝😅

Okay rant time! I UNDERSTAND if you don’t like dairy, but I HATE when people don’t understand the full side of dairy. I have seen cows leave their baby’s in the dirt and go lay down in a free stall after giving birth and I have seen some as a good mother and protect them. But it’s mostly for the calfs Heath and it is best for them to be separated. A calf has a higher survival rate when its away from older cows ( this includes the moms) bc its system are so week. For example we have a cow that is a good mom and licks her calfs clean but they always die bc she gives them her cold and they are not strong enough to fight it. The calf also MUST have its mother first milk (colostrum) or it will die so don’t think the calf doesn’t get a drop of milk from its mom unless the farm it was born at used colostrum replacer. Every farm is very different and each cow is very different so before you think that farmers are evil just look at it from a different point of view for a second. I’m not trying to change you mind but one of my jobs is to keep these little guys healthy and the world is not going to give up its ice cream anytime soon so at least I’m a worker who care greatly about them

We had to draw a color page for my art class today so I started a wandering holy cow from India. .
I have been losing a lot of followers lately:( maybe people are getting sick of all my cow stuff instead of horses

The peter stone drafter is so cute! But I would have to go with the Geronimo bc he’s a grail of mine😍❤️ @breyergem #

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