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DailyMealSg🍴  Food reviews by two greedy 🐷 Now you don't have to worry about what to eat but how to get a seat💁🏼 📩dailymealsg@gmail.com


We were just looking for a simple meal to satisfy our hunger when we walked into Larder but we ended up uncovering a hidden gem instead. Located at Toa Payoh Central, the unassuming cafe served up an amazing Tom Yum pasta at a very decent price ($18). The pasta was cooked perfectly and had a nice bite to it. The Tom Yum sauce was perfectly balanced, boasting just the right amount of flavor and spice. A very generous amount of fresh mussels, prawn and squid was also dolloped onto the pasta, making the meal even more delightful and value for money.
We’ll definitely recommend giving Larder a try. The prices are very affordable for a cafe and they serve really tasty food.
Our rating : 4.4/5
p.s. Let’s hope we don’t turn into pieces of lard from eating too much food🌚

📍Saveur - 3 Course Meal for $38

This the season to be jolly, and what better way to be jolly then to indulge in a good meal?
Knowing that Saveur had a X'mas set meal, we promptly headed there, hoping for some nice Christmas fare to fill our stomachs.
We had the tiger prawn pasta for appetizers, and it tasted exactly like their signature Saveur pasta, which we were fine with, with tiny chunks of tiger prawns at the side. While the pasta was cooked well and tasted good as well, we do think that they could perhaps be more generous with their prawns.
We had the Beef Rossini, done medium rare for our mains. A slab of beef was soon served, with a nice chunk of foie gras lying on top of it.
Props to the chef for preparing the foie gras excellently. It was creamy and rich and was an absolute treat. The beef however was just a little too rare for our liking. It was definitely closer to tar tar than medium rare, and while it tasted fine, we did not particularly fancy our meat that raw.
The Hazelnut and chocolate dessert that was served at the end was a sort of chocolate and hazelnut cream. The chocolate wasn't too sweet and we were captivated by the taste on the first bite. However, the creamy texture started getting a bit overwhelming for us and soon enough, we found ourselves struggling to finish the dessert.
We have always loved the food that Saveur serves, but this meal was definitely not the best X'mas gift that they could have given us. We know it’s a cold cold xmas but why are they serving us cold cold food😩🌚 Our rating : 3/5

P.s. Merry X'mas Everyone!! 🎊🎉⛄

📍PS Cafe- Truffle Shoestring Fries: $15

Having midweek blues? Nothing better than a mountain full of truffle fries to chase them blues away!
This plate of truffle fries from PS Cafe screams indulgence (and calories) and we love it. Perfectly fried and lightly tossed with truffle oil, the fragrant aroma of truffle envelops you the moment the the fries are served.
The Parmesan cheese that was generously grated over the fries went perfectly with the crispy strips of potato and with a final touch of parsley, the fries tasted absolutely delicious.
Also, you'll be glad to know that besides serving mind-boggling tasty fries, the ambience at this cosy cafe is a 💯too, and makes for a great hangout with your partner, friends or family.
P.s. We don't need a p.s for p.s cafe right? 🌚

Our rating: 4.2/5

📍Waa Cow Sushi Bar
Situated with dozens of other food stores in Raffles Place, Waa Cow Sushi Bar is by no means easy to find. It is however definitely worth the effort.
We ordered their signature Mentaiko Wagyu Beef Don and was quickly served a beautifully plated don, with a bed of soft wagyu beef lying on fluffy Japanese rice with creamy Mentaiko sauce slathered all over. A perfectly sous vide egg was also included at the side of the don. 
We were also thoroughly impressed when we realized the dish didn’t just look good but tasted excellent as well. The wagyu beef was soft and melted in our mouths and combined with the rich and flavorful taste of the mentaiko sauce made it an absolute delight to consume. The rice, like all good Japanese rice was fluffy and soft, and went perfectly with the beef.
All in all, though slightly pricey, the Mentaiko Wagyu Beef Don was truly a great gastronomic experience and we would recommend heading down to Waa Cow Sushi Bar to try it out.
p.s. As the Taiwanese would say "哇靠 these dons are pretty good"🌚 p.p.s. We also ordered the mentaiko salmon don and truffle beef don but we found the Mentaiko beef don to be the best. 
Our rating : 4.1/5

📍Ilightyou -$5.90

Tucked away in the basements of Somerset mall, this takeaway kiosk ILightYou might just be your next go to when you’re looking for a delicious drink to quench your thirst.
At $5.90 each, you get to choose a mix of two flavored juices to be mixed in a light bulb. All drinks sold here are made from 100% real fruit puree so it’s definitely the healthier choice. 
What is more exciting for us was the fact that these light bulbs could actually light up! The light framed the vibrant colors of the juices beautifully, and the aesthetics of the drink was so amazing that we literally stood there and gasped in amazement.
And it wasn't just about aesthetics. The peach and mango mix that we had was tasty, refreshing and not too sweet, perfect for the hot weather of Singapore!
If you so wished to, you could also add an additional unicorn macaron to further glam up your photos for $3.90!
Overall, we find Ilightyou to be an interesting concept and it is worth a try if you happen to be in the vicinity!

P.s. Maybe this could even be the perfect gift for valentines and for subtle confessions 🌚

Our rating: 3.9/5

📍Lepark- Otah Bomb: $10 Nett

Who would have thought you’ll find a hidden gastro bar in the middle of a carpark? But that’s exactly what Lepark is, a hidden enclave in a multi-story carpark that is perfect when you want to grab some good food, have a drink and just chill out.

One of our favorites at Lepark is the otah-infused chicken wings. Think boneless wings fried to a beautiful golden brown, stuffed with generous chunks of delicious otah. The spiciness of the otah combined with the savoriness of the chicken wing is guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds and give you an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Paired with their crafted beer, Lepark was truly a place where you could kick back and relax.
Sadly though, Lepark is ceasing operation on 30th September as their lease is expiring and while we will miss the otah wings and delicious beer, what we will miss more will be the presence of this amazing establishment. 
Shout out to the team at Lepark for having brought us such good food and beer, and for all our friends who have yet to tried Lepark, do head down before it's too late! 
p.s. Guess the question is.. where do we lepak at now?🌚 Our rating : 4.1/5

📍Saveur : Pork Belly - $16.90

Serving delicious french food at affordable prices, Saveur has always been one of favorite places to dine at. 
Having always ordered their duck confit, we decided to try something new this time around and we ordered the pork belly instead.
The pork belly was served in a “Garbure” french stew, and was accompanied by a beautiful sous vide egg on the side.
As we tucked into our meal, we couldn’t help but marvel at how delicious the pork belly was. The meat of the belly was soft and tender, and yet the skin of the pork was still crackling and crisp. Eaten with the honey mustard sauce provided on the side, the contrast of flavors is truly immensely pleasant to the taste buds and made for a wonderfully foodgasmic experience.
The sous vide egg was done perfectly and was the icing on the cake. Like all other sous vide egg, it was absolutely delightful.

We didn’t particularly enjoy the stew considering that it was filled with beans and we aren’t the biggest vegetable lovers but the pork belly and the sous vide egg more than made up for it.
Overall, it was still a delicious meal and we would highly recommend Saveur to all our friends and family. 
Our Rating : 4.3/5

P.s. You will definitely savor the food at Saveur🌚

📍Geometry - French tart with single scoop gelato ($9.90)

If you’re getting sick of the usual gelato with waffles routine, maybe it’s time to switch things up with these tarts from Geometry.
Freshly baked and served lukewarm, the French tarts ($9.90 was just absolutely perfect for the sweater weather these days.
Boasting a buttery fragrance, the saltiness and crunchiness of the tart complimented excellently with the richness and sweetness of the gelato and made for a wonderful combination when consumed together. An added bonus of this dessert is how it is just so pretty and totally tailored for Instagram! Served with a salted caramel floss nestled on top of the gelato, be prepared to snap away!
What more can you ask for when both the aesthetics and the taste of the dessert is so on point? We have always been advocates of Geometry's dessert and probably always will be!
P.s. This is probably the only fond memory we have of geometry 🌚

Our rating: 5/5

📍Venue: Cold pasta konbu truffle oil -$23.

We are back at Venue again and by now you can probably tell how big of a fan we are of their specially curated dishes. It’s easy to not disappoint, but what’s tougher is surpassing expectations. And at Venue, they never fail to impress.
We ordered their famed cold pasta that comes drizzled with konbu and truffle oil this time round and we were instantly sold by the explosion of flavors of this seemingly simple yet unpretentious dish. A stellar rendition that is obviously cooked with precise timing, the noodles that were coated with umami sauce was Al-dente and had a perfect bite to it.
Sprinkled with chives and lightly tossed with truffle oil, one mouth of the pasta and strong notes of truffle overpowers your taste buds, leaving us completely in awe.

This plate of angel hair pasta caught us by surprise and we can't stop gushing over how good it was! Not to mention, the service at VENUE was impeccable as usual. They are definitely going to be seeing more of us around for sure!

P.s. This is definitely one of our personal favorites as we devoured the entire dish in seconds. Then again, which dish did we not devour in seconds at VENUE? 🌚

Our rating: 5/5

📍5 The Moments - Matcha waffles with earl grey ice cream ($10.80)

If you’re a frequent patron of the CBD area, you would probably would have seen this quaint café with vibrant turquoise and white furnishing! Just like how it’s outlook deviated from the usual monochrome and minimalist lay out, the interior décor of the café was vastly different from that of mainstream hipster cafes. Old school, vintage vibes that screamed nostalgia prevailed from all corners of the room and brought back fond memories of our childhood.
Interestingly too, not only was the decor of this cafe fresh and unique, it also serves as a film photo studio as well!

We were super hyped to see the variety of red velvet, matcha and buttery milk waffles but sadly, we were slightly disappointed with the quality of the waffles. Unlike what we hoped for, the matcha waffles that we ordered was too charred and burnt at the ends. The insides of the waffles weren’t fluffy or moist as well. Thankfully though, the quality of their earl grey ice cream was amazing! Creamy and with just the right tinge of earl grey flavor, the little scoop of goodness was seriously addictive and really helped to make up for the waffles!

Though we probably wouldn’t go back for the waffles, the ice cream really did impress us and the atmosphere really made up for it.

P.s. Any thing for the gram right 🌚

Our rating : 3/5

📍The Skewer Bar

Many people think that Geylang is nothing but a red light district, but little do they know that a new wave of cafes such as the Skewer Bar have just settled in the outskirts of the old district.
Upon arrival at the quaint establishment, we quickly ordered their chili Sea Bass($22), a dish which was highly recommended by our friends. We also decided to try a few of their more popular skewers such as the quail egg wrapped with bacon, the asparagus wrapped with bacon ($1.80), the chicken mid-joint ($1.20), the chicken and pork balls ($2.40) and the shiitake mushroom ($1.20). We started salivating upon the arrival of the long awaited Sea Bass. Clad in an armor of red chili sauce, the big fish looked absolutely delicious and we couldn’t wait to tuck in.
We are glad to say that the sea bass boasted white juicy flesh that was delicious to consume. However, we were slightly let down by the chili decked on top of the fish. We had expected something with more flavor and kick to it but surprisingly the chili, though looking really fiery, was actually very mild in taste and left us feeling slightly underwhelmed.
The skewers however, completely blew us away. The salty bacon was grilled perfectly, and tasted incredible when wrapped with the quail egg and asparagus. The mid-joint was tender and soft to the bite, and the mushrooms boasted a nice full-bodied taste.
If you’re interested in skewers, you might want to consider giving this place a try! Their skewers are really pretty decent.

P.s. Lots of skills are required to prepared this skillwer (skewer)🌚 Our rating: 3.5/5

📍Donya -Salmon mentai ($8.80)

By now, you guys should know that we are mentaiko monsters, and of course, we couldn’t resist trying out Donya when we heard about their mentaiko salmon don!

Greeted by warm smiles and friendly faces, the staff at Donya politely took our orders and within minutes, had delivered the food to our table.
A beautiful piece of salmon, slathered with mentaiko mayonnaise lying on a bed of japanese rice; the don looked like a beautiful art piece to us.
As we took our first bite though, we were slightly taken aback. The rice was sticky and fluffy and a delight to eat. The salmon, though fried was still soft and palatable. The mentaiko sauce though, boasted far too much mayonnaise and way too little mentaiko in our opinion. The taste was in fact extremely reminiscent of the taste of Hana Maki, and fell short of the salty mentaiko flavor which we were craving. We do however give them props for being generous with their mentaiko sauce!
Maybe our expectation for mentaiko sauce is just too high, so do tell us what you think after you check them out!

p.s. DONYA need salmon in your life too?!🌚 Our rating : 3.2/5

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