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DailyMealSg🍴  Food reviews by two greedy 🐷 Now you don't have to worry about what to eat but how to get a seat💁🏼 📩dailymealsg@gmail.com

📍Geometry - French tart with single scoop gelato ($9.90)

If you’re getting sick of the usual gelato with waffles routine, maybe it’s time to switch things up with these tarts from Geometry.
Freshly baked and served lukewarm, the French tarts ($9.90 was just absolutely perfect for the sweater weather these days.
Boasting a buttery fragrance, the saltiness and crunchiness of the tart complimented excellently with the richness and sweetness of the gelato and made for a wonderful combination when consumed together. An added bonus of this dessert is how it is just so pretty and totally tailored for Instagram! Served with a salted caramel floss nestled on top of the gelato, be prepared to snap away!
What more can you ask for when both the aesthetics and the taste of the dessert is so on point? We have always been advocates of Geometry's dessert and probably always will be!
P.s. This is probably the only fond memory we have of geometry 🌚

Our rating: 5/5

📍Venue: Cold pasta konbu truffle oil -$23.

We are back at Venue again and by now you can probably tell how big of a fan we are of their specially curated dishes. It’s easy to not disappoint, but what’s tougher is surpassing expectations. And at Venue, they never fail to impress.
We ordered their famed cold pasta that comes drizzled with konbu and truffle oil this time round and we were instantly sold by the explosion of flavors of this seemingly simple yet unpretentious dish. A stellar rendition that is obviously cooked with precise timing, the noodles that were coated with umami sauce was Al-dente and had a perfect bite to it.
Sprinkled with chives and lightly tossed with truffle oil, one mouth of the pasta and strong notes of truffle overpowers your taste buds, leaving us completely in awe.

This plate of angel hair pasta caught us by surprise and we can't stop gushing over how good it was! Not to mention, the service at VENUE was impeccable as usual. They are definitely going to be seeing more of us around for sure!

P.s. This is definitely one of our personal favorites as we devoured the entire dish in seconds. Then again, which dish did we not devour in seconds at VENUE? 🌚

Our rating: 5/5

📍5 The Moments - Matcha waffles with earl grey ice cream ($10.80)

If you’re a frequent patron of the CBD area, you would probably would have seen this quaint café with vibrant turquoise and white furnishing! Just like how it’s outlook deviated from the usual monochrome and minimalist lay out, the interior décor of the café was vastly different from that of mainstream hipster cafes. Old school, vintage vibes that screamed nostalgia prevailed from all corners of the room and brought back fond memories of our childhood.
Interestingly too, not only was the decor of this cafe fresh and unique, it also serves as a film photo studio as well!

We were super hyped to see the variety of red velvet, matcha and buttery milk waffles but sadly, we were slightly disappointed with the quality of the waffles. Unlike what we hoped for, the matcha waffles that we ordered was too charred and burnt at the ends. The insides of the waffles weren’t fluffy or moist as well. Thankfully though, the quality of their earl grey ice cream was amazing! Creamy and with just the right tinge of earl grey flavor, the little scoop of goodness was seriously addictive and really helped to make up for the waffles!

Though we probably wouldn’t go back for the waffles, the ice cream really did impress us and the atmosphere really made up for it.

P.s. Any thing for the gram right 🌚

Our rating : 3/5

📍The Skewer Bar

Many people think that Geylang is nothing but a red light district, but little do they know that a new wave of cafes such as the Skewer Bar have just settled in the outskirts of the old district.
Upon arrival at the quaint establishment, we quickly ordered their chili Sea Bass($22), a dish which was highly recommended by our friends. We also decided to try a few of their more popular skewers such as the quail egg wrapped with bacon, the asparagus wrapped with bacon ($1.80), the chicken mid-joint ($1.20), the chicken and pork balls ($2.40) and the shiitake mushroom ($1.20). We started salivating upon the arrival of the long awaited Sea Bass. Clad in an armor of red chili sauce, the big fish looked absolutely delicious and we couldn’t wait to tuck in.
We are glad to say that the sea bass boasted white juicy flesh that was delicious to consume. However, we were slightly let down by the chili decked on top of the fish. We had expected something with more flavor and kick to it but surprisingly the chili, though looking really fiery, was actually very mild in taste and left us feeling slightly underwhelmed.
The skewers however, completely blew us away. The salty bacon was grilled perfectly, and tasted incredible when wrapped with the quail egg and asparagus. The mid-joint was tender and soft to the bite, and the mushrooms boasted a nice full-bodied taste.
If you’re interested in skewers, you might want to consider giving this place a try! Their skewers are really pretty decent.

P.s. Lots of skills are required to prepared this skillwer (skewer)🌚 Our rating: 3.5/5

📍Donya -Salmon mentai ($8.80)

By now, you guys should know that we are mentaiko monsters, and of course, we couldn’t resist trying out Donya when we heard about their mentaiko salmon don!

Greeted by warm smiles and friendly faces, the staff at Donya politely took our orders and within minutes, had delivered the food to our table.
A beautiful piece of salmon, slathered with mentaiko mayonnaise lying on a bed of japanese rice; the don looked like a beautiful art piece to us.
As we took our first bite though, we were slightly taken aback. The rice was sticky and fluffy and a delight to eat. The salmon, though fried was still soft and palatable. The mentaiko sauce though, boasted far too much mayonnaise and way too little mentaiko in our opinion. The taste was in fact extremely reminiscent of the taste of Hana Maki, and fell short of the salty mentaiko flavor which we were craving. We do however give them props for being generous with their mentaiko sauce!
Maybe our expectation for mentaiko sauce is just too high, so do tell us what you think after you check them out!

p.s. DONYA need salmon in your life too?!🌚 Our rating : 3.2/5

[📍Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles - $4/$6/$12/$20]

Think prawn noodles and Wah Kee Prawn Noodle is definitely one of the first stall that pops up to mind. Originally located at Pek Kio market, the establishment has since expanded and opened branches at Esplanade and Beach Road.
We headed to the Esplanade branch as it was more convenient for us(Slightly higher prices), and ordered a $12 bowl considering that the $6 one was sold out.
We were greeted quickly by a rich red broth, filled with 3 plump prawns and a bowl of mee kia lathered with lard and Wah Kee’s special sauce.
Sinking our teeth into the food, we understood why Wah Kee was such a popular fan favorite. The prawn broth was sweet and just brimming with flavor and was an absolutely delight to consume. The prawns that we found inside were big, fresh and juicy, and when tasted amazing especially when dipped with their special chilli sauce (ask for it! They forget to give it to you sometimes). The noodles were springy and really tasty when mixed with their special chili sauce.
In case you finish your soup too quickly and is craving for more, do note that Wah Kee actually offers free soup refills! Hallelujah!
All in all, though we do find that the price for Wah Kee is slightly steep, we feel that the quality of the noodles and prawns does make up amply for it!
p.s. Be prepared to be 🦐(吓)到by the juiciness of the prawns 🌚

Our rating : 4.4/5

📍 The Dark Gallery, Millennia Walk.

This new chocolate themed cafe nestled away in Millenia Walk truly offered us a decadent experience and we daresay is every chocolate lover's dream come true!🍫 Their Chocolate Rhapsody ($18), a combination of three of their chocolate ice-cream flavors was an instant hit with us. After all, why choose only one flavor of chocolate when you can indulge in all 3 (milk, dark and white chocolate)? -
The ice cream is topped with chocolate meringue, mousse and sprinkles of chocolate dusts, and the combination truly hits all the right spot and is a must to order for avid chocolate lovers out there. Special shoutout to their 80% dark chocolate ice cream, which we felt struck a perfect balance between sweetness, bitterness and richness of the chocolate.
Cut open their signature frozen s'mores ($7.50) and you’ll find a beautiful layer of 80% dark chocolate ice-cream contained inside it’s golden brown exterior. Taken together, the bitterness of the dark chocolate perfectly the sweetness of the toasted S'mores and really left us wanting s'more 😂

The ice cream waffles ($14) came with two scoops of ice cream and we instantly fell in love with the waffles that were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. While they specializes in chocolate, their other non chocolate flavors (vanilla and sea salt butterscotch) were also of top notch artisanal quality and complemented our waffles perfectly.
We feel like we’ve just found our new favorite ice cream parlor to hang at. We would without a doubt be back for more!

P.s. Ironically, this place is pretty well lit🌚

Our rating : 5/5

[📍Media Tasting- Toby's Dessert Asylum]

As we walked into the quaint cafe, we were instantly greeted with warm enthusiasm by their service staff, something not seen very often.
After a quick perusal of their menu, we realized that Toby’s was much more than just a dessert parlor. The cafe actually serves up a variety of affordable and delicious western food!

For appetizers, we were served the battered mushrooms ($6.50) and the hot wings ($8.90) and were we ever impressed. The mushrooms were fried to a crunchy texture on the outside but somehow remained moist and juicy on the inside. Paired with tar-tar sauce, the fungi was delicious to consume and would definitely provide the perfect kick-start to your meal.
The hot wings was another thing of beauty. Marinated in sambal sauce, the wings were tender and soft and packed just the right amount of punch, having us hooked in an instant.
Mains were served shortly after, and we had the chicken cordon bleu ($18.90) and the prawns and mussels tagliatelle ($17.90). The tagliatelle was cooked really well and the prawns and mussels provided were huge, making for a really good meal but what really impressed us was the cordon bleu.
One cut through the beautiful chicken cocoon and heaps of piping hot mozzarella cheese starts oozing out. The savory taste of the cheese truly complemented the tender chicken and ham that was snuggled beneath the crispy batter and provided for a foodgasmic culinary experience.
We had the Nutella cake and the mud pie to end our meal and were we glad that desserts provided a good home run to a great food tasting. 
The Nutella cake (It’s home made by the storeowner’s wife) was soft and moist, and though lacking slightly in Nutella taste was strangely addictive and we wolfed it down in an instant.
The mud pie was beautifully decadent, with dollops of delicious hot chocolate lava spewing out the moment we sunk our spoons into it. Served with a scoop of ice cream, this dessert guarantees that you’ll walk away feeling happy & satisfied.
All in all, we had a marvelous experience at Toby’s! We truly feel that the food is pretty bang for buck and would definitely recommend everyone to try!

[📍KAZAMA 台中 : Wagyu beef set for 2- NTD 2380]

Everything happens for a reason, and now we know the reason why Kazama is rated as one of the top restaurants to visit on Trip Advisor.

This barbecue restaurant easily surpassed our expectations and left us flabbergasted at the amazing food and service.

We ordered the wagyu set for 2, and was swiftly greeted with a salad, a bowl of pork soup, various cuts of beef, two beautiful beef balls that were laden with cheese and fresh seafood of the highest quality.
When we ate barbecued and consumed the Wagyu chuck flap tail, we knew that we had came to the right place. The beef was one of the best we ever had, literally melting in our mouths and filling our taste buds with delight.
The rest of the beef cuts (Short Ribs, Skirt Steak) were perfectly marinated and was an absolute delight to consume. The service was also impeccable, and the staff would constantly provide guidance and instructions on how to cook every single cut of the beef.
The beef balls was another genius creation. Loaded with spices and cheese, every single bite of the beef ball was decadent and simply heavenly.
We decided to wash down our food with their speciality butter beer and were we glad with our choice. Kazama works their magic into this beautiful concoction, creating an unbelievably creamy root beer with hints of butter scotch and vanilla. A definite must try if you hit up this restaurant!
Kazama truly is one of the best restaurants we ever had the pleasure of dining in, and it truly made our trip that much more memorable.

p.s. who cares if your hair smells like BBQ when you've grilled food this good?🌚 Our rating: 5/5

[📍台中- 春水堂]
Ever wondered where Bubble Tea was invented? Well, wonder no more! Apparently, bubble tea originated in Taichung, in a 2 story tea-house named Chun Shui Tang.
We ordered their more popular food such as their butter bread, the beef noodles and of course, their famous milk tea.
When the food arrived, we understood why Chun Shui Tang was packed to the rafters - Not only was the presentation of their food impeccable, the taste was top-notch as well.
The top of the butter bread was toasted to a perfect crisp, and coated with a beautiful layer of sweet butter. As we bit into the bread, we finally understood what the perfect toast was. Soft, sweet and buttery, the toast was truly a treat to our tastebuds and made for one of the best breakfast meal we ever had.
Their beef noodle was another classic. The noodles were tasty and of the perfect texture, making it a delight to consume. The broth was filled with flavor and yet wasn’t overwhelming, and we found ourselves slurping up the addictive concoction. The beef was soft and tender (by beef noodle soup standards) and actually provided for a pretty decent bite! All in all, we found ourselves truly enjoying the beef noodles and we would definitely recommend it to all our friends!
Last but not least though was their legendary milk tea. Surprisingly, we found their milk tea the most ordinary out of the three. With a generous head of milk foam at the top, the tea did taste good and provided for a pretty decadent drink. However, Taiwan’s other milk tea stores have done such an amazing job of copying the original that most of the milk teas we drank tasted exactly like Chun Shui Tang’s! So while we would recommend you trying the drink for it’s heritage value, don’t expect something that will absolutely blow your mind. It is just milk tea after all!
Chun Shui Tang was absolutely amazing and is a eatery that everyone visiting Taiwan should head to if given the chance!
p.s. After this meal in Taichung, we rlly felt we were tai zhong to move 🌚

Our rating : 4.2/5


As bizzare as the name sounds, eating coffin toast 棺材板 in Taiwan is not as bizarre as it seems.

Drawing inspiration from its name, the bread is shaped like a coffin with it's inside hollowed out and filled with a topping of your choice.

The outside of the toast boasts a crispy texture while the inside of it is still soft. We chose the teriyaki beef as our filling and we had no regrets at all. The generous chunks of stir fried beef sauce was juicy and tender and the salty and savory sauce complements the bread perfectly.
The toast was so good that we could have easily went for seconds if we weren't saving space for the other food at the night market!
This is definitely one food that we will take to the grave with us 🌚

Our rating: 4.5/5

[📍马辣顶级鸳鸯火锅 @ Taipei - NT499 (lunch)/ NT599 (dinner)] Mala Yuan Yang is one of the secret gems that we stumbled upon while exploring the crossroads of Taipei city and it’s by far one of our BEST meal in Taipei.

We were completely won over by the customisable double soup hotpot that boasted a quality broth and fresh ingredients. The spicy mala broth we got was surprisingly not oily and packs just the right amount of spiciness. The chicken broth was rich in taste and just lip-smackingly delicious. Mixed together, the spiciness of the Mala complemented the chicken soup perfectly and made for an addictive blend.
The extensive menu of fresh and quality seafood that they offer is also sure to impress. Ranging from chickens, prawns, prime beef cuts and many more, the amount of food they offer is sure to leave you spoilt for choice.

We have to point out that their US angus beef and Australian prime beef had us sold with its amazingly soft melt in the mouth texture!
Desserts are also of the highest quality, with choices between Movenpick or Haagen dazs ice cream and a decadent selection of cake!
To top it off, they even have free flow of beer and wine if you're in the mood for some alcoholic drinks.
With all that said, we highly recommend you to give Mala Yuan Yang a try when you’re in Taipei because for the quality and price, it’s too good to miss.

P.s. : Don’t say we didn’t warn you, the food coma feels after this meal is so strong you wouldn’t even wanna budge🌚

Our rating: 4.7/5

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