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DailyMealSg🍴  Food reviews by two greedy 🐷 Now you don't have to worry about what to eat but how to get a seat💁🏼 📩dailymealsg@gmail.com

[📍The Marmalade Pantry - lobster barley rissoto @ $32]

Everyone wants to go to Bali to take a chill pill, but most of us don't have the time. So why not just settle on some Lobster Barley Risotto instead?
Ingeniously substituting rice for the healthier barley, Marmalade Pantry's lobster risotto was truly a unique dining experience.
They were highly generous with the lobster, giving a very generous serving of lobster for the price paid. Two fresh tiger prawns were also served alongside the risotto.
The lobster was tender and juicy, and truly delighted the palate. The prawns were well-seasoned and was flavorful and delicious. The most interesting part of the dish though was of course the barley.
The barley was nutty and chewy, and it actually went pretty well with the lobster and prawns. However, we got tired of the taste of barley really quickly, and would still have preferred risotto done with rice instead.
All in all though, it is a pretty interesting experience to consume risotto made with something other than rice and if you're interested in trying something new, you definitely could give this a try.
P.s Don't be fooled, Marmalade Pantry definitely has more food to offer than your office pantry 🌚

Our rating : 3.6/5

[📍 Tomyum Mama- $12.90]

Looking to have a thai affair? Um we mean Thai fare? 😂🌚 Hop on down to Tomyum Mama to satisfy all your Thai cravings!

Housed together with the other eateries at upper Thomson road, this quaint cafe offers authentic Thai food at nett prices! No wonder it was full house when we visited.

We were initially skeptical on how good a pack of instant noodles could taste, but once we tasted this piping hot bowl of comfort ,we knew our skepticism was unfounded. The Maggie noodles were cooked to just the right QQ texture and was slurping good. The broth was a flavorful mix of tomyum paste, Thai spices and featured a generous amount of clams, prawns, pork and even crab meat (Actual crab meat, not the red crabmeat sticks mind you). At $12.90, this bowl of noodle was an absolutee steal!
What further added on to the delightful experience was that you could customize the level of spiciness and sourness of your tomyum noodles! For spicy lovers go wild and get yourself the level 3 chili! For those more adverse to spice, we recommend you play safe and get the level 1 chili!

Tomyum Mama provided us with a delightful dining experience at an affordable price! Aroi mak is all we have to say😋

Our rating : 4/5

p.s. You should bring your papa here to try the food too, not just your mama!🌚

[📍 Paddington house of pancakes - $13.90]

It’s Friday and what better way is there to reward yourself for working so hard the past week than having a well-deserved cheat meal like this amazingly decadent pancake. *cues drool*

We could smell the warm and buttery aroma whiffing through the store before our pancakes were even served. Imagine our delight when it finally came; Neatly stacked pancakes slathered with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with generous amounts of chocolate chips and marshmallow and an ice cream on top. The beautiful sight of the monstrous dessert was already enough to have us salivating. We were even more impressed when we tucked into the pancakes. The pancakes were fluffy and soft and was an absolute delight. The ice cream was creamy and went nicely with the warm pancakes.
Though it was a little too sweet for our liking with all the intense dressings going on, we were still pretty satisfied with the dessert as the pancakes were really awesome and I guess we could always opt for the savory pancake option next time!
Our rating: 3.9/5

p.s. Who needs those 6 packs when you’ve got these monster stacks?🌚

[📍Eastern Red seafood @ food lagoon - $8/$12/$16]

Everyone heads to East Coast Park to cycle, fly a kite or to have a nice picnic. Not us. We head there simply for one reason - Food. And one of our favorite food served in East Coast Park is the garlic salmon sold by Red Eastern Seafood Lagoon (Name Check Required). The barbecued salmon is generously garnished with fried garlic on top, and served in a nice little pandan leaf, with lemon, mayonnaise and chili at the side. The sight itself is a feast for the eyes but the taste of the dish was what truly stole our hearts. 
The salmon is barbecued perfectly, and the meat is cooked to the perfect doneness. It is tender and juicy and yet not too undercooked. The sautéed garlic was crisp and salty, and went excellently with the salmon. 
Though the salmon and garlic is already enough for a great experience, we highly recommend mixing the chili and mayo together and spreading it onto your salmon. The sauces complement the garlic salmon amazingly and the combination truly brought us to foodgasm. 
Our rating : 4.8/5 (Sometimes the salmon isn’t barbecued that well, so we took away 0.2 for consistency)

p.s.even though eat already might have garlic breath but it's totally worth it🌚

[📍Arbite - $21.40]

Salted egg soft shell crab pasta is always a go for us, so there’s little wonder what we ordered when we chanced upon Arbite, the little cafe situated in the heart of Serangoon Garden.
Our heart filled with glee when the pasta arrived and we saw a decently sized crab placed neatly on a bed of penne pasta soaked with bright golden salted egg sauce. 
Upon our first bite though, our heart sank. The penne pasta was slightly undercooked and was slightly too hard for our liking. The crab was covered in what seemed like layers and layers of batter and every bite we took uncovered more batter than crab meat. The salted egg sauce was also way too light, and we could hardly taste the sauce at all.
In Arbite’s defense though, many do say that their pastas are great, so our taste buds might have been faulty on that day.
Our Rating : 2.6/5

P.s. That feels when arbite (a bite) is all you'll take 🌚

[ 📍Don -$9.90]

Premium Japanese western fusion dons at a coffeshop? Yes you heard that right! we couldn't believe our eyes when we were saw this bowl of goodness in a quiet coffee shop at Foche road too!
We were even more surprised when the don came so beautifully done. Think 43 degree runny sous-vide egg  x Norwegian salmon topped with flame torched mentaiko. The salmon mentaiko don was cooked to perfection, and was of the perfect tenderness and texture. The sweet and savory taste of the mentaiko paired extremely well with the salmon, providing a well-rounded burst of flavors with each bite. Paired with the soft and fluffy Japanese rice (yes, they use Japanese fine grain rice), the don provided for a very gratifying meal. We just wished they were more generous with the mentaiko sauce though! (Sorry, we're mentaiko monsters)
Overall though, the ingredients used in the don were fresh and of high and the best part of it all was that it was at a very reasonable price!
Our Rating: 4/5
P.s.: DON miss out on this place or you'll regret it! 🌚

P.p.s the salmon don is way better than the wagyu beef don. Just saying.

[📍Big fish small fish]

Big fish small fish, uhm where’s the fish?👀🤔 One of the 7 cafes situated in punggol container box, this is one of the busiest café along the stretch and being the Singaporean that we are (long queue means good food) there’s no way we were gonna give them a miss.

We had the Seabass ($9.90) and the Salmon ($12.90) fish and chips set and it was so good, that amazing is an understatement. Using premium grade fish that were crisply battered, the fish was tender and soft on the inside and yet provide a crunch with every bite! The crisps that came with the fish was fresh and highly addictive and the establishment held nothing back, providing us with a insanely generous serving of crisps (The picture speaks for itself). And if that wasn’t enough, they offered an amazing variety of sauces - salted egg, XO, tar tar, cheese and the usual chili and tomato, all free-flow, (Say bye to measly amount of sauces given) to go along with the fish and the crisps.

The food really wowed us and we will definitely be back. Special mention to the Seabass fish and crisp. It was really fresh and juicy and definitely a must to get.
P.s. It’s all about that (sea) bass, about that bass, no trouble 🌚

Our rating :4.4/5

"I wished we'd met sooner” we mouthed, as we finished up our ice cream and left Geometry, a little neighborhood gem of a ice cream cafe that we discovered tucked at Bukit Merah.
Dramatic as it sounds, the memory of Geometry’s ice cream still lingers deep in our minds.
We first ordered their waffles with two scoops of ice cream, hazelnut and dark chocolate truffle.
Upon our first mouth, we knew we were in love. The ice cream was rich and thick, and the taste was simply heavenly. The chocolate was thick and robust, and the hazelnut, nutty and with a strong kick to it. Paired with their maple syrup doused waffles which was of the perfect sweetness, we truly lost ourselves in the moment and went to foodie heaven. 
We unanimously gave this ice cream parlor a 5, so if you’re interested in some sweet treats, do head down and knock yourself out. Though the location might be a little inaccessible for some, we guarantee you the ice cream will make it all worth it. This is hands-down one of the best ice cream parlors in Singapore.
P.s. We aren’t good at math but this is one kind of Geometry we'll gladly do everyday 🌚

Our rating : 5/5

[📍Geylang Prawn Mee - $5.50]

Prawn Mee has always been one of our favorite dishes and we were really excited to discover Geylang Prawn Mee which was nestled away in the corner of Upper Paya Lebar Road.

Ordering a $5.50 bowl of prawn mee upon entering, we were soon greeted with a bowl of bright yellow noodle that was decorated with finely-cut slices of prawn, a portion of chilli, and a bowl of soup at the side.
The noodles were cooked to a nice texture, and provided a delicious bite when mixed with the spicy sambal chili. The prawns were fresh and plump, and was delightful to consume. Most importantly of course, the soup was pretty tasty AND they provided free refills! We did find that the soup was less flavorful as compared to other notable prawn mee stores and we would have enjoyed the noodles even more if the chili was spicier. All in all though, Geylang Prawn Mee still provided for a very decent meal for a very affordable price.

P.S. Don't be mistaken it isn't located in geylang as the name suggests 🌚

Our rating :4/5

[📍Lobster Thermidor @ Pince & Pints- $68++] Craving them lobsters but having too many commitments that hinder you from jetting away to London to get them? This is probably the next closest thing you can get in SG to London’s lobster and burger.

Think succulent lobster crisply battered and grilled to perfection. Fresh lobster meat that is juicy at every bite. Coupled with a plate of cognac-doused, breadcrumb and parmesan sprinkled salad and lightly seasoned straight cut fries, this platter could very well be a 3-course dish in itself.

With that said though, while we love both the lobsters and the overall experience, we can’t help but note that there are sweeter and softer lobsters available at other establishments.
For this price though, the meal is still pretty decent and shout out to the service for it was impeccable.
P.s. : We didn’t get pints cause we got wine but they do serve up some very decent beer if you’re in need of a cold tall glass after a hard day of work🌚

Our rating: 3.9/5

[📍South Union Park- poutine fries @$11 ]

A decadent twist to your usual go to truffle or cheese fries, this little bowl of goodness is 100% worth the calories, cause it is really delicious!
The fries were fried to a beautiful golden brown, thoroughly soaked in duck gravy and drizzled with cheese sauce on top. The savory duck sauce and cheese blended perfectly with the crispy fries and provided a creamy flavor-filled experience with every mouth. The innovative chef also sprinkled salty duck skin over the dish, adding another dimension to the overall texture and taste of the dish!

The dish was so sinfully good that before we knew it, we hit rock bottom (of the plate) in minutes despite the HUGE serving they provided.
P.s. I swear this poutine is going to end up being one of my usual routine 🌚

Our rating : 4.6/5

[📍The Masses - Crabmeat & Caviar Pasta @14.90++] High-quality food at fairly reasonable prices is what every foodie dreams of finding and that is exactly what is available at the masses (they literally cater to the masses 😁) Serving up a ton of fancy and delicious dishes at below $20 (The US Black Angus Strip Loin priced at $22.90 is the only dish that cost above $20), The Masses was seriously a food-lover’s paradise. 
We promptly ordered their famed C & C Pasta upon arrival, and we couldn’t stop grinning when it finally came. 
Delicious angel hair slathered with a savory tasting sauce and topped with crab meat and caviar. The dish was truly a sight to behold. Unable to control ourselves anymore, we promptly tucked in and were we in for a big treat!

The pasta was cooked al dente, and provided a nice firm texture (perfectly cooked, not too hard) when bitten. The crab meat was soft, tender and sweet and provided a nice contrast to the savory sauce drenched on the pasta. With the addition of the rich tasting caviar, the dish truly delighted our taste buds and made for a very nice appetizer.
P.s. We never knew what a beautiful mess was, until we saw you🌚

Our rating : 4.5/5

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