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Fashion❣️MomLife❣️Elevators  « No to elevator music; Yes to elevator fashion » ⚜️Montréal, Québec⚜️ 🏷 Tag to get featured

#morepink 💗 « I got this super warm ski jacket because when it gets too cold, I tend to freeze with my soft shell 😓. I got it on sale - great deal 🤑 because now’s the the time to shop for winter gear🎿. Everything’s half price 🤩! » #skigirl 💞

#featurefriday ❤️💕#valentinesspecial 💗❣️Scroll to see all photos ⏩ 10 beauties with reds and pinks 🌷😍🌹.

#myroses 🌹 « Yesterday, I got myself some roses, but not the red ones 💞. I prefer different colored roses and how they contrast 🌈. » #selflove 🧜🏼‍♀️ #zeromakeup

#happyvalentinesday 💘 « I’m going to my daughter’s school today for my Valentine’s flower planting project 🌷. She had free dress today (no uniform!) and was allowed to dress in pink or red ❣️. She wanted me to match, so she decided what I’d wear to her school 💗. She picked the pink sweater, I chose the red Doc Martens 🖤. I also took out my tiny heart necklace that I’ve had since I‘m eight 💕. » #loverules

#bodychain 💫 « I got this body chain a while back for Valentines and hadn’t worn it in awhile 💞. I took it out for my friend’s bday party last weekend 👯‍♀️. The metal stands out nicely against the black of the dress 💣. Here’s a stocking tip > wear ‘almost black’ or ‘taupe’ sheer stockings with black dresses instead of ‘black’ stockings💡- it makes the black of the dress stand out more 🖤. And go for light pink lipstick contrast 👄. »

#mondaymoments #valentinesspecial for the start of Valentine’s week 💘 scroll to see all the photos :) ⏩ « These are my favorite elevator lover pics 💑 » #love

#mixnmatch 💥 « Younger, I used to make an effort to match my colors 💄👠🧣. Now, I’m more about how the clothes flow together; not everything tight or loose 💫, and how different textiles fit 🏁. Here I went for flared boots and flared skirt 🔹. As for materials, there’s suede, silk and and wool blend 🖤 . » #theothernight 🌙

#featurefriday with @elenaapostolou 🇬🇷 Greece « Love the chill style here: furry white coat + relax skirt + sneakers 👟 . Looks damn comfy 😍. And the different textures and patterns on the shoes 🐆, stockings •••, bag 🏁, coat 🐺... make the outfit really stand out 👊🏻.»

#mylittlepineapple 🍍 « #tbt to summer times ☀️ when we’re always out and about on our scooters 🛴. »

#whistlerdreaming 🗻 « I got this hoodie in Whistler during the winter of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics 🇨🇦. Every time I pull up the zip with the olympics logo, I think of going to Whistler to ski 🎿! The mountain is amazing and everyone is so chill there 💙. »

#longpearls 🐚 « I like to modify my clothes and jewelry to make different fun stuff 💍. One thing I do is combine necklaces 📿. Here I linked two ‘pearl’ necklaces (fresh water pearls + simili pearls) to make a long necklace 💫. There are always ways to reuse old items you don’t wear anymore ♻️. In this case, I found both necklaces individually were too short so I never wore them. Together, they’re much better and I wear them much more 💞!

#mondaymoments with @miss_clery , @hlski and @cheoony (Vietnamese 🇻🇳) 😍👌🏻🤩 Angel’s Pose 😎

#igloofest ❄️ « Getting ready to go to Montreal’s Igloofest 🎛 a cool electronic music festival 🎶 that takes place on weekends during the months of January and February ☃️. It was -20C so I had a multiple layers with the best base layer being wool+synthetic 🐑, not cotton. You can scroll ➡️ to see the “fullon layers” look 😅. And I also added some pics of what the igloo fest looks like ✨. Last night, Sasha and Digweed, were playing 🤩. Two amazing DJ pioneers who did an awesome set 🙌🏻. »

#fringebooties 🦊 « When you add up a couple of details: suede fringes, shoulder cut, pesley pants, pendant necklace ✨ it usually creates special outfits 💫. »

#featurefriday with JLo, Rihanna and Beyonce 🌟💫⭐️ « I figured I’d feature a couple music stars on the week of the Grammys 🎼🖤. »

🔙 #tbt #xmasconcert 🎶 « When my girl had her school xmas concert and she had to dress in black with a white top 🐩. So I decided to match 🐑. » #lovemusic 🖤

#recycledfur ♻️ « I already mentioned that I try to buy quality second hand for environmental purposes 🌎: furniture, decor, bikes... 🚲 anything that makes sense. One time, I went to this lady’s house to get a gorgeous brass plant stand and I spotted a bunch of fur items 🤩. When I asked, she said her dad had recently shut down his fur shop and that she was selling those items 💸. Her father had crafted these beautiful leg warmers with recycled fur 🔥. Needless to say I jumped on the occasion and got them for winter ❄️. I really like wearing them on top of leggings when I go for workouts 🤸🏻‍♀️. And I love how it seems like they were made especially for these boots 🖤. » #dancepose 🐆

#tweedledee ➿➰➿

#mondaymoments with @corinnegregory and @mmmclenn (🇦🇺 Australia) « Always nice to see a great dynamic between people ⚡️ and these girls are clearly having lotsa fun 👯‍♀️. Love how their outfits seem to match: sandals 👡, jeans👖, top 🖤 and how their hair clash 👱🏻‍♀️💥👩🏻. »

#houndstooth 💠 « The pattern on this skirt is called: houndstooth 🐶. Weird name... It’s one of my favorite patterns and I find it particularly nice with those two grey tones 🤩. However, I always find this skirt hard to match 🤔 so I usually just dress up all grey◻️. Here, I ended up pairing it with colors I really enjoy with grey 🌹▫️💎. I think it works! »

#smearforsmear 💋 « This year, the cervical cancer prevention week is from January 22 to the 30th 💁🏻‍♀️. For this, they came up with the ‘smear for smear’ campaign which encourages women to share a smeared lipstick selfie to raise awareness around cervical cancer 📢. Smear tests (also called Pap tests) can prevent cervical cancer 👩🏼‍⚕️. Ever since I turned 20, I’ve been going for screening every couple years 👌🏻. Twice they found problem cells and I had to go through a procedure to remove them 😕. Women don’t go for Pap testing because they are afraid it hurst - it doesn’t‼️ Be more afraid of what may happen if you never get the tests 🦀... So, GO GET SMEAR TESTED🌹! And tell your loved ones to go. »
Quick facts: 👭2 women lose their lives from the disease every day
💥Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under 35
😸75% of cervical cancers can be prevented by cervical screening (smear tests)
😨However 1 in 4 women do not attend this potentially life-saving test.

#featurefriday with @eylulkorhan 🇹🇷 Turkey « This pretty lady had so many nice elevator pics 🔝, I didn’t know which one to choose, so I put them all 📸... I love her style 👌🏻, her hair🤩, and those lips 👄! »

#blonderthanever 😵 « Yesterday I went to the salon 💇🏻. As usual, my hairdresser called the shots with the colorist - and this happened 👱🏻‍♀️! I was NOT expecting that 🤦🏼‍♀️. I guess I’ll get used to it. Gladly, people tell me it’s pretty 🤩 (or maybe they just wanna be nice 😐!). A year ago I was still full brown and hadn’t changed my hair color in years 👩🏻. It was a gradual process that was initiated by my hairdresser 😆... Now I’m thinking of maybe going a tad darker in the fall 🍁. So what do you think about the new color: Yay 👍🏻 or Nay 👎🏻? »

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