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Liana Blackburn  🍃Clean eating my way to a healthy gut 💃🏼Dancer - Go2Talent 👠BODY LANGUAGE 🍴Food is my medicine, 💊Dance is my drug 🏡LA


New combo
8:30pm @edgepac
Heels optional

There is still more dancing to be done this year. Come explore with me tonight!!!


It was an absolute pleasure to teach a live stream BODY LANGUAGE class for @clistudios members this weekend.
TY to the beauty @aleximagna for assisting me.

I have been admiring this company and what they offer to dancers, teachers, and studios all over the world for a long time now. And I am extremely grateful that @teddyforance asked me to be a part of it. •

If you have never heard of this incredible online dance training platform @clistudios I recommend you CHECK THEM OUT. They have curated amazingly talented teachers in LA, who have so much to offer, that you can experience at home or in your home studios.

My live stream class will soon be archived on their platform allowing members to take the class at any time if they missed the live stream! I will let you know when the class is up on the site. •

Extremely thankful to have opportunities to connect and reach souls in more ways than one. 🙏🏼 P.S.
(Make sure to zoom in on that dainty, high tech head mic I got to rock like a ROCK STAR🙌🏼. 🎤)

Grateful for the afternoon spent surrounded by these

Building Community & Support!

I want to say a ginormous THANK YOU to every soul that has taken BODY LANGUAGE this year. You have no idea how much it means to me that you choose to spend some of your time with me, and this community, in my class. •
Thank you for changing my life.
Thank you for being a part of such a powerful energy that we create together in class. •

It is an honor to connect with you, and I do not take this gift for granted! 🙏🏼
Thank you from every corner of my heart

What if...
Just what if...
You saw your future as having endless possibilities at EVERY AGE.
What if...
You were never told there was a limit.
You were never told you could be "late to the game."
You were never told that there was a time restriction on any goal, or any desire.

Instead you knew that every day, in every moment, and at every age, YOU have infinite possibilities. •
Looking into her eyes helps me understand that truth EVERY SINGLE TIME! Now it's time to see that in my own eyes!
📸 @cardonski

Teaching BODY LANGUAGE this week!
Tuesday @edgepac 8:30
Thursday @evolutionnoho 5:30
***link in my bio to register***
Heels optional

Something very special happened in last weeks class. I do not take for granted the pieces of you that you share and leave in that room.
It is an honor to witness your voice and offer a space for your voice to heard, free of judgement.

In this combo I talked about
Whether that be in a relationship with a friend, your lover, your career ANYTHING! And what would it feel like to confront that attachment and separate yourself from it. With all the LOVE you have!

It was beautiful listening to how this song affected each one of you so very differently. •

Hope to see you this week

Working on getting back to that place of not taking myself so seriously, ALL THE TIME. •

Who's with me???
HOORAY for more PLAY!!

Celebrating LOVE
With my LOVE
Surrounded by LOVE •
🤵🏽👰🏼 SENDING all our love to the newlyweds Mark & Lindsey

4 generations in one BOOM!
P.S. My niece @hennypenny16 is looking at me like "AUNTIE's CRAZYYY!!"

"Don't let the PERFECT be the enemy of the GOOD."
Do you ever have a hard time starting something or finishing something? Waiting & waiting to maybe not even do that something at all because you are worried it might not be PERFECT?
I've read that the average person spends 5 years of their life waiting in lines. So why should we choose to spend anymore time waiting for anything we want in life.
◽️◽️ For example I can spend three hours writing a business email because I can stress over every word, making sure that my intended inflection is coming off the page.
And sometimes I can be afraid to take on a new project if I don't feel I have ALL the possible knowledge there is know about it. ◽️
Someone recently reminded me how many more amazing things are going on at every given moment, then bad things. Yet somehow if something isn't " PERFECT" there can seem to be nothing good about it. ◽️
The more I take the time to recognize the amazing things that are happening all around me, to me, and within me, the more insignificant waiting for "PERFECT" becomes.
It's not the practice that makes the perfect, it's the PROGRESS that is perfect. ◽️
I no longer want to wait for PROGRESS!

A wise man shared this idea with me yesterday and it shined sooo much light on my life. I wanted to share it with you all, in case you connect with it too. ◽️◽️
The very thing that terrified me weeks before I married my husband, is the very thing that makes us the couple we are today!

I will never forget the moment I turned to @gsnarberg in our bed over 6 years ago and said "Do we need each other?"
I was so worried that we were missing something in our love because I didn't feel the NEED for him that I hear others associating with their relationships. That conversation lead to a whole slew of things which... lead to our marriage. A marriage of CHOICE not necessity or ATTACHMENT. Every day that goes by I realize more and more how much I honor this part of our relationship. That we choose each other, constantly. I also realize how much I want to adapt these principles in other aspects of my life. ◽️

This is proof dreams do come true!!!
Doing this one more time
THURSDAY 8:30-10pm
@evolutionnoho ***to register click link in my bio***
◽️How to dance with an artist◽️
It's dreamy enough to visualize what it is like to dance with an artist, let alone TWO! ESPECIALLY when the two men playing the "artists" are two of your favorite people in the world.
TY for being inspiring as humans, as my friends, and as artists! ❤️💋
Thank you to everyone that came to play last night it was such an incredible journey and can't wait to do it again! 💪MEEEEN!!! Where you at?!? We need ya!! Come and play with us💋👠💋

If you could only pick one item is this bowl to eat, what would it be?
Radish sprouts
Kelp noodles
Turmeric poached egg
You can probably guess mine...

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