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Liana Blackburn  🍃Clean eating my way to a healthy gut 💃🏼Dancer - @go2talent 👠BODY LANGUAGE class 🍴Food is my medicine 💊Dance is my drug 🏡LA


I haven’t taught these classes in a few weeks and I have missed you all terribly!

Body Language 101
Body Language

It’s not always about what you say, but HOW you say it. What does you Body Language say about you??

Have I told you that I love dancing with props?

Can you spot me living my insane asylum craziness?!? Haha

This snap from our performance last night with @beberexha “I’m a Mess” on the @teenchoicefox
tells it all! •

I am beyond inspired by every single one of these dancers talent, humility, and work ethic. It was an honor to learn from you and dance alongside you @morganchoice @noellemarsh @ryanlramirez @taye_knight @nicklanz04 @michaeldameski @chasehaleybowden @charlie_bartley @iamboyboi

And @beberexha you killed it mama!

@thesquareddivision thank you for your wet and wild creatives, choreogrpahy and for trusting me to be a part of so many of your projects.
I am very grateful to continuously learn from you. Until next time!

I’m excited to be performing next to some INCREDIBLE DANCERS and this babe @beberexha and at the Teen Choice Awards This Sunday! @teenchoicefox

I gotta tell you, I have been heavily inspired by all the dancers in rehearsals. THEY ARE GOING IIINNN, working so hard to bring this performance to CRAZY life! Learning so much from everyone! Thank you @thesquareddivision for bringing us together, and having a wet, wild and crazy vision!

JUST you WAIT and see!!!!

This is a little clip from the @beberexha “I’m a Mess” MV
Choreographed by @thesquareddivision


I am teaching Body Language POP-UP class for the first time ever at @movement.lifestyle and I could not be more stoked!

I am going to be doing my ORIGINAL BODY LANGUAGE COMBO to “BODY LANGUAGE “ BY QUEEN!!!! It’s been quite a while since I taught that one! I CAN NOT WAIT! I hope to have lots of your energy there to welcome Body Language into this space with me! •

THURSDAY, August 9th •

And look at this freakin FLYER?! 😱 It’s literally FIRE.... in my hand 🙌🏼🔥
mL you guys are the best! Thank you for welcoming me and making me look so cool!!! Xoxo
• and to 📸 @nikkidalonzo for your bomb ass photo xoxo 💋

You can find me here.
Sweating, sharing, screaming, supporting

📸 @gippstagram

🎶”Another one bites the dust” •

Thank You @dancerpalooza and all the dancers who attended for welcoming Body Language and myself so openly for the first time last week. •

It was an honor to play with you all. I left inspired and yearning for more!

Please enjoy my glorious struggle scream that I did at the end of the combo!! Haha. My voice just cracking away.


The Body Language Experience is BACK
and this time with dates in NY & LA!
I’m so freaking stoked, you have no idea!!

5 days
25 hours
15 women only
REGISTER ONLINE ***link in my bio***

What you do doesn’t determine who you are.
Who you are determines what you do!

This experience is unlike any other dance intensive as the focus is on BECOMING COMFORTABLE IN YOUR SKIN, DANCING & LIVING WITH PURPOSE, and TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE! I am so excited to connect with more beauties on BOTH COASTS!

The journey only begins at the intensive!


This is the first film I created with my dear friend Jonathan Pears @backtoawake over 4 years ago. And it has never been posted... till NOW! Oooooo! The memories are flooding my heart!

My husband and I had just purchased our very first home, which happened to be an income property, and I wanted to capture something in the back house just as it was, before we did anything to it, and before we started welcoming in people from all over the world. •

This song “Over” by the incredible @johnnyswim touches my soul in so many ways. While sitting in my vacant home I allowed the energy of ended relationships run through me. Some from my own experience, some from people I know very well, and others that I don’t even know.
The feelings I wanted to live through with this song, in this home became so clear.
Without any agenda Jonathan and I created together for hours one day. It was a moment I will never forget. This video has been seen by only a small handful of people. I thought it was time to open the vault.
**this is me manifesting more creation made without an agenda, and made by pure freedom of expression**

Sending love

I do not own the rights to this music. Just ADORE these artist tremendously!
🙏🏼 thank you for what you create and share with the world. You inspire me so!

There’s just something about this music that makes me feel a certain way!!

Trying to see if posting only 30 seconds will do the trick!
Wouldn’t let me post the full vid.

to the one and only

Thank you for being the honest, genuine soul that you are, and for giving me the opportunity to share the stage with you and the incredible #revivaltour cast night after night.

Miss this moment
Miss this show
Miss these people

This was one FUN MUSIC VIDEO to be a part of! I just LOVE GETTING INTO CHARACTERS, and for this one, we were freakin out, in an insane asylum, with hella cute wardrobe. #greatcombo **Can you find me? 🙋🏼‍♀️**

Make sure to check out “I’m a Mess!” By: @beberexha

Thank you @thesquareddivision for bringing me into to this CRAZY PARTY. We were living that crazy life!! Always appreciate you two!
And thank you @reneeritch for killing it, as you always do! •

Side note, this is the ONLY job I think I have ever done where I didn’t have to do ANYTHING to my hair. The mess was the look #allaboutit
#imamess #beberexha

Life is just better when...
you’re wearing FRINGE! •

Here’s a little snap shot from @hollywooddancejamz nationals last weekend when I got to SHIMMY AND SHAKE to “PROUD MARY” alongside the beautiful @melissaemrico @annie_gratton n @joydenverspears

There is nothing quite like doing what you love surrounded by people you admire. •

Congratulations @hollywooddancejamz @barryyoungblood @kim.hohman all the faculty and crew on another great season and thank you to all the dancers, teachers, families, and friends who helped make the season possible. •

GRATEFUL for you all!

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