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By @chris_k_photo

1 of 7 will ride to claim what is his
Rifle: @vellaindustries .223
Suppressor: @gsltechnology
Optics: @vortexoptics Sparc AR
Trigger: @elftactical 3 Gun
Stock: @smokecomposites
Cerakote: @Blowndeadline Black Multicam
PewPew: @freedommunitions
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Via @hotbrass365

My bro @gears4545 trying out the @silencerco maxim 9. Very cool gun. It's modular, so you can adjust the length and level of robocopness lol. This would make an awesome home defense pistol and a great candidate for a red dot. The back half of the slide is what moves backward, so a red dot mounted ahead of the chamber would be stationary. When I saw the initial pics online, I thought it would be a lot heavier than it is. Also, size comparison wise, it's about the same length as a glock 17L.

Insane! By @antiqueweapons:

More detailed imagery of this incredible Boutet long gun for you. Thanks for all your incredible support, please remember to turn on post notifications to ensure you don't miss any more #antiqueweapons

An exceptionally fine French flintlock double barrelled sporting gun by Nicolas NoΓ«l Boutet, gunmaker to King Louis XVI of France.
The blued barrels are signed β€œIngelhard a Nurenberg” in gold, whilst ornate breech is signed on each side with the maker’s mark β€œBoutet Directeur Artiste” & β€œBoutet a Versailles” in silver.
The gun features gold touchholes and foresight, one rifled & one smooth bore barrels, and the bright steelwork is adorned with classical figures, masks, rams heads and birds for decoration.
The stock is carved in the continental style & inlaid with ornate silverwork, including large panels on each side of the butt depicting scrolls, leafwork & arrows. This full stock has cast silver mounts, and ornate trigger guard with French silver hall marks for 1809-19. The lavish butt plate is marked similarly, whilst the under section carries a large silver classically styled female winged figure.
The rear ramrod entry mount is cast with a ram’s head & a classical man’s head, complete with its ivory tipped ramrod

Circa 1810

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